While multiple "gatekeepers" will continuously babble on about the threats from China and the "CCP", what they consistently fail to mention is who is really behind all the evil we are experiencing with the COVID scamdemic. Hopefully, this short video will clear things up immediately.
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Some very disturbing footage but people need to know! Mirrored from:

Jews are becoming more and more bold,talking openly now about their rabid agenda to destroy whites. They are not hiding it anymore. It is out in the open.

This video was originally posted on jewtube but the link is no longer working and the video has been censored (surprise)! A local news stations asked people to report on UNVAXXED loved ones that became sick and died and instead they got hammered with hundreds of thousands of people saying they lost loved ones to the jab.

Jeanice Barcelo interviewed by Mallificus and Giuseppe, Operation Scorpio, Revolution Radio - Sept. 2021

In the words of John Kaminski: This man was beloved by his people. You can't convince me otherwise. When I watch these photographs of Adolf Hitler showing genuine love and respect to the adoring children of Germany, I can't help but reflect on the millions of innocent German and Japanese civilians murdered by depraved American, British and Russian bombs, left so many in puddles of blood on obliterated streets ruined by the evil forces of Jewish moneylenders.

When I see the love reflected back to a genuine leader truly working for the welfare of his people, I can't help but reflect on the behavior of America's perverted presidents executing the heartless policies of their kosher overlords: Joe Biden salaciously molesting any little girl who happens to cross his path (and his son Biden filming himself with random prostitutes); Donald Trump posing happily with the famous procurer Jeffrey Epstein amongst a bevy of paid-for young ladies; Barack Obama living with a man posing as a woman borrowing friends' children to pretend he's a family man; George W. Bush sneaking a Marine bodybuilder into the White House overnight for God knows what kind of twisted antics; and Bill Clinton riding the Epstein Express 26 times and getting blowjobs in the White House while his wife Hillary frolicked in beds of blood with her latest lover. . . and the list goes on.

Lost in history are the words of deliberately murdered Gen. George Patton: "We killed the wrong people."

Unconscious Americans utterly fail to fathom their own shame.

John Kaminski

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Jeanice Barcelo with Lorenzo from The New Agora discussing how to protect ourselves from wireless radiation.

BANNED VIDEO - 2019 Interview with Vinny Eastwood and Jeanice Barcelo

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Brother Nathanael at this finest. Source link here:

Her life is destroyed. This is horrid.

I appreciate jewish rabbis that actually tell The Truth about what the Jews did in Germany that contributed to Hitler's rise to power. Short video that speaks volumes! Satanic Jews are doing the exact same thing in America today. Americans beware.

Dr. Carol Baker (who obviously LOOKS white, but is not white, and is therefore a chameleon JEW, suggests getting rid of all whites in order to obtain higher levels of vaccine compliance.

Excellent short video!. The white race needs to wake up to who it is that seeks our destruction.
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Excellent short documentary that reveals true history about American slavery. Mirrored from

They actually brag about their attempt to destroy humanity. No shame. No guilt. No remorse. Just lies, lies, and more lies.

This audio-only interview took place in 2013 with Dr. Paul Byrne, 80+ year old neonatalogist blowing the whistle on the lies and the evil within the medical establishment. There is no such thing as "brain death". It is completely made up by medical psychopaths so that they can steal the organs of the most vulnerable people, murdering them in the most satanic and brutal way. This is a must listen.

Dr. Paul Byrne interviewed on Birth of a New Earth TV regarding organ theft of "brain dead" people and the satanic murder of unconscious patients in hospitals.

Jews do not like it when you tell the Truth about them. This is an extremely important documentary about a plague within the jewish community.

Seems to me this rabbi is telling it like it is and that this explains the problem with the jewish race. Many (perhaps all of them) are not fully human.

JC KAY interviews JEANICE BARCELO: From Satanic Takeover of our Natural Birthing Process to "The Birth of a New Earth"

This is a very explosive, controversial, and triggering interview. It was extremely powerful and moving to me, as you will see me speak about my own personal traumas, after feeling very overwhelmed by Jeanice's mindblowing information about chilbirth and trauma. We are a heavily traumatised civilisation, and this trauma is inflicted daily through every new birth. You will learn how the Satanic Cabal has infiltrated EVERYTHING, from conception to the entire birthing process. You have never heard information like this before! This video is about bringing trauma to consciousness, and then healing it by returning to love.

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Jeanice Barcelo on the Mark Atwood show - December 2020

WARNING - Graphic Content. Some viewers may consider childbirth “pornographic.” If you are one of these people, this video is not for you.
Notice how happy these mothers are! Notice how happy the dads are too! Notice how calm the babies are and that their siblings are present for their birth.


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