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Every time I go back in search of more things to do in Iceland, I feel like there’s something magical simmering just below the surface.

From the rich culture of the capital Reykjavík to the stunning landscapes of the countryside, one gets the sense that the number of mystical and unforgettable experiences here is almost unlimited—an impressive feat for such a tiny island!

I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite Icelandic experiences.

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BItChute - Vlog Trip To Nature Hawaii

It's easy to see why Hawaii has become synonymous with paradise. Just look at these sugary beaches, Technicolor coral reefs and volcanoes beckoning adventurous spirits.

Natural Beauty
Snapshots of these islands scattered in the cobalt blue Pacific Ocean are heavenly, without the need for any embellishment by tourist brochures. Sunrises and sunsets are so spectacular that they're cause for celebration all by themselves, such as atop Haleakalā volcano on Maui. As tropical getaways go, Hawaii couldn't be easier or more worth the trip, though be aware that visiting these Polynesian isles isn't always cheap. But whether you're dreaming of swimming in crystal waterfall pools or lazing on golden-sand beaches, you can find what you're looking for here.

Play Outside
Just as in days of old, life in Hawaii is lived outdoors. Whether it's surfing, swimming, fishing or picnicking with the ʻohana (extended family and friends), encounters with nature are infused with the traditional Hawaiian value of aloha ʻaina – love and respect for the land.Go hiking across ancient lava flows and down fluted pali (sea cliffs). Learn to surf, the ancient Hawaiian sport of 'wave sliding,' and then snorkel or dive with giant manta rays and sea turtles. Kayak to a deserted offshore island or hop aboard a whale-watching cruise. Back on land, ride horseback with paniolo, Hawaii's cowboys.

Island Style
Floating all by itself in the middle of the Pacific, Hawaii proudly maintains its own distinct identity apart from the US mainland. Spam, shave ice, surfing, ukulele and slack key guitar music, hula, pidgin, aloha shirts, 'rubbah slippah' (flip-flops) – these are just some of the touchstones of everyday life, island style. Pretty much everything here feels easygoing, low-key and casual, bursting with genuine aloha and fun.

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Enjoy A Trip In CHICAGO

Chicago is a city that tourists simply can’t get enough of. That comes as no surprise because this city offers diverse cultural experiences, world-class museums, exciting culinary adventures, renowned architecture, and some of the nation’s favorite attractions.

Most Chicago visitors don’t have enough time to do everything in one trip, and it can be difficult to decide what to do and when to do it.

However, that just got a whole lot easier with our 3 Days in Chicago Itinerary.

From arts and culture to science and entertainment, you’ll find a little bit of everything on this Chicago itinerary.

Because Chicago weather varies so dramatically between seasons, we’ve also included some indoor and outdoor options so you can make this itinerary work for a vacation any time of year.

This 3 day itinerary includes:

Big Bus Chicago Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour
Shedd Aquarium
The Field Museum
Adler Planetarium
Chicago Theatre Tour OR Architecture River Cruise
Magnificent Mile (free!)
Chicago Children’s Museum OR Bike Rentals
Navy Pier Centennial Wheel & Rides
SkyDeck Chicago
The Art Institute of Chicago
Millennium Park

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Feel The Nature Hawaii - vlog Bitchute

Hawaii and the Natural Wonders Explorer
Travelers from all around the world flock to Hawaii because of its amazing natural wonders. Hawaii's geographic isolation along with its unique land formations as a result of volcanic eruptions have created a truly spectacular environment that's home to thousands of endemic species of plants and animals. The hands of modernization may have reached the shores of this archipelago but it still contains many natural treasures that remain unspoilt. Such natural wonders are found in each island, and are well-kept and preserved by the locals for generations to come.

Explore the Big Island
Each island offers a variety of venues for different activities that'll satisfy the explorer in you. To start off, head to the Big Island and marvel at the natural wonders found here. Because the Big Island experiences 11 climate types, you'll feel like your stepping into an ancient world wherein tropical forests, arid deserts, and snowy slopes are all found in one place. To get into the "heart" of the Big Island.

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Life Trip To Cape Town, South Africa - Vlog

I think we can agree that Cape Town is one of the most photogenic cities in the world, and to celebrate this fact we’ve rounded up 50 photos of Cape Town that best represent the pretty city’s people, scenes and landscapes.

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Short Vlog Travel to South Africa and Mauritius - Explore the Tour


vlogging while I traveled through South Africa, Mauritius. What an amazing experience.
Explore the world in your style

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Explore Life In Dubai - Tour and Travel Vlog - CONSIDER SUBSCRIBE

Dubai is the fourth most visited places in the world that is famous for the high-rising architectural wonders and excellent collection of resorts and spas. It is a place that was once the talk of the town for its stellar tower Burj Al Arab, only to be replaced by the Palm Jumeirah and today the staggering, Burj Khalifa. Lets just say, this city never stops growing and is on a rapid rise building futuristic towers as well as fascinating attractions.

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