Entering my first powerlifting competiton at age 48.

Special thanks to Coach Travis and the Functional Strength Barbell Team for all their support.

Being my first competition you will see it took a few lifts to get right with ref commands and rules, but once I get the hang of the flow, it all comes together.

How I prepared my lift plan for the May 7th open meet, IPF rules.

I'll be competing in Masters 1, 120kg+

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This is how I use Google Sheets to track my workout progress.

This is my first attempt at voice and screen capture, Im sure my 2 subscribers don't much care if the sound quality is not ideal.

There is a public version of my sheet you can use for yourself:

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Previous best, 500 lbs

48 y/o, April 16, 2018, competing in two weeks


Decided to test all my lifts prior to competing May 5th. This way I can maximize my last few weeks of training. New PRs have been set and I am feeling stoked and ready.

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My journey into competitive powerlifting at age 48.