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Average episode rating: 9.26

So yeah, the stream went kaput shortly after the second part began. Rest assured I'll do another recording of the rerun (happening at 3am UTC).

[Livestream fixed version]
Livestream chat reaction with the missing parts edited in. The credit goes to DTM0 for their amazing work! (!bN0jEAjS!dOK7s6O4xpDi2JywlVHo1PXp8wgym_DdGRGmmAnM6LY

Average episode rating: 9.28

And that about wraps it up for Season 8, folks. BerryTube Chat Reaction will return in time for the holiday special in 2 weeks, don't miss it!

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Average episode rating: 7.71
Also, friendly reminder that the Season 8 finale is next week and starts half an hour early. Join the chat at!

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My Mega folder:!DloShDRJ!dQb4oDFdkZAlz-V4OYRpSw

Average episode rating: 8.88

*I messed up the actual recording, so as an alternative, so I wrote about 100 lines of spaghetti code in javascript that replays the chat from the logs, recorded that, then overlaid it with the stream recording graciously provided by Malsententia.

Average episode rating: 8.34

Average episode rating: 8.58

My Mega folder:!DloShDRJ!dQb4oDFdkZAlz-V4OYRpSw

Average episode rating: 8.84

Average episode rating: 7.94

Average episode rating: 8.6

Average episode rating: 8.08

Average episode rating: 7.25

I have to apologise for this one in advance.

I did a very silly thing with my recording software, and only realized after the fact that the resulting video was corrupted. This is all I could salvage from the recording, and will have glitches, stutters, and missing sections throughout.

Average episode rating: 8.7

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