Philadelphia police caught putting fake blood on themselves?? And the supposed reason they didn't want news helicopters there was because of the bad weather?? AND the police arrested someone supposedly because they were using a drone...where's the blood trail to the car? What do you think? P.S. Someone said it's iodine. Police carry iodine in their belts? I think not! #fakeshooting #massshooting #phillyshooting #philadelphiashooting


In this video I show another witness to the fact that at least one shooter in the El Paso Walmart shooting (on 8/3/2019) who he said was dressed in all black with a mask. I discuss other things. It all wouldn't all fit in this video, so I will be making Part 2 and probably Part 3. I cannot put Part 3 on YouTube, so you will have to go to my BitChute channel for that (due to free-speech not being allowed here.). Here is a back-up YouTube channel just in case - Believe 4.0- please subscribe:

Here is my yt channel:

BitChute apparently uses the Cloudflare and Disqus companies supposedly run by the ADL (America Defense League). I am being censored by Disqus now on BitChute and others too who are using Cloudflare. Check out this guy's vid on BitChute:

Also, please watch Titus Frost 1984 channel who has a vid on this subject today and also involves 8chan: Cloudflare just dropped 8chan

Is anyone else having problems with BitChute's comment section? I keep replying and my comments disappear. I just had something else happen after I made this video. My comments are being deleted and flagged as spam. Or they are awaiting approval from Anyone else have this problem? Any fixes? Thanks! P.S. Cloudfare and Disqus is who is doing it. See my next video.

This video is for the people that don't believe the eyewitnesses or even the multiple calls to the police that there were multiple shooters and/or multiple men dressed in black with guns at Walmart yesterday. I also watched & listened in real-time the police scanner. There were at least 2 arrests, but I have no clue what happened to the other suspect. To the people that say I am lying, why don't you call the El Paso Police Dept. and ask them why they tweeted what they did. Why don't you contact the eyewitnesses and call THEM liars? Too many things are not adding up. Let's see the video camera footage from Walmart. Everyone knows you are being video taped the minute you step on the property. There are other discrepancies I might make another vid on, but I just wanted to make a video response re: someone saying I am lying. Thank you to all my new and old subscribers for watching. :-) Please watch my video previous to this one re: El Paso Shooting.

El Paso Walmart - Eyewitnesses saw 3 to 4 shooters with guns dressed in black near checkout. (Two videos, first one Spanish, 2nd English.) The suspect had multiple Twitter accounts. On one he hated Trump and another he loved Trump. Very strange stuff here. Antifa warned El Paso 4 days before. The pictures of the arrest of one of the suspects has two different types of pants in the pics? 2 different fund raisers for the victims set up within several hours. The second fund-raiser is weird. They will accept any type of assets you own. I think it strange they set this up within maybe 7 hours after the "shooting"... What do you think about all this? Condolences for any losses. Links below: (I do not condone sending anything to these people.)

I had this YT vid public, but put on private for a long time. I am putting it back on public now. More than one Parkland, FL shooter, witness states...

I reversed two digits in my video, so here is the correction: text "home" to 741-741 for help if you are thinking of suicide.

Also, it was a freeway overpass, not a bridge. My heartfelt condolences to friends and family and supporters of Isaac.

UPDATE 5-22-19: Many people are investigating this because the police immediately closed it as a suicide, but I am told that evidence will be forthcoming that it was a murder. The truth will be revealed.

R.I.P. in heaven Isaac Kappy 5-13-2019

I think my computer has been hacked. My camera comes on when I am sleeping, and the only way to shut it off is to do a hard re-boot. It's happened about 4 times over this last year. Does anyone have any advice to stop this.

Trump says "I know nothing about Wikileaks, it's not my thing..."? WTF?? According to Mala Corbin, Florida Legal Analyst, and the U.S. Constitution, free speech is ALLOWED to publish info from illegally obtained info. (See video for details). President Trump just lied about not really knowing Wikileaks and Julian Assange after using him in his 2016 presidential election. SHAME ON YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP! You MUST rectify this and tell the truth. #freeJulianAssange #uniteembassycatwithjulian Pray for them both please.

Where is Julian Assange's cat, "Embassy Cat"?? Animals can be traumatized from being abandoned by their humans. Cats can especially not fair well. Please, does anyone know anything? Please pray for them both.

New York doing forced measles vaccinations or pay a fine. Press conference on this channel:

Google + is being deleted. I am confused about the connection between YT and Google +. I see this as more censorship. Please tell me what you think! Thanks to all my subs. and watchers.

YouTube private messaging is no longer available in case you didn't know. Just another way to steal your personal info. BTW, I recently put all my videos on private BC of trolls and didn't want this channel shut down again, but realized now the only way we can communicate on YT is through videos in the comment section. I hate yt, especially for banning me twice with no real reason. Regardless, please leave a comment if you want to communicate outside of here and we can figure something out. Thank you to all my subscribers and friends. Sorry I have been silent, but I don't want to make many vids since the YouTube purge. I don't want to even be here. BitChute is an awesome alternative...

Please call the White house today. There are animals 800,000+ being tortured by the federal government and this has to end! Phone number in video.

YT has imposed crap media groups on my page. Has this happened to you too? I would never watch the Young Turds or commie news network, except to show their deceptive practices.

Please complain to BitChute. BITCHUTE/DISQUS IS INVADING YOUR PRIVACY IF YOU WANT TO COMMENT ~ I will not consent at this time, so I cannot comment on any videos. If you leave a comment I cannot see it. They are stealing our private info just like Facebook/Google does. Why does BitChute have a separate company to handle comments?? I thought BitChute was going to be a refuge from YouTube/Google and Facebook...:-( This bums me out. See my previous video about a new Video platform that won't censor. It's created by Mike Adams, The Health Ranger and will debut July 4th, but you should sign up now. My advice: DO NOT sign up for this privacy invasion here on BitChute. All your comments and personal info is available to anyone around the world...=fact If you want to leave me a comment, I still have a Youtube channel that hasn't been deleted yet: I am Believe 3.0 there now.

Now that BitChute who uses Disqus wants to invade all your privacy: Here is a new Video platform alternative made by Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, who was deleted by YouTube. Sign up now! It's free and they allow free speech! I don't receive anything for this, I just hope there is no censorship or privacy invasions.

I just signed up for Proton encrypted mail too here:

Please let me know if you sign up and your username so I can sub you! The truth will prevail! Here's to a Happy 4th of July= Independence Day! We must fight back and leave the offenders...

I am on BitChute and Minds now, if you want to follow me.

According to Ole there were NO obituaries on 2/14/18 in Parkland, FLA

5/4/18 AND 4/10/18 i got srtikes on SAME VIDEO?????

A Second Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Dead After Exposing Parkland Shooting Aids virus and cancer virus came from vaccines, this is PROOF 100%.

MUST WATCH FULL DOCUMENTARY: BTW, Here is the full documentary: I tried to upload it on my last youtube channel, but it said it was banned worldwide!

John Todd Former Illuminati Occult Member Gives Testimony of Involvement In Witchcraft. I will upload all his things when I have time. He turned his life around, but no one knows what happened to him...


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I had this vid on private on Youtube due to another attack. I just put it back on public if you're wondering why I have this up now.

My main YouTube channel (Believe) was suspended unjustifiably. I had 151 videos and many playlists.. I received a strike for reading a Craigslist ad asking to hire crisis actors in Boston from 2016. How is that wrong?? The 2nd video was mirrored and showed David Wheeler as an actor playing two roles. Both videos were old! I appealed them, but they deleted my channel. I created a new channel called Believe 2 on YT. We are overwhelming them with the truth and they "can't handle the truth". Please subscribe/follow me.
UPDATE: My second YT Channel was deleted with no strikes...I appealed it. They said it is eligible for reinstating, then asks me to log in. They accept my password, but want my phone number...My 3rd YT channel got a strike the other day.

"If the freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter" George Washington