Garden hut update, before I jet out of this neck of the country and to my daughters place!

There was a challenge on the utube for content creators to do, "a get to know me", I thought maybe yall might like to set a spell and see what my answers was! I dont do challenges hardly never, but this one seem to be a bit of fun!

1. Do you have Pets?
2, Are you in a Relationship?
3, Do you drink Alcohol?
4, Do You Believe in God?
5 Hot Dogs or Cheese Burgers?
6, Favorite FOOD?
7. What do you Drink in The AM?
8, Can you Do 100 Pushups?
9. Favorite Season Of The Year?
10. Favorite Hobby?
11, Do you have Tattoos
12, Do you wear Glasses
13. Do you have any Phobias or Fears
14. Do you have a Nick Name
15. Favorite Candy
16, Do you Believe in Ghost
17, RAIN or SNOW
18, Do You Have Any Piercings
19. Age
20. French Fries Or Onions Rings
21, Do You Have Children
22. Favorite Color
23. Can You Sing
24. Can you Whistle
25. Where Were You Born
26. Do You Have Any Siblings
27. Can You Cook
28. Can You Swim
29. Shower or Bath
30. City Or Nature
31, Are You a Good Friend
32. Any Broken Bones
33. How Many TVs In Your Home
34. Worst Pain Ever
35. Do You Like To Dance
36, Camping or Hotel
37. Do You Think You Are Weird
38 How Long You Have Been Gardening
39. If You Can Grow Any ONE thing In Your Garden What Will It Be
40. What is Your Grow Zone

Why I haven't been able to be online much, etc!
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A video just for yall, a little fun and chill out time with me:0)

This chapter is 14 of Romans, if yall haven't seen my chpt 13/Resurrection Day message video, I do have that one on my tube channel ,
It was ACCIDENTLY deleted!

Finally Spring is here!

Can any one identify this plant, could it be a desert lavender?

The RESTRICT Act has been presented to Congress and it is a direct
threat to the First Amendment.
Apologize for all the glitches, Had to trim the video to get it loaded sometime today!
My links found on this matter,
Easy to read shorten PDF
A longer version, in detailed
Fox News=Jesse Watters presses Lindsey Graham on 'RESTRICT Act'
News week
Markets news report

Pinballs' shared links

Romans 12

Romans chapter 11 with Mama Bear and visual ambience

We have not had internet since about January 3rd 2023 Everything internet was very messed up out here, The tech Guy told me, they been having alot of problems. He gave us a eero booster, working great thus far!

Mike From COT What Are The Elite Scared Of?

Here's alittle help for those that are new to owning a canner or not new to it, can also help!
How do you remove rust from a pressure canner?
Remove canner from heat; allow canner to stand two to three hours.
Remove regulator, open canner, and empty contents.
Scour thoroughly with a soap-filled steel wool cleaning pad;
wash, rinse and dry. The discoloration can also be removed by
scouring with aluminum cleaner.

Should I oil the seal on my pressure canner?
Always wash and thoroughly dry your canner when you are done using
it. Occasionally check the overpressure plug to make sure it's
not cracked or gunked-up. If you have a canner with a
metal-to-metal seal, lightly oil it every 2-3 uses

Lets get real and learn to enjoy the holiday without all the commercializm

God has open doors to us, to meet new people, be involved in a wonderful thing and also found us a church that seems to match us! Never to old to learn!

Oh the Confusion in the world! Lets give a chat about that!
Here is a dedicated mans', "Pinballs" video link, mentioned in this video!

Genx n Genz shtf cooking humor, plus humor pics, and spider shower


Today was a very excellant Day, even the weather was nice, cloudy and cool! Want to apologise, I said pastor Lon did a faith video but, it was Steven who did a really good video on Faith, heres his link about FAITH Pastor Lon did one on being of strong courage..heres this link

I dont cotton to this mans belief ways but he sure got some truth to say here, in my video!
Alon Anava link

Pinballs reaction to the latest presidential talk..yall gotta see..truth here too

Please watch before the fed bag goes on for this Labor Day! Rest from ya Labors!

Its all about the Spirtual Gardening... Bonus Bible time yall 1st Corinthians chpt3


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Howdy yall, Hope you enjoy my channel, My videos are about:
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If for any reason that this site is slow or ya cant get on bitchute, save my other site urls to see if they are faster, everyday can be differant per site. Bitchute here seems the best though and is my first site to load all my videos!

My other channels
1) Has all my videos I post This channel
2) Is now a 2nd major channel I post too
3) My utube
4) My Rumble
5) Has Bible readings only

In process of trying to figure out 2 other sources but not sure if Iz can 1) Eventmaster and 2)Dlive Both are ? if I go to using them!