I've always suspected my brother's MinPin Kaiser had some star quality, and this impromptu video proves it. Here's some raw footage I shot of her in a playful mood a few days ago with a piano trio soundtrack and titles mixed in with iMovie.

I would like to submit this to the incel community as a possible anthem for them to head bang to. Perhaps it will provide a bit of healthy catharsis.

My older brother Carl has been deaf in one ear since birth, and I now believe through faith he can be healed. Just imagine! Visualize my brother waking up and suddenly recognizing that he can finally hear on both sides of his head!

This is a powerful prayer (starts at 1:12) that I adapted from *The Magic of Believing* (1948), by Claude M. Bristol, in which he recounts the story of a person who possessed a dead optic nerve had her sight restored in the "dead" optic nerve through power of faith in the "divine within" (subconscious). I actually like to think of the unconscious mind as our "Inner Angel," since it works for us 24/7, 365 days a year, regulating our heart, respiration, digestion, elimination, immune system, etc. without any conscious assistance from us.

There are countless accounts of people being healed, just as they were in the Bible, if we can cohere are thoughts and feelings and keep them in alignment until the healing manifests.

Thank you and blessings to all for watching this video and with your kind thoughts for my beloved brother Carl.

During the dark, post 9/11 days of the Bush administration, my friend Rich Paddock, bassist for our old live karaoke band The Street Karaoke Project, came up with the idea of bringing back live karaoke, but combining this proven success model with some of the political parodies I was writing at the time with a few covers, too, just to have fun and to show off all the different genres we could now pull off due to our two years with SKP. He came up with the eSKPee idea, since what we were really looking for was to ESCAPE the dreary totalitarian neoconservative nightmare we were all living through in those unsettling, war-filled days.

When Lydia Beth Leimbach (keyboards), Robin Toye (drums), and Michael Rains (guitar) joined us, it was like a dream come true for me personally. I had always wanted to have a fuller sound with more options for arranging and expanding our tonal palette; with five pieces, the eSKPees were also about ESCAPING limitations!

Fortunately for us, our friend Michael had an analog recording studio in his basement at the time, where he was often busy recording local bands who couldn't afford the regular studios in town; what a loving and generous-hearted soul he was, and is! Michael offered to record these seven songs for us at no charge, and we all dove in to the project with enthusiasm and and intense desire to ROCK!

For this 15th Anniversary edition, I decided to honor my sorely-missed friend Rich Paddock and remaster these tunes as if was picking the equalization settings; naturally, he would want to hear himself a bit better, so I upped the bottom a bit. Then I just added a bit of compression to even out the sound and make it more "present" and in your face. Play loud for optimum listening pleasure!

Many thanks to my ultra-talented and loving friends who selflessly helped me to make this recording a reality! And thank YOU, too, dear reader, for giving our little musical project a listen!

The eSKPees are:
Lydia Beth Leimbach: keyboards, backing vocals on tracks
Michael Rains: rhythm guitar, lead vocals on track 3, engineer, co-producer.
Rich Paddock: bass, backing vocals on tracks 1 and 4, lead vocal on track 6.
Robin Toye: drums
Greg Hohnholt: lead guitar, backing vocals on track 3, lead vocals on tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7, lyrics to tracks 1, 4, 5, and 7.

1) Rise and Fight! (lyrics: G. Hohnholt, music R. Bachmann, C.F. Turner)
2) Chantilly Lace (J.P. Richardson)
3) All Day and All of the Night (Ray Davies)
4) G.O.P. Cretin Hop (lyrics: G. Hohnholt, music by the Ramones)
5) Commandoes 2004 (lyrics: G. Hohnholt, music by the Ramones)
6) What a Wonderful World (B. Thiele, G.D. Weiss)
7) Corp'rate Owned Radio (lyrics: G. Hohnholt, music by E. Costello)

Rockin' out for Easter!

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. As with all my videos I refuse monetization and the content of this video is purely for educational purposes only. There is no intent to profit with the content of this video.

Take 1 of YMSK (from "The Alternative Magical Mystery Tour" bootleg) consisted of Paul playing piano and singing lead vocal, with Ringo accompanying on drums. Taking this raw track, I overdubbed McCartney's bass part and John Lennon's guitar part, as well as the organ part (not sure who played that). I edited these three bits in this video to demonstrate how the Beatles built tracks up in the studio.

There is an additional organ part towards the end of the master take of YMSK, but that wasn't included in the transcription I was using, so it is not included here. My apologies.

Swingin' 3/4 spy jazz rock!

Here's my arrangement of the guitar/bass parts for the opening theme of the 1965 TV show with Robert Culp and Bill Crosby.

In this Good Morning America broadcast, Stacy Lippel, a teacher at Marjory Douglas gives eyewitness testimony (she was even nicked by a live bullet) regarding the appearance of the shooter. She testifies that he was dressed in full body armor and Lippel thought he was a cop and wondered what the hell he was doing walking up and down the hallways shooting into classrooms through the little rectangular windows in the doors.

There is no way that the shooter could have been Nikolas Cruz because according to the timeline provided by the Broward County PD, Cruz arrived at the school in an Uber ride, and started shooting within two minutes of arriving. There is no way someone can haul a full body armor suit in an Uber car, and then squeeze into it in two minutes. Besides, another student witness, Alexa Miednik, testified that she was talking to Cruz when the shooting started and that he wasn't carrying a gun or dressed in body armor.

Since we can discern from this testimony that Cruz is probably not the shooter, who was? Why aren't they showing us the surveillance camera footage? Even with the Columbine shooting, stills were provided clearly showing Klebold and Harris were the shooters; why not provide stills showing Cruz is the real killer?


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