Mr. Cole walks out on the shill


Peaceful protesters stop agent provocateurs from starting a riot at the "Stop the SPP" protests in Montebello, Quebec. The police later admit they had planted undercover officers in the protest.

MSNBC Reporter: “Look, you can see here, nobody's wearing [masks].” Bystander: "Including the Cameraman — Half your crew’s not wearing them!”

Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre is the founding director of Paideia. Paideia was created in 2000 through grants from the Swedish government. One of Paideia's goals is "supporting cultural diversity".

Sinclair Group

from an expert, who worked under Fauci

Expel the parasite!

The video is being scrubbed from JewTube so I'm sharing it here. I don't know whether her claim is true or not, but I don't see a reason why her video shouldn't be seen so people have access to full disclosure and draw their own conclusions then.

Article she references:


Documentary by Israeli Jew. All rights belong to the author. Shared pursuant to fair use with a goal to afford access to materials shadowbanned by mainstream sites.

Believing the Holocaust is an expression of racial hatred against Germans

The original El Resitas. The video has been scraped from JewTube. It is factual and to the point. The people deserve to know the truth.


Family and friends, I am Jin Wei. I am currently inside the Wuhan outbreak region, Han Hou area. I would like to describe the condition inside the Hubei province, as well as the outbreak situation in the entire China. Currently there are already 90,000 cases of pneumonia contraction. What is the rate of contraction? If one person contracted this disease and is not properly quarantined and treated, this individual will infect 14 people that came in contact with him. That is a significant multiplier. During the spring festival, in our culture, families like to get together, dine together. But this is unlike any other years. I hope that people can stay home, do not gather, and do not visit families. There is a spring festival every year. If everyone can stay safe, you can always get together later.

Now let me report the situation and the amount of medical supplies condition at our front line hospitals. At this moment, our condition is beyond the control of our supervisors, health department, other organizations, city officials, and state officials. Through the media we are asking for donation of supplies from the outside world. These are medical supplies, such as, protective eye goggles, disposable surgical face masks, disposable gloves, bio-hazard suits, and bio-hazard pants. These supplies are in great shortages. Our medical team who just got off their shift are deployed to the front line again. The reason that I am practically making this video at the front line is to alert you all and to raise your awareness. Let me emphasize once again, during the spring festival, do not go out! Stay home! Otherwise, why are we risking our lives? ! It is for my family, my love ones, and their health. I hope you can understand. I also understand that my family members do not access social media. So if you receive this information, please pick up the phones and call around, notify each other. This is something you must do! You must do your best to educate yourselves regarding this disease. This is a political assignment.

Now I would like to inform you with a very bad news. The corona-virus has mutated. It is now a second generation virus. When it was still in its first generation, we were still able to treat this... However, after the last mutation, it became deadly. That is because the pneumonia is no longer one patient infected one other person. In this generation, one patient will infect 14 others. The rate of infection are now increasing exponentially. So please remember, do not go out, do not visit people, do not gather in a group, do not have dinner party. Thank you everyone.


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I'm Mark Marek, the founder of I was prosecuted for 3 years and held in maximum security prison by the Canadian regime for having the wrong opinion, and for exposing police brutality, war profiteering, and overall lies that were declared as truth by the mainstream press. For years I was held under prior restrained to ensure that my voice is not heard, because I showed too much reality to too many people. I was threatened with assassination by the Edmonton police, but eventually escaped the Canadian regime and am presently seeking political asylum in a neutral country.

The tipping point was when the community under my lead resolved the mystery behind the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video and identified the perpetrator as Luka Magnotta long before the Canadian authorities had any clues. Not only did it showcase the Canadian police as incompetent, but I also embarrassed them on the international stage when the photos of Luka Magnotta that I shared on the website, as well as the entire backstory behind the gruesome murder spread across the internet like wildfire, directly assisting in the arrest of Luka Magnotta in Germany, making it clear that even though the crime happened in Canada, the perpetrator was both identified and apprehended without the involvement of the Canadian police.

Later it became international news that following the identification of Luka Magnotta on, the Canadian authorities were informed about the individual and requested to investigate him by a member days before the case blew up, but they blew us off, allowing Luka Magnotta the time and space to leave Canada and escape their reach. The embarrassment was too much for them to handle, so they responded to it by arresting me and charging me with "Corrupting Morals".

I switched to using because I believe in decentralized technologies, the right to freedom of expression, the right to free and open internet, the right of journalists and bloggers to share the fruits of their investigations without the people in power shutting them down or otherwise silencing their voices, and of the right of the public to have access to information.

I am a firm believer of the fact that what is in the public interest is up to the public to decide, which is why they call it PUBLIC interest.

My purpose is to provide the public with access to videos that showcase the life on the planet Earth the way it is - raw and uncensored. Whereas real life is not always pretty, all the videos I publish are NSFL. None of what I publish is forced on anyone, but rather provided for those who are interested in seeing the real world and/or learning from other people's mistakes.

I provide accurate and descriptive titles for all of my videos, so on my channel, nobody gets tricked into seeing videos they may not wish to see. I do not do click baiting, or engage in other trickery. Just as I am open and straightforward with you in this description, so I am open and straightforward with each individual post.

That being said, I need to stress that you do NOT take the warning lightly. Videos within my channel are uncensored depictions of real life on the planet we all occupy. Consequently, my entire channel is unsuitable to politically correct snowflakes, as well as anyone who is offended by the idea of seeing life the way it is. If you prefer to live with rose colored shades on, please stay off this channel. Here there be reality, and the perfect world you thought you lived in will be shattered. You have been warned!

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