I think he wants to feed the Beast.

Those pesky Goblins under the bed...

But I don't want to.

Ever wonder what your brain looks like?

My gears are grounded.

Did Bilbo just violate that elf?

Big Bilbo is always watching.

Do you know what its like to wake up in the morning all phlemmy and with several organs missing?

Spooky Scary Spiders

Spooky Scary Skeletons

The decent pay for a decent job won't last.

The Golden Washer

Welcome to my Lair. My Dragons' Lair.

Its just 2 scary 4 me.

The Cave of Memes. The Well of Lost Souls.

What a drastic change of scenery.

Come for the ground, stay for the health.

I'm quite insane...

There is a glitch in the Matrix

Its the sort of thing you'd show your grandkids.

We must away,ere break of day.



The Long March to Bitchute.


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I'm an ex-YouTube Let's Player. I now upload to Bitchute, maybe. Stay a while, or don't. It's on you Sport.