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who funded Barbara?

hoogmoed komt voor de val

What we really need is
no soldiers, no authority (authority only exist if you give your power away)
no self proclaimed (mis)leaders.

but reconnect us to spirit


The nazi having an exercise..exercise become real in life, just like fake covid They are afraid and taking precautions to defend themselves(the psychopaths, satanic pedophiles childtrafficking globalists)

Nether"land" is not runned by Rutte, but by WEF-nazi's. Rutte and all the politician are puppets of WEF..they all lie to the pple. ALL..

Hollow Phrases such as MAGA, Arbeit macht Frei and they do it again....with Impfen macht Frei.
Wetiko, the Mind-Virus That Plagues Our World
How to break free from the collective mind parasite of wetiko? Get rid of all the parasites. Remove the source that causes the mesh in the whole world

Does the video not play? Another link to the animation

Computer virus, Neil Ferguson, jab caused all kind of diseases, damages the nervous system,
If you can not play this is also on this site (full HD)



Any jab pushed by government should raise questions.
All of the government, the top police, the mayors, schoolboards, mainstream media are all bought. The psychopaths: Cabal, Bilderberg, high ranking Freemasons, Blackrock, Vatican, vanguard, Rothschilds IMF, banksters, and lots of other councils pulling the strings.
Governments and all others are just stupid morrons used by the psychopaths

There goal ...they dont need pple...they have robots for everything
Pple are a plague in the eyes of these psychopaths

see also for more info:
georgia guide stone
codex Alimentarius
DEW fires
seeding clouds..thinking of Tartarian mudflood

What is your perception of reality?
Still believe everything you see?

Former United States Assistant Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts reveals that the Central Banks are using Convid to take over the national sovereignty of nations


nazi Klaus Schwab
Doctor Yuval Noah Harari and Schwab all Wetiko evil
hacking humans

Part 2

part 1
The Covid Religion
Insanity all over the world


Oprah Winfrey

How are "vaccination" chemtrails, Morgellon, GMO and transhumanism connected?

Toen de Russen besloten het stuk bezet Duitsland terug te geven zodat Duitsland herenigd kon worden hebben ze de belofte gekregen dat NAVO geen cm. verder naar het Oosten zou uitbreiden.

Down syndrome, vergifspuit

more about chromosome 8

Trudeau Ottawa

Ottawa 2,5 million motivating demonstration. Chris Sky


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