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Don't follow trends. Ride what works best for you and if that's super loose trucks then keep riding them.

Lot's of fun spots!

Courthouse Rough cut.

Pro's and con's of having mellow pop on your nose.

This shoe surprised me.

This shoe surprised me!

Do you ride Dwindle? Leave a comment and let me know what you ride and why!!!

How the "fingers of flat" change how your board feels and performs.

A few minutes of skating at the West LA Courthouse.
Filmed by @LukeMurphyMedia

We go over the finer details of Dan's setup.
Victor's Channel:

Let's see what Paul has to say about my board!

I got a solid 340 flip on lock ;)

They don't have to be so hard!

Get your Smith on!

One little adjustment makes a huuuuge difference!!!

This helped me more than anything.


I tried to review Joa's skateboard.

Paul walks me through the manufacturing process in his factory while dropping knowledge bombs and interesting tidbits of skateboard history!!!

I brought my tape measure to the West LA courthouse and measured the stage, stairs and ledges plus a bit of skating.

Old Dunks vs New Dunks vs Blazers!!!!

My 2023 Setup!

This board surprised me!!!

My current ride but for how longūüėā

Skating my first board with rails!


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