Bearly Thoughts

Does fear have a cure?

I love a good debate, but I’m not sure they accomplish very much.

A promise can sound real nice, but if you have not done the hard work of creating the circumstances that will allow you to fallow through, it isn’t worth much.

How do we overcome the parts of our hearts that seem endlessly at odds?

If you can't trust you own thoughts, why should anyone else?

What gives you meaning in the times of your life where you have no real control?

If the Joy of the Lord is supposed to be our Strength. Why do we do so many things to choke the joy out of our lives?

Has someone ever made you feel like less of a follower of Jesus because you didn't "go to church" every week? What if church isn't a place you "go to" but something you are?

It's good Friday where I am and I get to be in relationship with the most wonderful person in existence! If I tried to fit all my reasons in it would take too long bunt this is a condensed version of s #whyilovejesus

Is the love of Christ reflection your marriage?

How comfortable do you feel in your own skin?

What do you believe about the nature of the soul?

Have you taken to judging others by behavior and circumstance alone?

When it comes to sin, Jesus always got to the heart of the matter.

Have you ever found yourself struggling with depression only to have it insinuated that you invited the sorrow upon yourself?

What do you have that will get you through the difficult times in life?

Have you ever noticed that everything is breaking all the time?

There is more to the choices we make than we know.

Dogs, may be the best, most loving and loyal creatures in existence. So why not stop there?

Living for eternity is a joy beyond measure.

If you know the Truth, you know Him.

There is one figure who stands alone in history, the person of Jesus Christ.

Summarizing the obvious.

Creative authority.

Can there be rational dialog when actions dictate a persons value, worth and sense of being?


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