Surveillance Big Tech and Social Engineering

Rolling Stone magazine wrote a story about the CIA feeding stories to the media for a price. James Corbett of corbettreport,com has verified the story and added to it. Government is a significant influence on the media, and thus our perception of things. This is one of the ways that social engineering occurs.

This video is interesting and entertaining. Well produced and fun.

This video shows some history of Silicon Valley, and its beginnings in the Military Surveillance Complex. James Corbett of explains in detail.

People are so blasted with all the new Internet of Things products that they don't see what these devices are doing to them, or what is coming next.

Some telecom companies have entire buildings dedicated to spying on our email and phone calls. This was uncovered years ago,

This video by Truthstream goes over the fact that people are willingly inviting control over them. By participating in this surveillance technology, people become so dependent on a powerful control grid.

The Darknet has been working behind the scenes for years. Abby Martin of The Emperor Files, produced by Telesur, talks to Ross Ulbricht, a Darknet creator who tried to get around authorities by developing "Silk Road". Ever since Ross Ulbricht's revolutionary site Silk Road shuttered in 2013, there have been no shortage of similar marketplaces willing to fill the void — yet none have managed to maintain the level of trust that the original darknet bizarre did.

On October 1st, 2020, the US Federal Government makes the Real ID (national ID), mandatory for all US citizens. Things that are done in our society that used to freak us out, now are accepted without a thought.

Truthstream Media puts together an interesting example of what we in America will be faced with. They show the social credit system in China, and how extreme and restrictive the system has become.

An interesting analysis of how technology around us is being used to influence us in certain specified ways and what we may be able to do to minimize this. Various sources are brought in to make the point. For a look at 5G technology, and how it plays into this discussion, go to

James Corbett of talks about technology, big tech companies and better ways to protect your privacy. Don't just talk about, do something.

Truthstream Media shows the irresistible desire to grab your smart phone as soon as you here that you have a text or email. As you use your phone, it keeps you interested as you anticipate the next contact. You get a dopamine rush each time you see something pop up on your smart phone. Over time it will train you to do things in a specific way.

This video goes over the history of the people who run most of our world. Then it explains how people are being controlled by the society we live in by using technology and propaganda. Thanks to Really Graceful for this video.

James Corbett explores the history of Silicon Valley companies, and how they influence our daily lives by using their technology every day. There are video clips of some of the players in the companies who designed the software for the very purpose of controlling us. .


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The videos on this channel address the growing action to modify citizen behavior by technological means such as the internet and social media. The pervasive use of 'smart devices' like smart phones, smart meters, refrigerators and 'alexa' type devices are all working together to shape how we think and act, even what we expect. Also, US government agencies such as the CIA and NSA, work together with big tech and in many cases, these agencies have created these tech companies.