Portals are open through sound frequencies...  When 2 chords resonate in octives.. they create a Phantom beat or a resonant energy that can open portals...

This is how the pyramids would function, they dispersed a frequency into the ionic sphere [using MonoatomicGold as a superconductor as a smart dust to transfer the information at the speed of light]..

The Great Pyramid of Giza emitts the frequency of  432hz...
... Other pyramids have different frequencies. And they set on lay lines. If they started to resonate, it would also activate our chakras...our crystalline body would be activated...

Because the pyramids are aligned to to the constellations, we would sing in Harmony, with the Uni-vers

They are developing plant-based 'vaccines' intended to be seamlessly integrated into the food supply, all without the public's awareness.
Guess which billionaire philanthropist was buying more farmland in the US than anyone else?

Please don't let this boy die.

OMG questions Josh Brown, the National VP, Government Relations at Phizer. Brown also services as Vice Chair of the Williamson County School board, where I met up with him on September 18th during an open session.
Pfizer Whistleblower Debbie Bernal asked Brown the employment status of Walker. I followed up with Brown and other board members…

Could god be sending them all a message

Another Dr Fauci production

Animal cruelty?

Corona virus known back then

The Biden Admin are really after the children

Islanders believe what happened in Hawaii is not a natural phenomenon, but an attack on the people of Maui.

There is no help from the U.S. government. There was not even a warning to the locals.

People burned alive right in their homes. Hundreds died, thousands were missing. Many children were home alone in remote schooling because of the tsunami storm


They purposefully used cancer cells to prove hydroxychloroquine was ineffective against the virus! But actually they proved it works perfectly because it protects your healthy cells and allows the virus to attack cancerous cells.

Over 1000 children were missing in Maui and the cops didn't let the parents go in to look for them. This is all planned from the fire to the child trafficking

He's explaining how his drugs kill

Joe Biden gets the prosecutor fired who was investigating Hunters business dealings

DEW in action

People are literally sitting on ticking time bombs aka Lithium batteries on their so called magic carbon-free electric vehicles.

They knew it did this 20 years ago. Whoever wrote the script for this episode of X-Files has to be a time traveler or a senior deep state operative who revealed their entire plan just for giggles.

Explained in 2 minutes


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NZ police and courts won't argue the facts because theyre the ones who left the paper trail, and that's why they know it's all true. They just don't want the public finding out, that's why they haven't tried to charge me with defamation, is because they know it's fact. But i dont dislike all police because of the bad eggs, and as you can see from my videos corruption is rampant on both sides of the law.