The fan unit was in surprisingly good shape so I just had to do what some would call;
"A little Tidy"😉

I refurbish the fan housing inspect the motor and make repairs to the motor wiring.

Links to the good stuff;
Wiring products: ............
Rust remover:..................

We continue to disassemble the 53 frontend.

We continue with the disassembly of the front end.

I spray penetrating oil on all the fasteners and remove the rad

We continue with the LS swap on the C10. We install some headers, swap the fuel pump and finish the passenger side rocker repair.

We finally put the 53 in under cover. Now the real work can begin.

We continue with the LS swap on the C10. Do a temporary repair on the bed and fit the fuel tank in it's new position.

The engine in my 1978 8162B was sounding a little ominous at the end of last season. So of course it kicked it on the first cut of this year. We just swapped in the engine from my 816S and completed the cut.😁👍 Gravely engines are easy to change, just four cap screws, throttle and choke cables and three wires. Just make sure you don't drop the key out of the output shaft in the gear case because then you will have a bad day. ğŸ˜ž

I take a look at the Fan and the generator and repair them. I am not too sure about the generator I have a feeling that the field windings are damaged, probably from the bare wiring shorting out and/or people trying to start it with a 12 volt battery. I didn't get a chance to try it out in the car.

Work continues on the 1953 Ford Customline. Just a quick engine tune up and replacing some of the scarier wiring to see if the generator works. Sadly the cooling fan decided to fly apart so I have another thing to fix but the best part of this old beastie is most parts can be repaired. More to come.

My truck is a 4.9 liter inline 6 manual shift and I have always disliked that it didn't come with a tach. Recently I found out that it is not hard to add a tach to the cluster. So here is how to do it.

Getting back to an old project. My daughter bought this bug 10 years ago but it was set aside for more important projects. We are back at it. She rebuilt the engine in her high school auto class nine years ago. Since the engine had sat for so long we disassembled / reassembled the engine to make sure that all the assembly lube on the cam and bearings was still where it was supposed to be and check the crankshaft end play. We couldn't stop there so there was nothing else left to do but install it and start it up.

After this we have to install the headliner. Really scary.😒


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