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Another awesome snowy trail ride at Days River. Thank you so much to all the volunteers that keep these trails going. (12-23-20)

Taking a rip through the trails in early spring can bring all the conditions on one ride. Some places might have water crossings even lol. (4-24-20)

Doin a quick little ride on the minibike. These things are relatively cheap and super fun to get out and bomb around on. (8-20-22)

After all these attempts at manualing I'm beginning to wonder if I have the wrong geometry for me. I have done a few decent manuals but I don't have them in my tool box per say. The other huge problem I have with learning new tricks is that I'm lacking consistency on the BMX. It is my least ridden bike. Regardless of the struggles to learn the manual and 180 make no mistake I still have a blast every time I'm on this bike. (9-18-20)

Wether it's winter or summer if you see a jump you hit a jump lol. I sure have gotten alot of good use out of this bike. (12-21-19)

Heading back into town from Pioneer Trail Park I take a few short cuts and end up on a dirt trail. This bike is a nice little cruiser. (11-20-21)

Nice socks! LOL (7-16-23)

One of the early winter rides on the Esky snow trails. It's always fun especially if you hit the right conditions. (3-21-20)

We usually get a few weekends a year where you don't need ORV stickers to be legal on the trails. This was one of those weekends. Good ole Crash Gore Don learned how to put his 4 wheeler in 2 wheel peel and whip some shitties! (8-22-23)

Taking a hitch to good ole main street. This bike is still nice and quiet. I do miss the ratchet sound of the cassette I used to have on it though. Still a great bike considering I bought it in 2019. (7-30-23)

Heading back into town from a nice winter ride here. I always try to take the trails, backroads, alleys, and lesser travel roads. That is exactly why I love my fatbikes. They are ready for anything! (1-8-20)

We had a nice ride through the Esky trails. Gordon died at least once and I'm sure I had a few close calls. Any good adventure has a little bit of danger. Keep riding! (3-28-21)

It's good practice to ride a wheelie at the beginning of a ride to make sure ya still got it! (4-15-22)

At the end of the ORV trail we found a pit to mess around in. Naturally we had to see where a few of these trails led to. (7-30-23)

Tryin to give her the beans a bit here. I still didn't beat my best time until a bit later in the year. (7-30-23)

Most of the time I ride BMX at night. It makes things harder to see for jumping and other things. For 2024 I will try to ride this bike more in the daylight. That may be what I need in order to progress a bit more. (10-1-22)

This capped off a 40 mile ride on the Iron Ore Heritage trail from Marquette to Ishpeming. Unfortunately the "Mossy Trail" is no longer there. But I do believe there are plans for another version nearby when the construction ends that is currently going on. (9-19-21)

Riding the Days River trail with good ole Crash Gore Don here. We both have Grizzly ebikes. He always gets more range because I'm a member of husky nation lol. (4-6-21)

This was a creative spot to launch my drone from. I'm still working on a good way to fit my controller to the handlebars safely. Once I get that we'll have some cool riding footage. (7-16-23)

Crash Gore Don and I exploring the ORV trails during this summer adventure. These bikes are a blast!

Getting out there and seeing a few things is what it's all about. These 4 wheelers got some serious range and the 4 wheel drive allows us to go through quite a bit of rough terrain. (7-30-23)

Riding with an old friend on a nice fall day. It's not often I get to see two of my bikes on the trail at the same time but here it is lol. (10-11-20)

Yes it can! All wheel drive baby! Beautiful spring day where I head straight to lake Michigan on the ebike. (5-30-21)

Don't mind the chubby guy. Check out that bikepacking rig! Lake Michigan looks pretty nifty from up above too! (7-9-23)

One of my trips towards the nice area of Hardwood Michigan here. The farther you get from a city or town the more laid back and nice the atmosphere is in my opinion. This 4 wheeler gets really good mileage off a tank of gas too so it's great for exploring. (10-7-23)


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