As Cecil Balboa heads back to war ravaged Cruton, Bobo, Dottie, and Gustavi attempt an escape from the terrible Pterodactyl warriors.

music: "Whiskey in the Jar" by Thin Lizzy (live, c. 1973)

(music: "Black Cow" by Steely Dan, c.1976)

Capt. Cecil Balboa and his pal Sugarfoot head to Cruton 4 for an emergency landing, only to eventually learn of sinister plans being hatched.

Music: "Nuclear Burn" by Brand X (live, c.2000)

While Captain Cecil Balboa and his pal Sugarfoot are returning from the jungle world Cruton 4, Kobra Khan and the mighty Pterodactyl warriors attack the capital of Cruton, Balk-Hasha, in hopes of system-wide domination. Can our heroes make it back in time?

music: "Too Late The Hero" by the Best (live,
"Hey Now Princess" by Jack Bruce
(with Ginger Baker, live, c.1990)
"Fly On A Windshield" by Genesis (live,

My first time playing a Pocket Bass

"Spacecase 3", "Blue" page one (discarded), "Getting There" pages 26 - 28, "Steven Universe" characters
music: The Grateful Dead, "Lost Sailor" (1980), Neurosis, "No River to Take Me Home" (2004), Genesis, "Entangled" (1976), Steven Universe theme (c. 2014)

Trying out a Hohner Piccolo harp in G minor.

Paranormal investigators Dr Viktor Orba and his daughter Kije must once again contend with shape-shifting extraterrestrial vampires Blue and Bingo. Hijinks ensue.

"Never Known" by the Durutti Column c.1981
"She's Lost Control" by Rodolfo Wellington (live) c.2010

My YouTube sketch shorts....
so far.
"Princess Minako"
"Ming & Ivan"
"Mighty Orbots"
"Full Plate"
"We 3"

music: "Freebird", Lynyrd Skynyrd; "Knife Edge", ELP; "Chest Fever", the Band; "Diablo", ZZ Top; a song from "Soul Makossa" (i think), Manu Dibango; "Bette Davis Eyes", Kim Carnes; "Secret Agent Man (intro)", DEVO; yours truly; "Stone Cold", Rainbow

A brand new Lee Oskar harp I'm noodling on....

music: "Warriors" by John Kehave (sp)
Terre Roche, guitar

music: "Pavane pour une Infante Defunte",
piano: Fujiko Hemming

music: "Il. Homage a Rameau" ("Images", book one), Debussy
by Seong-Jin Cho, piano

For some strange reason, I decided to play a bit of "Deep in the Motherload" to dust off my old harmonica

Adventure on the moon!


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