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I made this at 2 am and it's mostly supposed to be an arty art timelapse. The art is here if you actually want to see what it's supposed to look like:

This is webtoon prep though if you're wondering what the content is about.
Music is: soft and furious

Want to remove the straps and protect the antennas? I made a 3d file for that.
Or you can buy it from me here:
You'll have to excuse some blurry shots. My osmo is dumb about close focusing sometimes and it really doesn't matter in the long run so don't complain.

Brief music is from here:

Exploring Fourth of July Mine, and what can be see of Polly Anne Mine. Both are fluorine/fluorite mines that were operated in the early 20th century. *Correction on the video*: The Polly Anne mine is the cracks in the ground and the old wasp-filled shaft. The shaft that appeared to still be in use with the rope ladder is the active Hanson Powers gold mine. So yes, when the price of gold is up, they still go down there. Yikes

Made on request. I hope this helps. - You can type like a normal text editor and it will convert it into markdown.

The initial design for this patch is almost done. I have a few things to change before I consider it complete. Next step is getting the right thread colors. What colors would you like to see it be?

All programs and plugins used are free.

Speedpainting of a scorpion about to get poked with a long stick.

In case you're wondering, I'm using Leonardo to paint, Vaio Canvas Z to compute, Captura to record, and Pergolesi Stabat Mater - No.5. Duet Largo - allegro to music.

Don't feel bad for the scorpion. It's a bark scorpion.

If you want to look deep into his eyess click here:
Done with FireAlpaca. I like it so far. Check out other stuff I've done

3d printed arrowheads for target practice! Get them at thingiverse, cults3d and on lbry.

LBRY: lbry://@BestJuleah#66bdae2ef9d62e812731b9dfca33e966771592b4/3d-print-arrowhead-stl

bitcoin: 12CH1jpwX7Y6hZeCwtgPnoffmw3TqqzqZt

dash: XkTdR5oMQSds44YmMGYC4UJhJPHbYpaeXA

ethereum: 0x234e3Fd3F6B7797bA64D9fC00fBD290F22fd4BB4

bitcoin cash: 1KVY3DTZhon48LqFAuKv5bi7ha1mweeXha

This is the first version of 3d printed arrowheads. I printed the arrowheads vertically and horizontally and am testing the strength of each one. I've already modified and created some new ones that I think will work really well based off of the results of this test.

I'm 3d printing arrow heads and this was my first test shot. I had to highlight this.

My dog's halloween costume.
Sabaton-The Last Stand


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I do a whole bunch of things from the middle of nowhere, Arizona. 3d printing, digital/traditional illustration, cinematography, sewing, cardboardmancy, animation, and code-monkeying.