The Lost Tribes of Israel are the European/American nations.

This has got to be quite possibly the greatest bluegrass set known to man, very special: Dr. Ralph Stanley, Kentucky Fox Hunter Curly Ray Cline, Kentucky Bluebird Colonel Keith Whitley, Coal Miner Troy 'Renfro' Profitt, Ex-mayor of Norton Virginia Jack "Killer" Cooke! The banter between tunes, the talent on these boys...Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mt Boys - Bluegrass Bluegrass 1977 KET special

Screw THE RAIDERS FOR ALLOWING THE RACIST, ANTI-AMERICAN BLACK O-LINE SABOTAGE THE WHITE QB FOR STANDING FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM by allowing at least 2 to 3 sacks in a game last season at the height of the Kapernack controversy.

A pleasant gesture

"Tastes Great" or "Less Filling"?

Darrell attacks his grandfather


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I have experienced many, many instances of the supernatural & paranormal, pure statistically impossible chance, high strangeness, and of the arcane & miraculous.I have witnessed GOD's presence, 100%, and as a matter of fact. As you join me in the retelling of these stories, expect to hear them just as I witnessed them: "UFO's"(angels/demons), ghostly encounters, multi-dimensional occurrences & OBE's, nature & animals, other profound events and other worldly objects I have witnessed in my immediate vicinity.