George Orwell: A Life in Pictures is a 2003 BBC Television docudrama telling the life story of the British author George Orwell. Chris Langham plays the part of Orwell. No surviving sound recordings or video of the real George Orwell have been found.

Logan CIJ Symposium 2016

With: David Mirza Ahmad, Alison Macrina and Julian Assange
Moderator: Jérémie Zimmermann

From journalists to techies, from artists to activists, from experts to entertainers; everybody is needed to fight for the right to privacy, transparency and revolution. Our special guests will present a spectrum of spectacular actions. More than five years ago Julian Assange built a sophisticated submission system that both promised and delivered security for whistleblowers around the world. It has led to a virtual explosion of publicly accessible information that governments and corporations have desperately tried to conceal. Disclosures of corruption, mass murder and illegal governmental activities on a huge scale are now irretrievably in the public domain. The battle began with WikiLeaks and expanded dramatically with the Snowden revelations. Sadly, the universality of surveillance has meant that conventional computer systems are so compromised and vulnerable that radical new solutions are required. In defence of personal freedom and privacy, the Subgraph team has built a highly secure new operating system that will be launched at this session. This long awaited new OS will hopefully provide a framework of protection for the future. Diversity is key!

A call to resistance.

Finally, the world is aware of the threat of mass surveillance and control, but we still have a fight on our hands, and that fight is both technical and political. Global democracy is not going to protect itself. There has never been a higher demand for a politically-engaged hackerdom. Jacob Appelbaum and Julian Assange discuss what needs to be done if we are going to win.

Become wikileaks, Suzie Dawson

What drives you to do what you do, Suzie Dawson

What drives you to do what you do, Joe Lauria

What drives you to do what you do, Chris Hedges

What drives you to do what you do, Ray McGovern

What drives you to do what you do, Margaret Kimberly

Margaret Kimberly and Joe Lauria have a conversation about The Guardian smear article.
If Paul Manafort ever had been visiting the embassy in London then there would have been camera footage as London and that area in particular are under heavy surveillance.

Ray McGovern and Joe Lauria answer the question:
How is it that so many laws can be ignored by the west?

Ray McGovern and Joe Lauria answer the question:
What do we know about the current situation regarding Julian Assange?


The Beautiful Truth tells the story of a 15-year old boy named Garrett.

After the tragic death of his mother, Garrett s father decided to home-school his son and assigned a book written by Dr. Max Gerson that proposes a direct link between diet and a cure for cancer.

Fascinated, Garrett embarks on a cross-country road trip to investigate The Gerson Therapy. He meets with scientists, doctors and cancer survivors who reveal how it is in the best interest of the multi-billion dollar medical industry to dismiss the notion of alternative and natural cures.

Ali G and General Brent Scowcroft talk war tactics

original video:

Video snippet from an Prof. Eric Laithwaite lecture that shows how a gyroscope travels in an orbit like an electron.

original video:

In this video Eric Dollard demonstrates with a rope how a wave travels a longer distance then the actual distance because it travels as a WAVE.
Next to that the energy in the wave is more easy to resist then the energy that is traveling in the longitiudinal manner. That acts INSTANTLY on the arm of the receiver.

original video:

Because electrons move as waves they are not instantly but close to the speed of light, yet the tapping of the stick how fast is that?

full video:

Documentary inside the 2002 Venezuela Coup
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Chavez, The (2002) Coup.avi

06:06 Plane. Book: 'A Eulogy to Globalisation'. What is"globalisation?"

The relationship between Electricity, Magnetism and Gravity.

The 'Jabberwocky'

11:48 It even explains the non-sense of: If you can't measure it, it doesn't exist.
12:12 M.C. Esher's staircase explained
28:28 The loss of weight.
35:00 The orbit of the electron explained by the gyroscope.
40:00 18 pound gyro
47:00 Scientific conformity
54:54 Swiss gyro bus

John Kiriakou was the first US official to blow the whistle on US Government torture techniques. Jennifer Robinson is attorney for Julian Assange - her response to Pompeo and Trump. To see entire interview go to:


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