This a more accurate depiction of the prologue in the movie Idiocracy.

This video has audio clips from The Matrix and is meant to wake blue-pilled people up.

The music an instrumental mix of Lateralus by Tool. The first part is an cello instrumental version by Break of Reality.

This video shows how the Jews have expressed their gratitude for saving them during World War II.

The music is Moving Mountains by Two Steps From Hell.

This is a compilation of dindus being tased.

She's going to be the main character in the next Star Wars movie.

This is the fifth and final video in the dindu series.

This is the fourth video of the dindu series.

This is the third video of the dindu series.

This is the sequel of the original dindu video.

This is the original video in the dindu series.

This a condensed dindu compilation chock-full of vitamin D.


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