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Made on request. I hope this helps. - You can type like a normal text editor and it will convert it into markdown.

The initial design for this patch is almost done. I have a few things to change before I consider it complete. Next step is getting the right thread colors. What colors would you like to see it be?

All programs and plugins used are free.

Speedpainting of a scorpion about to get poked with a long stick.

In case you're wondering, I'm using Leonardo to paint, Vaio Canvas Z to compute, Captura to record, and Pergolesi Stabat Mater - No.5. Duet Largo - allegro to music.

Don't feel bad for the scorpion. It's a bark scorpion.

If you want to look deep into his eyess click here:
Done with FireAlpaca. I like it so far. Check out other stuff I've done

3d printed arrowheads for target practice! Get them at thingiverse, cults3d and on lbry.

LBRY: lbry://@BestJuleah#66bdae2ef9d62e812731b9dfca33e966771592b4/3d-print-arrowhead-stl

bitcoin: 12CH1jpwX7Y6hZeCwtgPnoffmw3TqqzqZt

dash: XkTdR5oMQSds44YmMGYC4UJhJPHbYpaeXA

ethereum: 0x234e3Fd3F6B7797bA64D9fC00fBD290F22fd4BB4

bitcoin cash: 1KVY3DTZhon48LqFAuKv5bi7ha1mweeXha

This is the first version of 3d printed arrowheads. I printed the arrowheads vertically and horizontally and am testing the strength of each one. I've already modified and created some new ones that I think will work really well based off of the results of this test.

I'm 3d printing arrow heads and this was my first test shot. I had to highlight this.

My dog's halloween costume.
Sabaton-The Last Stand


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I do a whole bunch of things from the middle of nowhere, Arizona. 3d printing, digital/traditional illustration, cinematography, sewing, cardboardmancy, animation, and code-monkeying.