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Brilliant point here, gentlemen.

Wait, I thought it was a clump of cells. They called it a dead baby.
Also, a new Harvard study says the clump of cells knows if its trans IN UTERO! Does this mean if you kill a trans clump of cells that you're a transphobe committing a trans genocide? Asking for a friend.

Some in my family are still able to watch this video, unaffected.

RT-PCR test detailed explanation

It was my sister who first told me what to believe about Dr. Wakefield. From in prison, I did my best to corroborate her stories about him. I failed to dig deep enough into the details, into the nuance of his story.
Later, after events transpired which would shatter my faith in any story which I hadn't personally verified, I would rectify my ignorance by personally delving deeper into Dr. Wakefield's story.
I often think of how my sister might write this very description. No doubt she believes that she has some unique ability to filter out the bits of the narrative that isn't true. I just wish she could see the totality of the ridiculous narrative that she believes, and how as she describes it, the further she goes, the closer she gets to HER account, the less people believe it.


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I was released from prison in late 2015 after serving 9 years for killing 2 friends in a DUI crash for which i pled guilty and threw myself at the mercy of the court. I used my time productively, maintaining a 4.0 G.P.A. in college classes while incarcerated, and supplementing this education by reading almost 200 nonfiction books. Upon my release, in January 2016 while completing parole successfully and being a new step-dad and husband to a wonderful family, i got a job as a 3rd shift server at a restaurant (January of 2016).
Within weeks i became Crew Chief. A month later, i made Assistant Manager. After another month, I had my own restaurant. Within 6 months of being hired, I was promoted to District Manager of 5 locations with over 200 employees, a position which i proudly held until March 18th, 2020, at which time i was laid off without pay due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Weeks later when i stood up to my franchisee by telling him I would not quietly allow him to coach my entire staff into engaging in unemployment fraud, i was let go. It was at this point that i began studying virology, epidemiology, political polarization, philosophy, totalitarianism, and regulatory capture, amongst other things. Since then i have decided i can no longer justify paying taxes and participating in this corrupt society. I am facing a lawsuit from the IRS about my 2020 tax return. When i see the judge, i will again throw myself at the mercy of the court, and inform his/her honor that i will kindly pay the money i owe in 75 years, or when we see the complete release of Pfizer's safety data. Until then, i sell scrap metal, do odd jobs under the table, and make these videos. Your monitary support would be much appreciated (, but I understand that times are hard. A like, share, or subscribe would find me equally grateful.
Finally, this culture war is being driven by those who lack the integrity to call out their own. Be willing to call yours out. Be willing to be called out. Seek to understand all sides of an issue, and pay more attention to your children.