I have mixed emotions but i get it.

How people still take their children to these places is just baffling to me.

1 detained and looking for 1 black male with dreads, black short sleeve shirt, and camo shorts. Seems to have been a altercation between 2 groups

Of course i added the second clip…

Probably bs to make real patriots look bad and to make themselves look less like feds. Who knows for sure. Might just be some useful idiots in the group. Either way this just came out and it’s the new official narrative when it comes to these pieces of shit.

The video on the left hand side is from when they were arrested in Idaho last year. The first guy being arrested is the one they found to have CP on his phone. The new article about him pleading guilty to the CP is on the right hand side.

I say keep your foot on their necks! I will never buy another product or shop at another store that targets our children. I may be playing into the wef’s hands but so be it. A country boy will survive!

*Tik Tok video. I did not add the music i just formatted the video to fit your computer screen.

The voice over was taken from The Butchers latest video. Great channel to follow if you don’t already. Link below to his channel and the video i took this audio from.

If you have any info on the Pneumonia “shots” please drop links. My brother works for the post office and he is telling me they have to get the Pneumonia “shot.” They told them 89 people are out sick and they have to take the shot. I gave him a hard time about taking it so he could be lying to me about having to take it for work. I don’t know but i asked him to send me the paperwork saying he has to take it. If he produces it i will post another video.

The first clip in this video come from Candy’s channel.

Link to Candy’s video. Give her a follow..

Lol…Feds manufacturing more hate. False “Flag”….get it?

I followed the link Jamie Dlux provided on his video to Youtube to get this video. I know a lot of you refuse to go onto YouTube so here it is. As Jamie said proceed with caution.

Here is the link to Jamies video. A must see in my opinion.

Pulling power from the grid not adding to it…lol

I only post this for the interviewer. Use your own discernment.


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