Matthew 13 v1-16 pt1 of 5

Matthew 13 v16-26 pt2 of 5

Matthew 13 v26-35 pt3 of 5

Matthew 13 v35-44 pt4 of 5

Matthew 13 v44-58 part 5 of 5

News from Mama Bears desk May 6 2021 AM part 1 of 2
War Jetpacks, Russia, Aistrailia and much more

News from Mama Bears desk May 6 2021 AM part 2 of 2
Check out this guys video Proof cutting meat out is NOT the answer

Mama Bears Chat and the Scriptures wk5 of the 7 part series Living righteous and more

⁣It is Not What some may think it is or was! I had to do this video!

weird egg, It has refrigeration life of 6 months, and when I bought it, thought it was real egg, and found out it was not! Thought to share with yall, me trying it:0) Now I liked powdered eggs in the military and this was to weird for me ok!
Apologise for the tiny piece of fake egg on my lip but I got it off there:)

Mama Bears Chat and Scriptures 7 part series Part4 Having your lamps full of oil!

Gone to Far- Russia found a way to blend the Jab into your food News from Mama bears 5-1-2021

Matthew 12 v1-12 part 1 of 6

Matthew 12v11-20 part 2 of 6

Matthew 12v21-30 part 3 of 6

Matthew 12v31-37 part 4 of 6

⁣Matthew 12v37-42 part 5 of 6

Matthew 12 v43-50 part 6 of 6

Here we go again at USA and Russia news from Mama Bears news desk part1 April 29 2021

Russia is lining up with the European Nation news from Mama Bears news desk part2 April 29 2021

Gold whos got it news from Mama Bears news desk part3 April 29 2021

Weird Food news from Mama Bears news desk part5 April 29 2021

I wanted to reshare this part in case you didnt catch it from my above video
⁣Truth or mistake Hum your call I think it was a slip by way of being the truth

Wed April 28 2021 Early AM News from Mama Bears news desk
You'll see did the news caster accidently make a oops and the truth really told? metorites and more

THE CRAZY CONTINUES April 27 2021 NEWS from Mama Bears news desk


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