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In this birding adventure we explore the beach city of El Tunco, El Salvador. I saw some amazing birds and really enjoyed my time there!

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The Bell's Vireo has a unique song. It is often heard but hard to spot.

In this video we explore the tropical highlands of El Salvador. I saw some amazing birds and had a great time!

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In this birding adventure we explore another birding hotspot in Sonsonate, El Salvador. I was surprised of how many birds were at this location!

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Look at the bill on this flycatcher!

In this episode on the Birding Voyage we explore the area of Sonsonate in El Salvador. This was the first day of a multi week excursion from El Salvador to the US. I saw some awesome birds and visited some cool spots.

On day 5 of our trip we entered Guatemala and I saw another incredible Kingfisher!

It was awesome to see the national bird of El Salvador while I was there. The Turquoise-browed Motmot!

In day 4 of my El Salvador Birding Adventure my favorite bird was a Collared Aracari. I was able to get pretty close and get a great look at it!

In this video I go over my Texas trip in April 2023. I cover the costs and my total trip and life bird count. It was an amazing trip!

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A really cool woodpecker!

Finally got my lifer Green Kingfisher!

In this Birding Voyage episode we explore the Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park and the National Butterfly Garden. Bentsen-Rio was a lot bigger than I expected. I saw some great species and really enjoyed my time there.

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0:00-2:48 Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park
2:49-5:18 National Butterfly Garden

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In this Bird Spotlight we look at a California Thrasher eating berries in San Diego. It is one of my favorite shots of a California Thrasher.

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In this Bird Breakdown we look at some of the differences between the Eared Grebe and Horned Grebe. Thanks for watching!

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In this Birding Voyage adventure we explore the Brownsville, TX area. In one day I went birding at the Sabal Palm Sanctuary, Old Port Rd, Laguna Atascosa & Port Isabel Reservoir. I saw a lot of birds and added a few to my life list. It was an awesome day!

0:00-4:35 Sabal Palm Sanctuary
4:36-6:10 Old Port Rd
6:11-7:10 Laguna Atascosa
7:11-8:57 Port Isabel

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In this short video we explore Bolivar Flats in East Texas. It is an amazing birding hotspot!


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