Neil Peart live with the Buddy Rich Orchestra.

Another Rick Moore visitation music video in Biringan City.

Rolling Stones at the Max 1. Start Me Up 2. Sad Sad Sad 3. Tumbling Dice 4. Ruby Tuesday 5, Rock and a Hard Place

This is the only song that was cut from The Beatles "Let it be" movie. I'm sure Ringo was quite upset about how this song sat in The Beatles vault for over 50 years ...Maybe someone thought Ringo was singing out of tune...

A Wild Video with Wild Music, from that Wild Man Ferd Fugate and the Perverts.

George Harrison - Live in Japan was from the 1991 Tour with Eric Clapton and his band.

George Harrison - Live in Japan was from the 1991 Tour with Eric Clapton and his band.

This is about Rick Moore's recent trip to Biringan City earlier this year. Some say Biringan City is secret, sacred, holy and haunting. Most people go there to forget about our current crazy civilization today. Some people lose their way home and some people lose there minds after going there.

Led Zeppelin - Live in London 2007. 1.For Your Life 2. Trampled Under Foot 3. Nobody's Fault But Mine'

Grand Funk Railroad's 2nd Album from 1969.

Led Zeppelin Live 2007: 1. Good Times, Bad Times 2. Ramble On 3. Black Dog

Rick Moore & the Hypocrites are still cranking out Music. Just Google the name "Project Pegasus" and you might understand what this video is about. The answer will blow you away.

Grand Funk Railroad's debut album is one of the first hard rock records from the late 1960's that really blew me away as a teenager.

A very cute and well put together music video.

Baker Street is a great Classic Rock song from 1978.

George Harrison in an explosion of Animation.

Pink Floyd Live at Wembley Park in 1974.

1. I've Seen All Good People 2. Roundabout

1. Lyin' Eyes 2. The Boys of Summer 3. In the City 4. Already Gone

Medley: Fanfare for the Common Man, Rondo, Carmina Burana, Drum Solo, Tocatta in D Minor

1. Honky Tonk Women 2. You Can't Always Get What You Want 3. Happy 4. Paint it Black

1. Touch and Go 2. From the Beginning 3. Knife Edge 4. Bitches Crystal 5. Creole Dance 6. Honky Tonk Train Blues

1. Freewill 2. The Main Monkey Business 3. The Larger Bowl 4. Secret Touch

Lynyrd Skynyrd Live in Concert

A Rush Music Video


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