It provides hair Strength & Regrowth that is formulated to prevent hair loss and thinning. It supports scalp health and regeneration of follicles, stimulating regrowth. Packed with vitamins A, C, and E, it invigorates hair strength and vitality, enabling volume and shine.

For Oil Balance & Youthful Suppleness that is formulated to deeply hydrate and nourish, promoting skin repair and renewal. Nutrient-rich, it has soothing and toning properties that calm acne and breakouts. Rich with anti-oxidants, it clears the complexion, fades fine lines and firms up skin tone. It controls oiliness, minimizes pores and smoothens skin texture.

For Lightening Dark Circles & Destressing that is formulated to enhance hydration and microcirculation for nourishing and healing the sensitive skin around the eye area. Anti-ageing and revitalising, it reduces dark circles and discoloration. Destressing, it curbs facial strain and fatigue, infusing radiance and freshness.

It protects cells from free radicals, deeply detoxifies liver and kidneys, and enables smooth digestion, assimilation and elimination. It prevents from infections, builds immunity and curbs allergic reactivity. It alleviates joint pains in arthritis. It has anti-ageing properties that bring vigor and youthfulness. It addresses skin disorders like acne and rashes. It enhances the body’s resilience to stress.

It reduces the risk of fracture as well as muscle stress, especially after workouts. It accelerates healing and restoration of broken bones, ligaments, and tendons. With better uptake of calcium and other minerals, it increases bone mass and mineralization. It helps in healing from arthritic and rheumatic concerns and relieves swelling, pain, and inflammation. It improves joint flexibility and mobility.

It helps in the digestion of fats and proteins, boosting immunity and metabolism. A protective and nourishing superfood rich in antioxidants, it is also a valuable source of potassium, calcium, and magnesium among others. It improves energy as well as brain and nerve functioning, supporting physical and mental health.

It helps in the digestion of fats and proteins, boosting immunity and metabolism. A protective and nourishing superfood rich in antioxidants, it is also a valuable source of potassium, calcium, and magnesium among others. It improves energy as well as brain and nerve functioning, supporting physical and mental health.

It has protective antioxidant properties and bioactive nutrients that support weight loss and overall detoxification. Anti-inflammatory, it supports heart health and builds immunity. It reduces signs of aging and stimulates skin renewal and rejuvenation. It regulates cholesterol and enhances blood circulation. It is beneficial for brain and neural health. It eases inflammation and supports muscle tone. It lowers stress, burns fat and speeds up metabolism.

This mud face pack is formulated with natural ingredients such as Fuller's Earth, Flax Seeds, Almonds, Sandalwood oil, Coconut, Chickpea, Turmeric, Saffron, Kaolinite, Lemongrass Oil, Orange, and Pistachios. The combination of these natural ingredients makes radiance face cream more effective. This mud mask is power-packed with many beneficial properties to firm the skin and provide integrity and elasticity to the skin.
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Indulge yourself in the Purity and Exuberance of Mother Nature, as we take you on a journey of Authentic Ayurveda with Premium Organics and zero synthetics.
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It invigorates memory and learning ability. It has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that help fight infections, reduce yeast like candida and protect from pain and muscle soreness. Cardio-stimulant, it reduces triglycerides and bad cholesterol. Anti-diabetic, it helps regulate blood sugar and flushes out toxins. It eases inflammation like in sinusitis. It prevents hair loss and supports skin health. It improves blood circulation and builds immunity.

Anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-carcinogenic, it builds immunity and is cardio-protective. It is useful in protecting brain health and improving learning and long-term memory. It helps reduce photo-aging and pigmentation. Modern science corroborates its great role in protecting our cells and integrating its use in cancer protection therapies.

Nutritive properties with a range of vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, and anti-oxidants. It nourishes muscle tissues and strengthens bones. It reduces pain and swelling. It also supports heart and eye health. It enhances digestive power as well as cholesterol metabolism. A powerhouse of nutrition, it boosts energy levels in a sustainable way. It enhances immunity and wellbeing.

That strengthens the body’s immunity and vitality. A diuretic, it helps in dissolving urinary crystals and combats urinary tract infections. It detoxifies kidneys and liver. It is beneficial for gastrointestinal health. A powerful anti-aging tonic, it empowers stamina, supports heart health, aids digestion, regulates blood pressure and reduces stress and anxiety.

That helps maintain optimal cardiovascular health. A most effective herb in preventive heart care, it helps lower high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar. It supports the cleansing and efficient functioning of the lymphatic system. Rich in antioxidants, it protects against damage from toxins and carcinogens. It enhances vigor and immunity overall.

The entire body. It supports the health of the respiratory tract, digestive system, nerves, and memory. With anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, it counters respiratory tract infections and inflammation in the body. Imbued with excellent immunity-enhancing power, it provides strength to the heart muscles and protects against stress. It is packed with superior anti-oxidant and anti-fungal qualities. It fights oxidation and protects against carcinogens. It boosts bone healing and strength. It nourishes overall wellbeing for the body, mind and spirit.

It calms inflammation, eases constipation, enables detoxification and reduces heartburn. It has a beneficial effect on gut and heart health. It stimulates liver and spleen functions. Its anti-oxidant properties support skin and hair health. It enables overall detoxification and weight loss. It is helpful in the management of diabetes, blood sugar and cholesterol. It improves immunity.

It hastens the skin’s natural healing and renewal process with regard to recovery from injuries and wounds. It empowers immunity, cognition, memory, and mood. Its resveratrol content helps reduce allergic reactivity. It counters fungal infections, especially candida and yeast. It aids in weight loss and supports bone and heart health. It alleviates pain and swelling, including in case of haemorrhoids. It strengthens collagen elasticity, thus improving the appearance of skin and flexibility of joints.

It has strong anti-inflammatory and cell-protective properties. A versatile herb, it helps address a range of auto-immune disorders as also inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, bronchitis, and colitis. It reduces pain and swelling and also fights flu. With anti-proliferative properties, it is considered to combat tumor cells and protect against cancer.

That energises body and mind. It curbs stress, improves brain function and memory. It improves joint flexibility and enhances muscle strength. It empowers metabolism and sustains overall strength, stamina and immunity

That is formulated to curb depressive tendency that translates as stress and anxiety, persistent sadness and melancholy, loss of mood and zest and overall physical and mental debility. It stimulates healthy neurotransmission and brain function, boosting positive outlook and energy levels. With relaxing and sedative action, it provides relief in conditions of hypertension, vertigo, aches, pains, and insomnia.

That is formulated to rejuvenate kidney function. Detoxifying and invigorating, it enhances blood purification and removal of cellular waste. It upholds the balance of fluids, vital salts and electrolytes, essential for regulating blood pressure and tissue coordination. It protects against the stone formation and kidney malfunction. It guards against urinary tract infections. It boosts immunity and builds bone health.

That is formulated to stabilize thyroid function and balance hormonal activity. It alleviates thyroid symptoms like fatigue, weakness, aches, exhaustion, sluggish metabolism and low immunity. Detoxifying and therapeutic, it improves metabolism for energy, balance, and wellbeing.

that is formulated for overall pain relief as in body and arthritic aches, muscle strain, nerve pain, low back pain, sciatica, soreness and swelling. It has powerful anti-inflammatory action and curbs exhaustion, stress and fatigue. With healing action, it restores vitality and wellness.
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That is formulated to support and stimulate collagen production for skin vitality inside and outside. With powerful anti-aging action, it clears the complexion and brings youthful suppleness. It fights the signs of aging, curbs oxidative damage and stimulates cell renewal. It also strengthens arteries, curbs bone loss and counters joint pain.


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