Monday's Historic 2nd Amendment Rally went off without a hitch, and opened my eyes to how jaded and defensive I'd become. Americans came together with a common goal and no one was going to stop them. Patriotism is alive and well in America.

The media, the FBI and the Virginia State Government are planning something Evil at the 2nd Amendment Rally in Virginia later today. My advice is to not go to this Rally, but if you do, keep your eyes open, look out for anything out of ordinary and stay safe.

Democrat controlled states across the nation are supporting criminal activity while cracking down on Law Abiding Citizens. Virginia's Black Face Governor Northam and his Socialist Democrat majority are pushing his states Gun owners to the breaking point with help of a corrupt Judiciary and the criminals at the FBI. We must stand strong against the insane leftist tyrants trying to burn our Country down.


Security experts now say Russia HACKED Ukrainian Gas Company Burisma and Hillary Rotten Clinton and the MSM losers have wasted no time running with the Fever Dream that Putin ordered the hacking to Help Trump. It's 2016 all over again.


After the FISA Report was released in December it wasn't long before everyone saw that IG Horowitz betrayed the Constitution and the American People by announcing no Criminal referrals would come out of the 17 FISA Abuses detailed in his report. Now the DOJ & FBI have announced a deep state goon is in charge of reforming how the FBI & FISA Court spy on Americans. We truly live in Bizarro World!


The DOJ has decided to recommend Gen. Flynn spend time in Prison for refusing to "accept responsibility" for his actions, while Huber and Sessions have been outed for setting up a Fake Investigation of the Clinton Foundation.
FBI Analyst sentenced to prison for protecting Mueller.

Iran launched a rocket attack on to Iraqi bases that housed American, Canadian and Australian Troops. At this time there's no reports of casualties. Iran has said they've concluded the attacks in response of killing their General. This is my opinion on how the US should respond.

The American people have voted to put America First, but leave it to weak corrupt Republican Governors to do everything in their power to bring it all to a screeching halt. 18 GOP Governors have sent letters stating their intent to flood their states with so called "refugees". This will put a strain on local resources and destroy trust in Republicans for years to come.

States and Governors:

Doug Ducey, Arizona

Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas

Brad Little, Idaho

Eric Holcomb, Indiana

Kim Reynolds, Iowa

Larry Hogan, Maryland

Charlie Baker, Massachusetts

Mike Parsons, Missouri

Pete Ricketts, Nebraska

Chris Sununu, New Hampshire

Doug Burgum, North Dakota

Mike DeWine, Ohio

Kevin Stitt, Oklahoma

Kristi Noem, South Dakota

Bill Lee, Tennessee

Gary Herbert, Utah

Phil Scott, Vermont

Jim Justice, West Virginia

Today has once again shown the MSM, Democrats, and Hollywood will always take the side of America's enemies. Here's a quick timeline of what's happened in Iraq over the last week and my opinion on the Libtard reaction.

Sources are reporting that the American Embassy in Iraq, often referred to as the Green zone in is under attack and that they have breached one of the gates


It's finally happening... Just kidding.
How much time do you think an FBI Analyst will spend in prison for abusing his power to protect Mueller and destroy an everyday American? Hint: It's all a f#€king Joke.


With a booming economy lowest unemployment in 50yrs, tax cuts, prison reform and new trade deals coming online, Democrat Presidential candidates are failing to gain traction.

Trying to do a non political video is almost impossible today. Even Videogames can't escape the insanity of the Climate Change worshippers on the Left.


Today is the day Democrats have been drooling over since they lost the 2016 election.

As Purdue Pharma is inundated with State and Federal Lawsuits, the Company has paid out Billions to the family that owns the Company. All while the FDA gets away Scott free. If we don't change the structure and oversight of the FDA thousands more Americans will die while Government Officials and the Companies they conspire with get rich.


California Gov. Newsom rejects PG&E's 13 Billon dollar settlement for victims of Wildfires. Allows 11 billion dollar deal to pay insurance companies and City Governments to go ahead in his quest to make PG&E a state owned entity. Pray for the people of California.

The House Judiciary has approved 2 Articles of Impeachment against President Trump by Party line vote. Next Wednesday it will be brought to the Floor for a full House vote. Should Republicans quickly acquit the President or hold a full trial?

In the day since the FISA Report was released I've seen 3 distinct groups form around what the Report really means. Let's talk about the fallout and figure out a way to come together and fight the DeepState.

It's looking like Adam Schiff may have lied or been given false info about Phone Records of political rivals he released in the Impeachment Report. Also Lindsey Graham say he won't make Schiff testify because, "He doesn't want to turn the Senate into a Circus" WTF!

Adam Schiff has been an enemy of President Trump and a cheerleader for first The Russia Probe and now The Ukraine Scandal.
He led the basement meetings that morphed into the current Impeachment Scam in the House of Representative's
Schiff is a proven Liar and Leaker that needs to be removed as Chairman of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.


California's Governor sues the Trump Administration over its plan to pump more water to Farmers. Says fish are more important and calls Farmers Political allies of the President. WTF!

Bloomberg News Pledges Not To Investigate Democratic Presidential Candidates, but will continue to investigate the Trump Administration.

Pope Francis Tells Japanese people, “Using nuclear weapons is immoral,” while condemning the US bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Even though they saved Millions of lives.


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