Makes you wonder what happened after the cameras were turned off...

Ain't life in police state trained by Israel grand?

Cop lost the perp so he had to take it out on whoever he could.

The cops seem to be really enjoying escalating this situation. Or any situation for that matter. When all you choose for a tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

This is what happend when you call the cops

Roger Waters, one of few high profile people with brass balls to call it like it is. The video was filmed in Barcelona, Spain.

To Anyone who has been watching the political manipulation by Israel and it's shills to control the narrative and con the public into supporting an all-out offensive against Israel's enemies, the allegations of Syria using CW's in Douma are immediately suspect.

The Syria Conflict has been a proxy war waged by Israel and the West, especially the US, since day one, just like Libya and Iraq. Assad had no reason to use CW's and every reason not to. So, who stood to benefit from the alleged attack, and the military strikes and propaganda blitz that followed?

Israel has pulled off its mask, and is now actively ans openly attacking Syria almost daily, hoping to provoke a response that will embroil the US and the West in another bloodbath to benefit their racist utopia, but few dare call them out, for fear of being accused of "anti-Semitism".

The awareness continues to spread in spite of the army of Hasbara shills paid to whitewash Israel's war crimes.

Dick mutilators in Israel rejoice

They then falsified report.

How dare you have an opinion that contradicts group think in a police state?

ICRC laundering billions in terrorist and drug money?

Brazil, I believe

Apartheid caught on cam

Watch that cowardly agent of apartheid get demolished. All suited and booted just to figure out that there is bravery, honor and dignity in Palestinians - something she's completely void of. We have nothing but respect for the unwavering valor of the Palestinian people in the face of unspeakable atrocities of the Jew.

19 minutes of well documented videos of crimes committed over the years by Netanyahu and the Israeli terror regime.

Filmed in Indonesia

Rincon Cop April Bonaccorsi pulls man over for "failure to maintain lane" and gets angry when the man won't answer his fishing expedition questions. Cop calls his chief to ask if he can cite the man for violating a hurricane curfew that isn't even in effect. A few weeks later, the same cop got arrested and charged with cruelty to children, a felony in the first degree and other violent crimes.


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I'm Mark Marek, the founder of I was prosecuted for 3 years and held in maximum security prison by the Canadian regime for having the wrong opinion, and for exposing police brutality, war profiteering, and overall lies that were declared as truth by the mainstream press. For years I was held under prior restrained to ensure that my voice is not heard, because I showed too much reality to too many people. I was threatened with assassination by the Edmonton police, but eventually escaped the Canadian regime and am presently seeking political asylum in a neutral country.

The tipping point was when the community under my lead resolved the mystery behind the 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick video and identified the perpetrator as Luka Magnotta long before the Canadian authorities had any clues. Not only did it showcase the Canadian police as incompetent, but I also embarrassed them on the international stage when the photos of Luka Magnotta that I shared on the website, as well as the entire backstory behind the gruesome murder spread across the internet like wildfire, directly assisting in the arrest of Luka Magnotta in Germany, making it clear that even though the crime happened in Canada, the perpetrator was both identified and apprehended without the involvement of the Canadian police.

Later it became international news that following the identification of Luka Magnotta on, the Canadian authorities were informed about the individual and requested to investigate him by a member days before the case blew up, but they blew us off, allowing Luka Magnotta the time and space to leave Canada and escape their reach. The embarrassment was too much for them to handle, so they responded to it by arresting me and charging me with "Corrupting Morals".

I switched to using because I believe in decentralized technologies, the right to freedom of expression, the right to free and open internet, the right of journalists and bloggers to share the fruits of their investigations without the people in power shutting them down or otherwise silencing their voices, and of the right of the public to have access to information.

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