Here is a Simplex 0-6-0 5" gauge steam locomotive running on our portable track yesterday

Here I put up racking in my shed from Rapid Racking. The mallet used is a rubber faced 2 pound mallet from Rapid Racking.

Turbo Conquering Mega Eagle's video on making racking from wood is here:

Rapid Racking is here:

0 6 0 Speedy 5 Inch gauge Steam locomotive in GWR colours running at a school fate in Sussex

Here is my review of the Lidl 20V team cordless drill. I used the previous incarnation of the same cordless drill to drive every single screw (but not the 16 bolts) in my shed.

Here is my review of the Lidl Parkside Plunge/track saw PTSS 1200 C1 which is on sale in Lidl from Thursday June the 6th 2019.

As soon as I have god information on where to get extra Lidl/Parkside track I will post details in a pinned comment.

For an alternative review and more information on alternative tracks (Evolution tracks fit) see Peter Millard's review here:

Lidl Japanese Pull Saw A Quick Review, it is a reasonable saw for £5.99 though I wouldn't use it on some awkward woods.

I tried to make this 1.5 litre Coca Cola bottle go pop but alas I couldn't get in any more air.... Also I suspect that the safety features of the design let air out at around 80 PSI. Still, I will have another go.

Hercules, a 5 inch gauge 0 4 0 Tank Loco running on a portable track showing valve detail

Mac Allister 750 Watt 20CM Pole saw MPS750S-2 review & it in action, including how to assemble and cutting down high branches.

I broke the handle of my favourite saw!

Here, I repair the handle

Here I widen the gap between the uprights to take the windows.

Putting the uprights in the wrong place makes an enormous amount of extra work, it'd have been much better to put the uprights at exactly the right spacing for the windows.

Titan 25mm Nailer Stapler TTB517STP from Screwfix A Quick review

Also I cover using it correctly.

Here is a review of a small (15mm nails or 6mm staples) nailer/stapler I found in Lidl one day for £9.99.

For a small cheap nailer I like it.

A quick review of the Lidl/Parkside Clamp and sawing guide rail PSS 1 C2 which is currently available in Lidl for £9.99

Putting the front frame together, erecting it and bolting it to the rest of the shed.

Here I am cutting the and preparing the wood for the front frame.

Here I add bolt holes to the frames to hold the shed together when finished and also put the sheeting on the frames.

Here I mark where the noggins in the rear frame will go, cut them to size and fit them with glue and pocket hole screws.

Here I am building the frame, this is part three where I cut notches in the top of the rear frame for rafters and put the top rail on the side frames.

Featuring the Evolution Rage 3 crosscut mitre saw

Here I am building the frame, this is part two where I make the frames for the sides of the shed but without the top rail in place yet.

Featuring the Evolution Rage 3 crosscut mitre saw

Here I am building the frame, this is part one where I make the frame for the rear of the shed but without the noggins (the bits that go along the middle of the frame).

Featuring the Evolution Rage 3 crosscut mitre saw

Here I lay a single course of blocks to keep the wood of the shed of the floor off the ground and stop it rotting.

Whilst I am editing videos on laying blocks and building the frame I thought I'd post a quick update on where the shed is today. More coming!

Here I lay the concrete base for the shed, alas I ran out of SD card storage half way through but I think you get the general idea nevertheless.

Building my shed, starting with the base. You also get to see me using my BS60Y Wacker. This is part one of preparing the base, part 5. laying the cement will be along shortly will be coming soon. I suspect there will be many parts to this shed.


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