Good Afternoon, Ungovernables! Speaking of which, let's clear the air here about who determines what this group considers "ungovernable." You don't get to decide that. It's not your group. It's ours.

We don't define "ungovernable" as people who support snake oil salesmen, disgraced and fraudulent scientists, former footballers who post as vaccine experts, or attorneys who pretend to give a shit about your children. When you fall in line behind those whose lies are worse than the governments, you aren't "ungovernable." You're dumbasses. Period.

Second, when you assert that the politicians are the only problem, and that the people are totally innocent of the mess we're in, that's myopic in the extreme. In so many ways, the people are the architect of their own misery it's not even debatale.

Wake up.


Good Afternoon, Ungovernables. Here's the live stream from last night. Below are Dave's links.

Here are the links on the Cuomo/Nursing Home story:





More "health and wellness" guru information debunked:


Here are some sources for disaster preparedness. By the way, FEMA isn't about "camps" of any kind. They've been around for years. I'm still waiting to be put in a camp, despite the warnings of the crackheads:



But in spite of the fact that they've assisted in many places, like after Katrina, floods, the American public persists with their utter nonsense:


Again, we can no longer defend these alarmists and their propaganda:


In spite of Governor Abbott's assertions, Texas is the creator of its own power problems...all in the name of avoiding regulation of the oil and gas industry because, well, it's Texas.




Good M

orning. Today our subject is Dr. Shiva, as he is simply known. He is a legend in his own mind, a man who uses computer modeling in place of scientific data, because that's all he is. He is not a medical professional of any kind, he has no credentials as a researcher, an internist, an infectious disease specialist, or a virologist. He is a computer guy from MIT.


He claims to have invented email as a "precocious fourteen-year-old" but the vast majority of the computer community doesn't feel that way. His bullshit has been debunked. His timelines are off.



Dr. Shiva is a shameless self promoter, an expert in just about everything, including measles. But his "facts" are actually lies, like so much from the anti-vaxx community.


Many of his inaccuracies are spelled out in this particular article. I URGE EVERYONE TO CLICK ON THE MANY LINKS HERE. We simply do not have enough space to individually put them here.


In addition, it should be noted that Dr. Shiva is a POLITICIAN, having run as both an Independent and a Republican. He is not an "outsider." He is not a warrior for your freedom. He is a shameless self-promoter.

Here are the actual facts about measles:


And please, don't give me the line about the CDC and the WHO being a lying eugenics society. The liars here are in the anti-vaxx movement, and that has already been amply proven. The fact is that all of you use the CDC and WHO data WHEN IT SUITS YOUR PURPOSE.

The fact is that PUBLIC HEALTH is actually a legitimate science. It has been in existence for years. You can actually get a college degree in Public Health. And it has been a key factor in many ep..

Good Evening, Folks! Well, I have to say that I had not planned on making an STFU tonight. I'm busy working on Anti-Vaxxed 6. But I had to respond to Lauren Bobert's plea to President Biden to fly the flags at half mast for Rush Limbaugh. Are we fucking serious here?

It's bad enough that Herr Trump conferred the Medal of Freedom on him. That's enough indignity for this fucking nation. To fly a flag at half mast for an overt bigot, misogynist, and hate speech specialist would indeed highlight the truth behind American Excetionalism.

Shut the fuck up. Really. Here's some toilet reading material. Enough vomit and shit came out of his mouth to confer that honor on him.








Good Afternoon! Finally feeling well enough to finish up Anti-Vaxxed, Part 5. We focus on Rashid Buttar (I refuse to call him Dr. anything; he's a fucking quack). But we have a long history of quacks in America. I opened the video with a rundown on these two:




Here's her little Doctors of Courage group, where they try to convince you that the government is imposing on them and preventing them from helping chronic pain patients. They're full of shit. The pills cause addiction.


She may look like Granny, but she's a pill-pushing bullshit artist.

And now, onto Rashid Buttar, Opportunist and Quack.

Aside from what is presented in this video, Buttar is a purveyor of COVID-19 conspiracy theories. We're not even really covering that aspect of his pathetic existence yet. But given his track record as a "doctor," you'd never get me to buy into his bullshit about COVID-19. He's a snake oil salesman and he preys on the desperate.


There should have been a clue of sorts when he hand his wife reached "blue diamond" level on the Monavie MLM marketing scam:


Here's Buttar's website, called The Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research, an odd name since he has done absolutely NO research on any of his products, nor backs up any of his claims:


His website is a most amazing journey, a reveleation of where his head is at. In particular, focus on the "Wellness" tab where you can get your infusions for everything from logevity to hangover remedies. A real pioneer. (There is an amazing amount of snark here.)

Then, the whole host of c..

Good Morning, Ungovernables. It has been a while. This has been and continues to be a tough road. I'd like to point out to all of you just how ripe you are for charlatans, snake oil salesmen, and financial dirtbags.

First, we have the perennial G.O.A.T. named Tom Brady. Not only a rich, white boy who finds Donald Trump's accomplishments "amazing," but also thinks he's a "hell of a lot of fun to golf with." He's no hero here. People should just seriously take off the rose-colored glasses and see just what this guy is all about. I was pretty disgusted by Trevor Bauer wanting to go play baseball somewhere where he can "build his brand," but Brady is no better.

In spite of his family's ridiculous wealth (he is worth more than $250 million; his wife even more at more than $500 million), and his properties, his snake oil TB12 diet and supplment business (which made $45 million in 2019 alone), and his brand new $2 million yacht, he received a COVID bail out at a million bucks. The rest of the nation is eagerly awaiting $1,400 to just pay rent. But hey, you keep on worshipping at the Altar of Brady.




And then, there's his snake-oil salesman business partner, personal trainer and guru, Alex Guerro. A man joined with Brady at the hip. And by the way, Brady is no expert in health, wellness or nutrition beyond his own body. So, if you're listening to this chucklehead, you're another follower. He was tossed from the Patriots locker room for giving advice to players AGAINST the Patriot's actual trainers, but he's back roaming around in Tampa Bay. Could be the real reason Brady left Boston?


Good Morning, Ungovernables. Although there are few of us who are really ungovernable out there, we are still here. Most people don't understand what "ungovernable" is all about.

Here are Dave's references. I had some I also wanted to throw in, but it seems Dave research was quite prolific. Mine will find their way into other videos.

Because the topic is accountability:


Britt Reid, a KC Chiefs assistant coach, ruined several lives just before the Superbowl. I doubt he will be held accountable, in spite of his past:





Brief discussion of Superbowl ads:





And now, another "hero" football..

Good Afternoon, Ungovernables! Just a short announcement about where we are going here with regard to Facebook and other venues, along with when the next actual stream might be.

I am actually hoping it will be next Sunday. If it is, the topic will not be COVID. It will be Direct Democracy. I will have to see how I feel after mid-week.

Dave has also done a bit of research on Corporate advertising relative to the Stupid Bowl and how it has been impacted, and the positionng they are using in the midst of this pandemic. The links are below:





That's it for tonight.

And by the way, I'm not interested in your comments about whether or not COVID is real or not, whether there are chips in the vaccines or not, or your opinion about the Internet personalities selling everyone a bill of goods. This is not the purpose of this post. All comments will be removed. This is not your free speech zone. For this group, disinformation is NOT free speech.


Good Evening, Ungovernables. I not only now have COVID, but so does my daughter. We did not catch it from each other. We do not live together. I haven't seen her physically for over a month.

We both caught this courtesy of working in retail. Period. Because every fucking day we're dealing with people who assert their rights by taking their masks off and talking on the phone in our stores (I have been talking and taking calls for a year now with a mask on with no issues), sometimes spreading the wealth on OUR phones by the way.

I've had people wave me off and say "I don't need a mask." I had one guy spit on my shoe, and I've had another try to chase me around the store to try to breathe on me...until I picked up the biggest fucking Crescent wrench we had. Guess what? We've been out here SERVING YOU for months. We have a right to stay safe. You are free to shop somewhere else. That is YOUR right. You do not have a right to put others in danger.

As for the COVID deniers, it is not a "difference of opinion." It is, plain and simple, an outright lie. Period. You'll have to find another venue because no "Don't wear a mask; there's no pandemic" posts will be allowed anywhere in our venues. That is OUR right. We do not post misinformation. There are plenty of places on Facebook you can do that. In fact, Facebook is nothing but a pile of non-thinking misinformation "truthers" these days. Have at it.


Good Morning, Ungovernables! Consider this just a little preview of the next installment of the Anti-Vaxx video series, which will be posted Thursday morning.

But there's more. The notion that anti-vaxx groups, many of whom are also COVID deniers, get a COVID-19 bail out is reprehensible. Using taxpayer money to spread false information is unconscionable on any fucking level.


And make no bones about this. There is a paper trail. As many Americans have stuggled financially with this, the rich purveyors of bullshit get richer. Dr. Mercola, for example, got the biggest loan of $335,000. The man has made $100 million off the Amercan pubic selling supplements with questionable (and I'm being generous here) claims of their efficacy to cure disease.

Nobody can ever call the American people critical thinkers.


Good Day, Ungovernables. We take great umbridge at those who say we aren't "ungovernable" enough. If that means that we don't advocate for violence, believing outright lies and fallacies,, distortion, and we're not anti-science, then you are right. But that isn't being ungovernable. That's being myopic.

Simply put, in this age of misinformation -- and there is loads of it -- we vet EVERY CLAIM and EVERY SOURCE. If you choose not to, then that's your problem. Not ours. Get that straight as you sit behind your screens and tell everyone else what they are doing wrong.

If you are so fucking "outraged' then you need to be on the streets. Period. Yet, I see no bloody evidence that is even on the horizon. So, in essence, we are tired of the bullshit.

Here is some material for you to read, unless you dont' do that either. I feel sorry for you. All of this is relative to Dave's information:

This is Ava DuVernay's documentary and discussion guide:






Now, we move on to presidential pardons, or Criminals Pardoning Criminals, a process that needs to be halted:



These scumbags are the most egregious recipients of pardons from anyone, bar none:




Good Evening, Folks. We're calling this one a Daily Dose. I am so tired of social media loons who respond to every post by reminding me that people did it before.

In fact, I'm not talking about the people who did it before. I'm talking about the person I'm talking about in that moment. I don't need you geniuses to tell me it's been done before. No shit, sherlock. The real question is:

Are you truly intersted in stopping the behavior, or do you simply want to blow garbage out of your word hole by pointng out the past? If it's the latter, go the fuck away. That's not where I live.

So allow me to take some time to let you know where I stand and what I believe in. If you don't like it or approve, then go away. I'm not inerested in your circular thinking bullshit. I'm not interested in building my numbers. I'm interested in getting information out. If you don't like it, then don't look at it.

I'm not interested in uniting on behalf of the radical right under any circumstances. I'm trying to find out if there are any decent human beings out there who are intersted in uniting against that lot.

I am not interested in protecting the rights of white nationalists, islamaphobes, homophobes, transphobics, antisemites, racists, bigots, those in the Christian identity movement or anyone else whose reason for being is to oppress the lives of others. Get fucking lost.


Good Evening, Ungovernables. Here's Part 4 of our anti-vaxx video. While it seems that we may divert here, we really aren't. The first people exposed here are also quacks of another kind: cancer quacks.

Ty & Charlene Bollinger are multi-tasking on the disinformation front. Their snake oil covers both vaccines and cancer. It is impossible to separate these two health-related frauds and give you the complete picture. Here is the background on Ty & Charlene Bollinger:




Here is Ty Bollinger's ad for his Magi-Complex


The Truth About Cancer section:


Here are his health "experts"





The truth is, this site is not very truthful about cancer:



He has lured people away from traditional treatments :



Infrared Saunas apparently cure cancer (at least Ty says so):



It is truly amazing how they decry all that the CDC, NIH, and other government agencies put together on the health front, yet they pro..

Good Afteroon. I am here to put the final nail in the coffin when it comes to whose side we are on. We are on NEITHER side, and have been criticizing both the left and the right with abandon since 2016. Period. End of story. Go look at the videos.

Yet, when we criticize the left, we are Trump supporters. When we criticize the right, we are Biden supporters. We didn't vote. What did you do? If you voted for either side, you legitimized the system. And that's the problem.

However, in spite of the fact that we have been vocal about Trump being allowed to act like a dick. And he is a dick. But on the 6th of January, he crossed a line for us. We say #PoliticiansAreObsolete, but we do not suggest they should be held hostage, killed or kidnapped.

We do not legitimize the far right, otherwise known as the radical right. We do not support a group whose very existence is to homogenize the US. and take away the rights of anyone who doesn't fit the fucking mold. I have NEVER stood for the radical right, and I will not begin now. Forget that shit.

We are not here to parrot YOUR narrative. If we see something, we all it out. And we will continue to call out the far right, and we will continue to call out the anti-vaxxers and the rest of the snake oil salesmen. Take it or leave it. We really do not care. We aren't out there to build our hit rate.

We leave that for the talking heads like Jimmy Dore, Tim Black, Lee Camp, and the rest of them. They aren't about "change." They are about THEM.


Good Evening, Ungovernables. This was by far one of the ugliest streams we've had. I am going on record saying that we are posting this in its entirety without editing. But there is a recorded intro for a reason.

We do not, under any circumstances, support those who seek to deny the rights of others. Period. It doesn't matter if they are speaking out against the government. We are fighting for Direct Democracy because we believe that ALL people have rights. The Proud Boys, who wear shirts that say "Six million wasn't enough" are not about anything but white rights. We cannot now or ever support that in the name of "free speech." That is not free speech. That is hate speech.

Last night a line was crossed. And we will not be going there, and those who crossed it will not be part of us.

As for Dave's presentation, which was indeed hijacked by Robert Walton (who will not be back, by the way), here are his links:







Sure he was lost. And he didn't know he had a gun with 500 rounds of ammo in his fucking car. Yeah. Right.


The great freedom fighters want a pardon from their leader.




Good Afternoon, Ungovernables. Some things never change. The vapid suggestions from the left included. This is a whole lot of bullshit. There is NO amount of money that will deradicalize the radical right.

The radical left exists no more. It has been compromised by, well, compromising. That's a plain and simple fact. The failure of the left always leads to the rise of the right. They. Do. Not. Compromise. They are in it for the long haul. People need to wake the fuck up.


This master bullshit artist is supposedly leading the Demcrats back toward the left. You know, forcing the issue, as we are told. That's why Nancy Pelosi is once again Speaker of the House. The Squad? Yeah. Their master plan is working great.

Really. Shut the fuck up.


Good Evening, Ungovernables! Yeah, it's time for the whining now that reality has hit everyone in the fucking face. And what do they want?

They want a pardon from their president. Do not make me laugh. Deal, people. You went there, admittedly, to "storm the capital." Own your shit. As for your president, he's just been impeached for his portion of the program. His ass can fry now too.

I have a suggestion: You folks take the South. Secede from he Union. Take the Orange Scourge with you. And this time we won't fight to bring you back. In fact, we'll put up a fucking wall. That works for me.

Let the whining begin:


As for Lauren Boebert who Tweeted out Pelosi's location during the riot? She should be impeached as well. I am no fan of Pelosi either.


I have ZERO tolerance for the right. Zero. There will be breaking no bread with that lot until they change. Ad they won't.


Good Evening, Ungovernables! As I said we will keep on this shit for as long as it keeps going. And it doesn't look like it will stop soon.

So, let's get fucking real here. Our little Shaman who can eat only organic food or he'll get sick? How's this. He should have thought of that sooner.

And again, the right manages to insult just about everyone who isn't just like them. There are only 2 or 3 legitimate Shaman's in the country, according to Cherokee elders, he ain't one of them. In fact, tattooing isn't part of the ritual of becoming a Shaman.


By the way, no legitimate Shaman would ever align with any of these people. Period. Too much hatred.

Secondly, if this woman is a doctor and she thought what the losers in Washington were doing was legal, she's either a dumb fuck or full of shit. Take your choice. My guess it's the latter.


And by the way, the group America's Frontline Doctors? They aren't on the fucking frontlines of anything except lies and misrepresentations. We will be profiling this group as part of the anti-vaxx series. Stay tuned. Or should I say stand down and stand by.

These people can really just shut the fuck up. They're sucking up all the air in the room.


Good Morning Ungovernables! #BecomeUngovernable is changing its focus based on the current climate in this nation. We remain, however, committed to educating people about Direct Democracy. Here is the link to our website. It includes the document of Basic Human Rights that I speak about in this video:


Secondly, this group will never elevate the right wing, no matter how disgusted we are with the failures of the "left." In actuality, there is no left here...or I would surely be in it. The reality is the right is on the rise, and they have been waiting for a guy like Donald Trump for a couple of decades now. They are unwilling to let him go without a fight. Here are some facts about what goes on here. They are no longer in the closet. They are right out in the open, and most of America is too fucking myopic to see it.

And by the way, I have been tracking their movements since 1998.






Get a fucking clue:



As I say, DECENT people who really believe in freedom unite AGAINST these fuckers. They do not protect and defend them. All throughout history, the failure of the people to stand against this kind of shit is what has led to oppression. That is not what we are about. Ever. If that's a problem for you, leave. I have no problem with that.


Good Evening, Ungovernables! Here's Part 3 of what is now the anti-vaxxed series. We focus here on The United Medical Freedom SUPERPAC, and on Mike Adams (aka, The Health Ranger).

Here's the website of the SUPERPAC for starters:


This is nothing more than grand central station for the factually unarmed and a way to raise money from an unquestioning public to put extremist right-wing candidates in office. If you cannot see that, I cannot help you. By the way, the vast majority of the "Medical Freedom" talking points come from the far right, and they use the new catch phrase when they want to redirect you from the reality that they have absolutely NO FACTS, DATA, OR PROOF to back up what they are saying on a scientific level.

One of the most prominent members of the site is Mike Adams, also known as The Health Ranger. Again, he's a self-described "activist turned scientist." You can be a "scientist turned activist," but it doesn't work the other way around unless he went to school for it. Anyone consorting on InfoWars and trading compliments with Alex Jones should set off alarm bells:


Here is one of Mike's 50 websites where he spreads unbelieveable amounts of bullshit on vaccines, especially, but he is now moving into the COVID arena as well. Fear is his specialty. He also passes along plenty of radical right-wing ideology. It's right in front of your face.


Here's an analysis of Mike Adams' disinformation network, and it is vast, and his "medical" advice is dangerous. In the absence of scientific back-up, you listen to this asshole at your own risk, but nobody has the right to pass on this garbage to others without being called out.


Here are some of his most famous headlines and panic theories. We're still wa..

Good Afternoon, Ungovernables! Let me give you fair warning, this was one of the most spirited discussions we have had in recent weeks. It involves the full magilla: We yell, we laugh, we talk over each other and...we disagree...and we walk away okay with it all.

There are just things that #BecomeUngovernable will not get behind and cannot get behind, no matter who disagrees with us or dislikes the message.

Here are your links for what it's worth.

We start with more hysteria about nothing at this stage of the game. The bill was written for an ebola outbreak, not COVID. It has no sponsors and has gone nowhere:



How a bill becomes law:







Here's everything COVID-related that passed in New York. None of the above bills were on it. They don't even have co-sponsors, and there is no identical bill in the NY Senate. It's pure alarmism.




We have a statement from the propaganda machine that her mother says what's going on in Germany is worse than under Hitler. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't know, since she wasn't planned for extermination. This is what Nazi Germany did. It's not even fucking close:


Good Afternoon, Ungovernables! It has come to my attention that I have put some people's underwear in a twist. Listen, I follow information, not people.

I especially do not have patience for people who are lying to US under the guise of being on our side. Because if you think the people who speak out against the government cannot or would not lie to you, you should actually check them out. Like I have been for the past three or four months. I'm going on four now, actually, and I'm not done.

I don't need to write. You can listen.


Good Morning, Ungovernables! Yes, we had the system and we have been encouraging you to disavow it and delegitimize it by not participating in it. But we will never unite with the right-wing because uniting with the right-wing is NOT disavowing the system. It's strengthening it.

No matter how much the 'conservatives' talk about small government, they weren't in Washington to tear down this government. In fact, they were they because they didn't like the new despot chosen for us and wanted the despot we currently have. They are all full of shit.

The right, no matter how you look at it, seeks to ROLL BACK rights for anyone not like themselves. God gave them gun rights, yet guns weren't even invented when God was around. They used to fucking stone people to death.

We will NEVER sit here rewriting our civil rights for a people-based government and be lost in the illusion that the right is going to help us get there. They are walking around with T-shirts reading "Civil War." And they're armed to the teeth. Get a clue.


Good Evening, Ungovernables! Let's add the description, "Alarmist" to the list with "Propagandist." We've found yet another right-winger to elevate to the level of Great Freedom Fighter. Sort of like BFF, only GFF.

Now, we've got a brilliant Constitution Law specialist who likes to put the title J.P. after her name. It sounds so much more mysteriously professional. It means she's a lawyer. In her case, bottom feeder. But don't worry that she shares the stage with white supremacists, is an avowed Tea Partier, and overall bullshit artist. She's found God. He was hiding under her sofa.

Here. Why don't you read up on her. The little Propaganda PIxie's dust can't wipe this bullshit off the screen:


I certainly don't need this zipperhead to interpret the Constitution for me. The Constitution was written by a bunch of rich white men for the benefit of rich white men. It's squishy and guarantees you nothing but a bunch of losers will be your interpreters.

Or if you're really stupid, you can enroll in her constitutional university:


I don't trust the fucking government either, believe me. But Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, this is not something I'm even entertaining. Let's just continue to elevate the right. No thanks. That can be all on you.


Good Evening, Ungovernables! Claudia's defense of the bullshit in Washington is what I mean when I say the failure of the left leads to the rise of the right.

This has nothing to do with loving freedom. This is about installing THEIR despot instead of the one that was selected by the powers-that-be. That's all this was. And the Proud Boys didn't bring their guns because they were "dumb." They brought their guns for the reasons you bring guns to such an event. To use the fucking things.

They said they were going to do this, and they did. I do not argue that it MAY be a false flag. That means it was allowed to happen. It doesn't mean the Proud Boys were set up. They PLANNED this. Get a fucking clue.

She's a serious propagandist and an legitimizer of the right-wing. I'm sorry, but there is absolutely NO way I will unite with the right. I would have to overlook bigotry, racism, and all the rest that goes with them. For what? Over masks? Stop. Really. It's indefensible.

She can shut the fuck up.



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