Lidl Parkside Plasma Cutter PPS 30 A1, The cheapest plasma cutter you can by! Unboxing and review and cutting various metals, including steel, copper, brass and aluminium.

An update on the Lidl Parkside plasma cutter, which at £79.99 has to be the cheapest plasma cutter money can buy.

Covering consumables and where to get them. See pinned comment.

Reviewing and comparing Lidl Profix bar clamps to Irwin bar clamps that are twice the price.

Lidl Parkside Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner PNTS 1400 H4 Unboxing Assembly and first use.

Costs £39.99 in Lidl. has a hose end of 34mm and does fit the Lidl Router and track saw.

Lidl Parkside 1200 Watt Router POF 1200C2 review. This is almost identical to the 2019 version due out on the 5th of December in Lidl.

A reasonably good router for £29.99, the two things I don't like are the inability to lock on the power switch and that the bottom plate is a little grippy.

It does come with the usual accessories with 6 mm and 8 mm collets.

Here is a quick and simple router table I made for myself years ago to help with things like round overs and edge trimming. It is only simple but it works well.

Mac Allister Corded Random orbit sander 300W 240V SOS300 a quick review.

Currently on sale in B&Q till Sunday the 24th of November and also on sale in Screwfix.

Unfortunately I couldn't find the specification of the sander in terms of stroke but it does seem to be more of a finishing sander and isn't too aggressive.

London To Brighton Veteran Car Run 2019 featuring cars built before 1904 running on the veteran car run which first ran in 1897 to celebrate the ending of restrictions on cars.

There are also motorcycles and tricycles, old bikes (including a penny farthing) and other classic cars.

I was in a scrapyard looking for off cuts of sheet steel, when I found this Record No 4 vice in a working but sorry state, so here is me taking it to bits to clean, paint and grease it.

Lidl Parkside Sander Grinder PSBS 240 C2 Quick Review

It's an OK tool but is a little under powered. You can get new belts from Amazon, they are 686 x 50 mm (27" x 2"). They are available in a variety of grits from Amazon from 40 to 400 grit.

Lidl Parkside Battery Vehicle Impact Wrench PSSK 20-Li A1 A Quick Review.

This unit features a Parkside 20V Team battery, a 4 amp hour battery. Most Parkside 20V team devices have 2 amp hour batteries. The 4 AH battery costs £22 on its own.

Lidl Parkside Mains powered Impact Wrench PDSSE 450B2 review, this is similar though not the same as the impact driver/wrench being released on Thursday the 26th of September 2019 it is similar enough and I also run through the differences.

Here is the full wheel bearing video where the "in use" footage came from.

Lidl Parkside Arc Welder review PESG 120 B3. These cost around £40 from Lidl when they are in.

It's tricky to weld thin stuff with arc welders but with care and practice it can be done.

I use most of my two stroke equipment about twice a month so I do this every time. If you use yours more regularly you probably only want to do this once a fortnight.

How to change the blade on a Lidl Parkside track/plunge saw, particularly if you are having issues.

How to light an Optimus 8r petrol/gasoline stove (also sold under the Primus brand) according to the instructions.

An interesting stove that takes a bit less than 100ml of petrol in its tank.

Fitting and adjusting the chain on a Mac Allister MC750S-2 750 watt electric pole saw. Seems to be causing issues.

Lighting a Primus stove. Pressurised paraffin/kerosene stove.

How to light them and what to look for.

Changing the pump cup washer on a Primus stove to get it working again.

The supplies came from here:

Lidl Parkside Nailer Stapler PET 25 C2 Review

You can see my Titan Nailer Stapler review here:

Nails are available here:
And here:
18g brad nails
Staples here:
(Note only up to 25 mm)

Quick tip, how to clean camping cookware... using tea bags. Really works!

Here is a Simplex 0-6-0 5" gauge steam locomotive running on our portable track yesterday

Here I put up racking in my shed from Rapid Racking. The mallet used is a rubber faced 2 pound mallet from Rapid Racking.

Turbo Conquering Mega Eagle's video on making racking from wood is here:

Rapid Racking is here:

0 6 0 Speedy 5 Inch gauge Steam locomotive in GWR colours running at a school fate in Sussex


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