Bear logic

Gravity is a fairytale that doesn't hold water. Pun intended.

Basically just a reading of Mathew 1 & 2 starting at 1;17. Skipping over the begats. I promise my reading will get better. I'm aware how bad I sound. GOD bless.

Reading genesis 1. Explaining how I understand it. Lets forget the external sources like scientism that makes us interpret scripture in a secular way. GOF bless.

Selenelion is a lunar eclipse with bothe the sun and moon above the horizon. We've been told a lunar eclipse is caused by the earth casting a shadow on the moon. But if we can see the sun and moon during a lunar eclipse how is the earths shadow cast on the moon?

What kind of content I'll be putting out and how much. This video was originally made for youtube so where I talked about previous video I put out on youtube. This is my first for bitchute. GOD bless.


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