My previous video I posted on YouTube, in which I explained how I Healed Myself From The CoronovaVirus at home using a cure, was put down. We posted it on Bitchute under the user name: bercmag. I encourage you to "read the description of the video".
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In this second video, I update you on the evolution of my personal effort since April 04, 2020, inviting world leaders, scientists, congress members, governors, senators in the US to investigate my cure for the benefit of saving life. What happens next?

You will also learn that the CoronovaVirus existed in ancient time... I can't give more information on the social medias. This is not the Right Place to "Discuss Truth that Can Change the Destiny of the World". I will discuss of it with the right people of Science and governments when they are ready for truth before it is too late. Because it is about Power and World Leadership.

Knowledge is Power.

Please share this video and help us connect with pharmaceutical companies that can help produce the CURE. We can return back to our way of life. Because the CoronovaVirus has a cure I have known off. But I have to use the Right Protocol so it can benefit humanity as a whole.
Christian Bernard Magnongui
Independent Pyramids, Obelisks and Climate Change Researcher at
Pyramid project (The Pyramid Project Presentation)
Youth / Parents (Black Child Science and the Survival of humanity)

Sharing my CoronovaVirus'Experience (while recovering from the pandemic) and the Cure I used to Heal myself, Given by God in the dream state, to Kick off the Virus in my body. (This video uploaded on April 04, 2020 was Removed from YouTube on May 12, 2020). Watch and Share!!!
A CURE AGAINST THE CORONAVIRUS EXISTS. I have it, used it to heal myself from it at home. Remember. In ancient time, God, our Lord, Jehova, the Creator, gave CURES to individuals or Nations to heal against pandemics or diseases, etc. ASK your government officials to contact me and you will be saved and return to our normal ways of life. Esaiah 38, to illustrate the point about the Love of God and ITS Cures.
It's NOW your responsibility to bring my message, a potential "SCIENTIFIC LEAD" CURE against the Coronavirus to your leaders for investigation.

I am sharing my Coronavirus Healing Experience and the Cure I used to Kick off the Virus to give you hope and inspiration. The "Scientific Cure" was given to me in the dream state by God. Want to know what I used and how I used it? Listen to my story and please, share or RETWEET to reach worldwide audience and Support!

Note: Some information could not be provided here to the general public for security reasons, as well as to ensure that this project benefits the entire humanity. In contrast to the previous project I shared to the US and Humanity, concerning the Science of the Pyramids and their link to Climate Change (A recurring earth's Magnetic Field Deterioration).
Together we shall win.

I am waiting for your government officials or medical institutions researchers. I have done my part posting the YouTube version of this video to them on Twitter and Facebook. If you want to save lives, it's on your hands now.
Thanks God for the CURE.
Is there any scientific link between the constructions of Pyramids Around the globe, climate change and the appearances of pandemics or diseases?
Who I am? How to Contact me?
A Founder, an Independent Pyramids, Obelisks and Climate Change (not man made) Researcher at
Pyramid Project (The Pyramid Project Presentation)
Youth / Parents (Black Child - Science and the survival of Humanity)
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An Independent Pyramids, Obelisks and Climate Change Researcher since 2011, Seattle, WA to PRESENT, France, at

Our main pages of current investigation and research:
-Pyramid project (The Pyramid Project Presentation)
-Youth / Parents (Black Child Science - Science and the Survival of humanity)

Books by the author :

1- The Pyramid Mysteries Resolved : Scientific Solutions to Challenges Regarding the Earth's Magnetic Field and Climate change (2011, Seattle, WA. With illustrations and updates in 2013, Paris., France)
2- The Challenge of A Message : From the United States to France and Switzerland, Tome 1
3- The Power of Musical Sound : how music affects our state of mind, health and society.
4- The Power of Music - An Anthology

French Books / Livres traduits en Français

1- Les Mystères des Pyramides Résolus :Les Solutions Scientifiques Aux Problèmes Relatifs au Champ Magnétique Terrestre et au Changement Climatique.
2- Les Défis D'un Message : Des États-Unis à la France puis la Suisse, Tome 1.

Christian Bernard Magnongui
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