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Major and Popular News Including News That Google and YouTube Hid and Deleted! This is all news that was previously published and broadcast but Google and the Silicon Valley Cartel hid these stories by deleting them, DNS dead-ending them, changing their link data, down-ranking them, deleting their metatags and hundreds of other server level dirty tricks that Google -YouTube-Alphabet-Silicon Valley Frat Boys get up to. Google -YouTube-Alphabet-Silicon Valley Frat Boys did this kind of hiding of the news and political idology manipulation manually and with conscious intent...which is 100% illicit and mostly illegal because they use public taxpayer resources and bribery of elected officials in order to exist.

Why can we say this about Google without fear? Because our peers have been trying to sue Google for years but Google bribes and "Demurrers" its way out of jury trials. If all of this ever got to a jury trial that the public could walk in and watch, Google would cease to exist shortly thereafter. Google will always file massive dismissal attempts against all of these Jury trial attempts but Google can never win that game. Over 4 billion people hate Google and it only takes one of them to get past the Dismissal Phase of a lawsuit against Google. Peter Thiel is not the only billionaire willing to fund legal actions for the public good.

We have acquired millions of pages of Court-ready evidence (And placed copies of it in thousands of reporters hands) that will expose Google's sinister little Coup and Cartel-like operations. We are just waiting for the right Plaintiff to get a solid court date for a Jury Trial that the entire world can watch. It will eventally happen... we can wait, and keep piling up the tips and evidence from Google's ex employees.