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Carnage: Swallowing the Past.
A mockumentary set in 2067 Britain, where meat, eggs and dairy are outlawed. In this brave new world, animals roam free, and there is no such thing as veganism, only “carnism”.

She's just too good. Dumbstruck as usual, with this priestess of poets.

from Q&A on ABC Feb.2017

Kate Tempest with an excellent accompanying video.

Europe is lost. America. Lost.
Video by Manuel Braun

Excellent intimate gig in Bristol 18-10-2016
Shaky handheld memories are better than nought..

Let them eat Chaos.

A call to you all. PLEASE LISTEN - and share if you will. Poetry on the TV is short in supply - & this quality is hard to find anywhere.. please click & watch & if you haven't got tears in your eyes at the end, then maybe I am living alone, in a Matrix. Firstly I beg your pardon for my keen but lacklustre entreaty, she inspires me:

You tube-viewers can wait to see - but I plea, pray, play immediately.
Hope you agree - unflinching she, hits the nail on the head,
Definitely deadly accuracy,
Deftly delivering, a cure, us, see;
hail, hear and heed, Enjoy the Tempest,
word whirlwind, take a lead and with me, storm
those establishment battlements; unconditionally.

.. and if you find it hard going - cannot cope with the astounding delivery and want to give up - I urge you to stay with it - or skip to the climax approx 46.30m in - because you / she / we - are worth it.
She I think is one of the reasons for hope, one of the chances for looking at the future with a glimmer of positivity. Haven't been bowled over by an artist like this for a long time - and only just.. in time.
Big UP! to Kate. - and thanks to the BBC for the excellent prog.

Uploaded to YouTube for peeps abroad.

Picture a Vacuum.
Storming the Establishment battlements,a word whirl wind sacrament. Blowing the ills, on showing good will, spelling true human fulfilment out - louder than a shout for revolution. The evolutionary Kate Tempest.
Massive Attack killed it, Kate Tempest stole it - This is her new piece (as much as I have) from the Bristol gig up on the downs: 03.09_2016It was a last minute decision to record - hand held, perched on the wet ground with inadequate view - plus my silly camera only records 12m stretches at a time - I even started in portrait & rotated to landscape after half a dozen minutes - SO shambolic. Anyway, I've stitched 'em together - to present a wobbly incomplete sneaky-preview of her latest poem. 'Picture A Vacuum'In one word - Superb!
We all grew a little - and no, it wasn't just the torrential rain.
Pre-order her new album 'Let them eat Chaos' now; I have! http://shop.lexrecords.com/products/let-them-eat-chaos-digitalhttp://www.katetempest.co.uk/

Radio Bristol interview on John Darvall show
7th March 2013
Please contact 'Find Murphy' facebook page
should you have any information.

BBC ONE 2013-03-07 18-25
Points West article on Murphy

Seize the Day spot within 'The Campaign Show' on Beeb News channel with a song about the forthcoming UK general election.
Interviewed by Max Cotton.
Broadcast on 6th April 2010


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Eclectic rather than organised. Supporting a DIY approach to revolution and overthrowing the current paradigm, oh and fun.