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Big events may be planned by the dark side for the April 8 solar eclipse. Heads-up friends. Please prepare.

On March 7, 2024, I sat down and chatted with Ingri Cassel about circumcision and its impact on the male psyche. We also discussed birth trauma, mind control, ritual abuse, wireless radiation, hospital birth vs. home birth, the importance of breastfeeding, the importance of the father's role during the childbearing year, and much more!

I decided to try my hand at creating a podcast with substack. Monika and Alfred Schaefer were my first guests. Alfred was recently released from the gulag where he spent 6 months in jail for daring to raise his arm in the Zieg Heil salute (hail victory) that is so popular amongst National Socialists. Both Alfred and Monika have spent time in jail for telling the truth about the holohoax and exposing other jewish lies. Please do give a listen.

Program Starts March 15, 2024. For more info about the 20-week program, please visit:

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Also see: The list of 1030 expulsions available as free download at The Complete List Of The 1030 Jewish Expulsions In Human History : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive --

Dear friends, I recently came across the important work of Dr. Roland Guenther who has created a homoepathic remedy for the healing of ultrasound damage in autistic children.  This remedy, along with the information Dr. Guenther shares, needs to spread far and wide as it confirms the damage that ultrasound is causing, yet there are non-invasive ways this damage can be reversed.

For a full description of what people experienced while taking this remedy, please visit my substack and subscribe:

Please pardon the low quality of the audio. I'm not sure why it came out so bad.

Sorry - no Christmas trees allowed! No Christmas carols allowed in schools! Do not say Merry Christmas as this is offensive. But it is not offensive for the Jewish Talmud to say that Jesus is boiling in a vat of semen and excrement for the rest of eternity.
So what is this Hanukkah celebration really all about? Listen up friends. This is information everyone ought to know. David Duke sums up the facts honestly and eloquently. All non-jews would be wise to listen to what this man has to say.

I was just re-listening to a portion of this interview and see that it is definitely worth sharing here. Please do watch. We have been so lied to and I am 100% sharing the documented facts about this technology in this video.

I cannot help but think that this is 100% due to a frequency assault. Get ready friends! They are Coming in for the Kill:

I have to say, it really would give me a sense of satisfaction to see the creatures responsible for this hanging from lamp posts. Check this out! It’s happening now in the U.S. And those involved in the jewdicial system will pretend that these laws are legitimate. Makes me want to vomit.

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Look at all these "sweet" little children of the serpent seed. Aren't they so cute?

Hahaha! This man has BALLS and is running for President! BRAVO! Maybe I should go out and vote after all.

Their masks have totally dropped and they are now showing themselves for what they really are.
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Their Luciferian god commands them to wipe out the memory of non-Jews and destroy everything that reminds them of us.

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Jeanice Barcelo interviewed on The Crazz Files with Adam Crabb - July 28, 2023. Assisted reproductive technologies cost a fortune, have a 77% failure rate, and produce many damaged children and damaged marriages. Not only is the medical establishment using eggs from aborted human babies to make their IVF children, but they are also taking sperm from dead men and from men who are not dead but who have been declared "brain dead". Thanks to this wicked satanic industry, we also have ALOT of children now with jewish DNA since jewish "fertility doctors" are repeatedly getting caught using their own sperm to produce IVF and surrogate children. It's a very sick industry and I encourage people not to go near it.

For those who'd like to go deeper into this information, please check out this 2+ hour webinar:

Absolutely incredible how selective this "wild" fire was! Jewish assets left untouched. Properties belonging to the Hawaiian people incinerated with microwave weapons. Let's hope the Hawaiian people come together now to use their spiritual power (they are a VERY spiritually powerful people) to expel these filthy creatures from all of Hawaii and from the Earth. And let's gather the rest of Mankind to join with them in an intention to GET THESE CREATURES OFF THE EARTH.

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This is an excellent short video about the impact of reversing Roe v. Wade on the behavior and attitudes of pro-abortion liberals. Please watch.

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Stealing a newborn infant's placenta, umbilical cord and cord blood is BIG BUSINESS and has HUGE spiritual and physical ramifications for the child, including brain damage from hypoxia (lack of oxygen). This brain damage can contribute to the development of autism. See here for more info about that:

The cord blood belongs to the baby. It is the fluid that provides the baby with oxygen during and immediately after birth, and it contains vital nutrients and stem cells that the baby needs to live a healthy life. Yet they are stealing it, including the baby's stem cells, some of which are now being used to create embryos without sperm or egg. See here:

So not only are they are harvesting the vital life force energy of our babies and selling it off to extremely satanic forces, but they are seriously abusing and harming our babies which harm can be irreversible.

Isn't it time for the entire jewish-controlled medical establishment to collapse? It is 100% EVIL and has been harming us and our children for more than 100 years. Please see my website for more info:

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To view the full 2+ hour webinar on this important topic, please see here:

6 minutes of absolute TRUTH and oh so funny!
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Interview with Ayo Kimathi, author of "Jews are the Problem", available at We discuss the importance of whites and blacks refusing to be pitted against each other by the jew, and instead, stand together to confront the jewish menace and stop these creatures from destroying all of us and all life on Earth. A very important interview. HITLER WAS RIGHT!

This is Part 2 of a very deep conversation with Enna Reittort, author of Krivda, the Godtrix against the Matrix. A must listen for those concerned about the condition of humanity and our Earth and the impact of an alien force that has fed off of humans for centuries.

This is Part 1 of a very deep conversation with Enna Reittort, author of Krivda, the Godtrix against the Matrix. A must listen for those concerned about the condition of humanity and our Earth and the impact of an alien force that has fed off of humans for centuries.


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