Music for a Future Trip to the the Samar Province in the Philipines to meet with up the Draconians. the Enconto and the Filipinos.

This was a Great Classic Rock & Roll song for Me. It's from the mid 1970's... with a Twist of Humor.

This is a Music Video of Rick Moore & the Hypocrites performing a cover song from the band, A Flock of Seagulls.

There is no Rock Group out there, that performs better in Concert Live.

The complete Jean-Luc Ponty Trilogy from 1976.

And Yet Another installment to Cafe Flesh. This one is mainly the musical suite and the wild psychedelic sights that just might hypnotize you.

This is #4 in the "In-a-Gadda-da-Vida" series covers and this Girl and her Band can really Cook.

The German Acid Rock Band performing a Classic Rock Song from Iron Butterfly.

This is The Incredible Bongo Band re-doing a Classic Rock Song.

Originally recorded early in their musical careers and first released on Beta Records.

This Music Video is intended for everyone to resist in becoming a slave to the New World Order. If you don't do something now about this world wide tyranny, You and your families will soon become slaves for as long as you live.

Van Morrison is a True Patriot and he is dead set against what is going on in the world today.

What happens when the Beatles versus Led Zeppelin? ...Great Entertainment.

Blue Man Group live in Concert in 2008 performing Above, One of these Days, I Feel Love and Baba O'Riley.

Echoes live sound board recording at Wembley in 1974. This version is somewhat different than the original, but true Pink Floyd fans will love this live version.

Almost 2 hours of Jon Anderson performing his solo music and Classic Yessongs. If you are a fan of the band Yes, you are going to love this !!!

This Song is for My Children... Jill, Alex and Andy. During the making of this Video, it felt like tears of forgiveness from Heaven were raining down on me.

I met this beautiful young woman over 10 years ago when I was doing karaoke. And when I heard her soft country voice I knew that someday she was going to be a big star...

This song will have many True Blue Genesis fans scratching their heads... until you see the end.

Ferd Fugate and his band performing a cover song from the first King Crimson Album.

The entire Genesis live CD was great, but this song was different and really caught my ears, because it has alternate lyrics that are different from the original song.

IMHO... I believe this is the best Grand Funk CD.

12 Big Hits from their Greatest Hits CD in 1974.

This is the 2nd Volume of the Very Beast of Rick Moore that was released by Beta Records on July 1, 2021.

Nashville Skyline is a "Country-Fied" Bob Dylan CD from 1969, with Johnny Cash singing with Bob on the first song.


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Many Beatles music videos, but I'm sure it will also include much more music than the Beatles and other wild videos about Biringan City, Sexy Babes, Isolated Music Tracks, Rick Moore and The Ferd Fugate Experience.