Since 9/11 was staged CGI to wage war on Muslims in the middle east, was Jacinda Ardern hoping for retaliation from CHCH mosque shootings? Since Hillary Rodham Clinton has already admitted to creating a well armed terrorist organisation in Afghanistan, and that her and Jacinda Ardern have been good buddies for many years, it makes me wonder why Jacinda would hide crucial evidence that shows the CHCH shooter wasn't working alone. Since it's already legal to steal a deceased body(James Tackamore) while simultaneously stealing a widowed dad's daughter in secret courts, nothing would surprise me about Jacinda Arderns motives, since everything I've wrote has police backing to hide the dirty dealings that go on in corrupt New Zealand from public knowledge.

I live in Christchurch NZ and need a lawyer to help me sue the NZ government for 500 million for a range of crimes committed on myself over a 15 year period. These crimes involve false claims, trafficking my daughter, kidnap, extortion, theft, purjury, emotional blackmail, attempted murder, rape along with other crimes against humanity. If you can please share this video so I'm able to find legal representation for closure, that would be muchly appreciated.

New Zealand politician Ruth Dyson trafficked my child to pedophiles who steal the deceased. She even rang me to tell me she had just created a law allowing that.

Even in voting those treasonous bastards cheat. The nays obviously won not to control Trumps military powers in Iran, but the demtards gotta cheat to win anything. So after several minutes after the clock had run out of time the Dems kept voting until the yeas won. Typical demtards.

Jacinda Ardern is now trying to create a gender war in NZ for her global mates. NZ has already had Helen Clarke as PM who left to join the UN, so Jacinda is full of lies. Jacinda is not popular because she helped cover up child trafficking and important facts that show the CHCH mosque shooter wasn't working alone. Jacinda was sent to divide the people of New Zealand for her good mate HIllary Clinton and co.

Waking up to beautiful bird sounds

Had company on my bush walk

Flying from Wellington to Christchurch.

Phillips is a pro pervert policeman protector. Hel jail anyone that tries to protect their child and/or public from judicial perverts after the fact his mates tried to murder the parent the week prior. Trafficking children to those who date guys that rape their kids/stealing the deceased is what the courts do best. Phillips is no exception.

New Zealand police have unlimited immunity everytime they film underage girls in shower on police issued iPhone, traffick children to rapists/bodysnatchers, jail protective parents who publicly name their perverted acts for public safety and murdering widowed parents who are desperately trying to protect their children. NZ is a corrupt sham.

New Zealand is a sesspool of perverts, pedophiles and such pretending to protect but they really just trying to turn you and your children into statistics, because that's what the system is set up to do.

Abusive Maori who lie, steal, cheat, murder unborn babies, date those who rape their children. Maori culture used to destroy children and parents.

She threatened to destroy my family, stole my camera of wife's memories, stole a deceased body, her son Travis and her brother Horomona jumped in the sack with my toddler daughter.

ODT and CHCH press work for the deep state, newshub too. Hiding the fact of the bodysnatchers of James Takamore running simultaneous court cases stealing the deceased while stealing toddlers from newly widowed parent/s.

Only country that allows kiddyfiddlers/bodysnatchers stealing the dead while stealing children. Something very seriously wrong with a racist culture that preys on newly widowed parents children while stealing the dead (Google James Takamore Case).

Michael Davidson who works for the courts, refused to answer the question of his clients from Kutarere who were running simultaneous court cases stealing the deceased(James Takamore case) while stealing my dayghter. They would not let me alone to grieve after my wife died, but instead attacked and controlled every aspect of my parenthood. Their attacks started before I had even arrived home from burying my wife.

She helped her clients run simultaniously run court cases stealing a deceased body namely James Takamore case while stealing widowed dad's daughter through the family court.

Straight from the horse's mouth. The real truth about the legality or should I say lack of legality.

All over a vacuum. The frustration of trying to keep a clean floor, when there's no working vacuum, because owners of lodge too tight. Cleaners are forbidden to help tenants keep their bedroom floor clean. This is what you get for $185pw.

Fresh out of jail, to the slum that takes those that no one else will take. Then after recently punching over the groundsman, this kiwi specimen is now being looked for by police.

YouTube wants to kill your child's innocense.

Here's someone snooping outside my door.

Considering the room is cleaner than when first moved in, and there's not been a working vaccuum for at least 12 months.

A country run by corruption and incompetance, most people unaware.

This video shows why Jacinda Ardern wants the evidence gone.


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