In the city of Esthar, we have to board the Lunatic Pandora. Meanwhile, in space, Rinoa needs our help...Feel free to check out my Twitch channel at

Just my predictions for the 2020 Royal Rumble this Sunday.

After talking to Sorceress Edea, and finding the white SeeD ship, it's time to head to Esthar! Unfortunately, a LOT of time in this video was just re-junctioning magic and defenses, because for some reason, switching between Squall's group and Laguna's group erases ALL of the junctions. It's frustrating, but what can you do?

Universal Champion Ricochet responds to WWE Champion Aleister Black's Survivor Series challenge.

My thoughts and experiences about what it was like living with cancer, and having to go through chemotherapy.

How far will I get playing the original Super Mario Bros.? All I know is... I was a lot better at this when I was a kid.

A very short demo of... Raptors in the kitchen. The goal is to survive as long as possible, as there is currently no way out of the kitchen.

Just a few pictures I took at a live RAW event in 2011. It was the night of the WWE Draft, and Sin Cara was drafted to Smackdown. I recently found a lot of pictures I took from that event, and other events I went to.

My garage was absolutely disgusting.. This video was recorded almost 3 years ago, and it shows what the garage looked like before I started, and it shows the process of transforming it. Since this video was recorded, I've done more in the garage, and eventually I'll record a "Garage Tour."

A great show, up until the main event.

Quite possibly the worst episode of WWE 2K20 I've ever produced. AI issues resulted in 2 matches having to be cut, as the AI seems to always get counted out. One woman completely disappeared during her entrance, more countouts. I was happy to get this one over with.

This week, I'm watching Maniac Cop 2, a movie that I haven't seen in years.

We're on our way to Sorceress Edea's house, and when we get there, the Galbadia Garden is waiting! It's an all-out assault, culminating with a showdown against Seifer and Sorceress Edea herself!

My base is a work in progress, and I am most definitely not an elite builder by any means. I just thought it would be fun to show what I've done so far, and take a look at other people's bases on the server.

On this episode of the Narcosis Playthrough, we have to find the server room, and reset the hazard threat level. But the closer we get, the more our mind starts to play tricks on us...

Just trying to get as far as I can on this game. I think I broke it near the end...

I have a LOT of issues of Nintendo Power. This was always my favorite gaming magazine when I was a kid, and I love being able to read these whenever I want.

How far will I get on Streets of Rage 2?

Just having some fun with Wreckfest on the Xbox One.

FINALLY uploading some WWE 2K20 videos on here.

Playing through the No Mercy stage on Left 4 Dead. It's been a while since I've played this.

Oakwood is a horror game, featuring dinosaurs. You arrive at an abandoned camping site, hoping to find your friends. What you find is much, much worse...

This is a free demo called T-Rex Breakout, and I decided to give it a try. What will happen when I come face to face with the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex?

This is a blind playthrough, so this should be interesting... Narcosis takes place on the ocean floor, as you try to find a way back to the surface... if you don't lose your mind or die first.

Not one of my best reviews, but here it is anyway.


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