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In this Podcast, Dr. Ben Wood Johnson discusses the notion of “Good and Bad.” The argument centers on the idea that there is no such a thing as good or bad. There is no universality in the way human beings understand their world. Every human approach is subjective in nature. Therefore, any collective agreement about the world must be arbitrary, for it does not take away the individual assessment of the self in the world.

Este Podcast es un monólogo sobre la historia de la República de Haití. El Dr. Ben Wood Johnson narra la historia política de Haití entre 1804 y 2006. Este monólogo fue publicado originalmente en 2006.

This podcast examines the notion of censorship. It tackles head-on the issue of Internet censorship, particularly when it comes to the emprises of powerful entities, such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook, to name a few, on preventing civil discourse. In this monologue, Dr. Johnson discusses the degree to which silencing dissent is bad for society as a whole.

In this podcast, Dr. Ben Wood Johnson examines the notion that social media is on the rise. He challenges to view that social media is destructive to society and to the human mind in particular. Dr. Johnson argues that social media is there to stay. Humanity must embrace it.

This episode is the second installment about the concept of ethics. This particular entry dissects the concept of ethics based on the notion of righteousness. It explores the term by examining four paradigms (Profession, Justice, Care, and Critique). It establishes a clear delineation between what is righteous and what is legal. It discusses universal understandings about human behavior in relation to a particular social environment or milieu.

Este Podcast es parte de una serie de entradas sobre la naturaleza del pensamiento humano. Esta entrega examina las características de un pensamiento. Se disecciona lo que puede explicar un pensamiento. El argumento es que el pensar es una parte intrínseca del ser. Cuando el ser deja de pensar deja de existir.

Los seres humanos no salen de su manera de pensar. Simplemente lo hacen. Sin embargo, no es fácil descifrar la naturaleza de un pensamiento humano. Este podcast examina lo que constituye un pensamiento. Introduce el concepto del misterio de un pensamiento.

Este Podcast es parte de una serie sobre el Cogito. Esta parte introduce el concepto de un pensamiento. Se elabora sobre la noción de pensamiento humano. El argumento es que la conciencia humana es importante para la supervivencia humana. Esa conciencia solo se puede obtener a través de un proceso de pensamiento. Apoya al Dr. Johnson en Patreon

Este Podcast es una introducción al concepto "Cogito, Ergo Philosophus". El entendimiento es que existe un vínculo entre el pensamiento humano y la supervivencia humana. La capacidad de una persona para involucrarse en la auto-introspección (es decir, filosofar) es fundamental para que el individuo se esfuerce por sobrevivir. El Cogito permite que el ser esté en sincronía con el mundo que lo rodea. El Cogito es la esencia de la supervivencia humana. Patreon

Ce podcast est une introduction au concept «Cogito, Ergo Philosophus». On comprend qu'il existe un lien entre la pensée humaine et la survie humaine. La capacité d’une personne à l’introspection (c'est-à-dire à philosopher) est primordiale pour que l’individu s’efforce de survivre. Le Cogito permet à l'être d'être en harmonie avec le monde qui l'entoure. Le Cogito est l'essence de la survie humaine.

This Podcast is an introduction to the concept “Cogito, Ergo Philosophus.” The understanding is that there is a link between human thinking and human survival. A person’s capacity to engage in self-introspection (i.e., philosophizing) is paramount for the individual to endeavor to survive. The Cogito allows the being to be in synchrony with the world around him. The Cogito is the essence of human survival.

This Podcast is part of a series of discussions about the philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre. The Sartrean Philosophy is a very complex approach to human ontology. This particular installment examines the notion of phenomenology. It explores the notion of the "Look."

This Podcast is part of a series of posts about Sartrean Philosophy. In this particular installment, Dr. Johnson talks about the power of the human consciousness, at least as understood by Jean-Paul Sartre.

This Podcast continues the series about Jean-Paul Sartre and Sartrean Philosophy. This installment talks about the notion of self-identity and the extent to which the being is seeking his identity in the world.

This Podcast is a bit personal. But it is not a repudiation of "you" personally. It is not a repudiation of your country. I am a black man. I am also an immigrant. I recently found out that my Beingness is a threat to many people in my community. Here, I talk about the effects of racism on my life. I delineate the nature of racism and the way it has affected my livelihood.

This Podcast continues our previous discussion about the role of technology in human survival. (Previously published on May 29, 2018)

Introduction to The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast.

In this video, Dr. Ben Wood Johnson discusses the notion of freedom.


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