For fun we let Mika climb into our rolling shopping bag. This is what happened.

Back in Indiana, Ayren put together a few folks to create some entertainment for our USA gymnasts way back in the year 2000. I found the old VHS tape. Then I had to transfer it to DVD. Afterwards I converted the VOB files to MP4 using Wondershare. The quality is VHS good.

While visiting the Philippines, Lhanglang sings for the first time in over 25 years. No one in her family heard her sing before today. It was fun to be a part of that moment.

Senda and Steve take a morning walk discussing their five years of marriage. Also, it is Steve's birthday.

It finally happened. Mika received her very first haircut at Cuts 4 Tots.
Thank you to bensound for the very cute music.

While visiting Senda's family we ride a tricycle because the road were packed.

Mikaela Sofia is now one year old. She had a Princess Sofia themed party. All of the Filipino side of her family were there to celebrate.
Quezon City, Philippines

Karla, sings 'Always', with Uncle Steve. It is amazing what a few glasses of Red Horse can get someone to do.

While Mika is in her crib, she laughs with mommy and drops on her mattress for fun.

I created this video almost a year after having our first child (Mika).
Senda is now ready to try again. After two failed IVFs, friends gave us two jars of Korean Red Ginseng Extract. It worked! Now were are using the second jar in hopes of our second child.

Dad needs to shower and leave for work but Mika has other plans.

I am the first person to arrive at registration. I come out, and there are three vehicles parked around me. There is space for parking everywhere, but these three drivers decided to park around my vehicle. I finally had to go back in and ask them to move their vehicle.

I am on the main road when a driver stops at his stop sign and then decides to keep going even though I am coming through.

Mika is now able to sit in her highchair and eat for the very first time.
Thata films and feeds her at the same time.

Scott Holmes is the music creator and the title of the song is So Happy.

Shane, Epoy, Tintin, Kim, JP make a very cute, and funny video for Uncle Steve.

Mika is baptized at Mother Teresa Cathedral in Pristina, Kosovo.
Friends came to celebrate with us.

Mika is now 8 months old and loves to move around!

I pulled my motorcycle out of storage and it started right up. I love the sound of these pipes as they actually keep me safe on the highways.

Mikaela, with a little help from dad, dashes to her mom in the kitchen.

Mika has the funniest laugh. This is the first time dad was able to make her laugh this good. Mika is 6 months old.

Mika is six months old, and Senda wants to celebrate it. She makes muffins, gives her a balloon. Afterwards she is changed, and we head to the Albi Mall. After a few hours of fun, Mika fall immediately to sleep when she gets home.

Mikaela discovers her feet and can't keep her toes out of her mouth. She is quite the funny little five month old.

This is just a fun little adventure between Thata and Steve. She loses her boots and we chase them down in the snow just to find Steve and Thata building a snowman.

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for his funny song called: If I Had A Chicken.

Mika gets to enjoy, or some might say, tolerate, her very first Christmas with her parents and Aunt Thata!.

Pia is starting to laugh, talk (Baby Talk), and sing at three months old.
She is quite the funny little girl


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