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Michael talks about a seriously awful car trip he had with his brother. Michael did fail to mention it was his fault his brother sexually attacked him!




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A classic Michael Rosen YouTube Poop?!?!

Thanks for Mad Mothz for giving me the motivation to do this and also for his great addiction to this video.


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He really shouldn't neglect his students as much as he does, but if I had students like Harrybo and Lydia, I'd probably treat them like crap too.

My goal is to be as good at this as poopers like MechaWeegee91 and CaptainPlums. It's a lofty goal, but maybe I'll reach it someday.

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My second Michael Rosen YTP and tie-in sequel to my first one. Here, Michael is called out to go into space, an obvious setup for an adventure.
This has had quite a few things cut and scrapped because there was so much in the video that it messed up the program and everything. I also created subtitles for the part where I forgot to lower the music volume, where I believe people have trouble catching every word (although with my choppy sentence mixing, subtitles should be compulsory!)

Songs used:
Title card for ThePlamzJoker: Donkey Kong 64 - Frantic Factory Boss
00:09: Spongebob Squarepants Production Music - Hawaiian Pussycat
00:44 & 04:42: Super Mario Galaxy 2 - World 5 Map
01:57: Spongebob Squarepants Production Music - The Mob
03:13: Goldeneye 007 (N64) - Aztec
04:14: Europe - Final Countdown
04:33: Donkey Kong 64 - Rocket Barrel Boost (Diddy's Jet Pack)
04:55: Donkey Kong 64 - Hideout Helm (first version)

The second chapter of my written story is available and you can read it here:
This was intended to be a long-term project to turn my entire Michael Rosen YTP story into literary form, but after losing a ton of work in 2014, it is unlikely I will ever finish this.

I do not own any of the music or trademarks in the video, including NASA. This video is a parody and falls under Fair Use protection laws.

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Michael Rosen goes on his Rat and Toenail filled adventure.

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Featuring the talents of the one and only ThePlamzJoker. Beware of spoilers in the comment section.

I've been working on this for almost 8 months, easily the longest I've ever worked on any video. But I think it was worth it in the end. (apologies if the music was a little loud in some parts)

Round 1:
Round 2:
Rio Rosen:
Royal Snatch:

ThePlamzJoker's Channel:
ThePlamzJoker's Tomato 3: (seriously, watch it if you haven't already)

Now then. Music timecodes.
0:00 "Halcyon + On + On" by Orbital (also my favorite song ever)
0:12 "Keep It In The Family (Orchestral)" by Hybrid
2:28 "Radian" by Air
4:25 Airship Theme from Super Mario Galaxy
4:32 "Nights Interlude" by Nightmares On Wax
5:11 "The Vindaloo Fetish Song" by me
6:08 "Dreaming Your Dreams (Orchestral)" by Hybrid
6:26 "Garden" from Submachine 9 OST
7:04 "Aftermath #7" by Aes Dana
8:40 "The Antikythera Mechanism" by BT
10:08 "Orbit Symphonic 8" by William Orbit
10:57 "Blackout (Orchestral)" by Hybrid
11:13 "Shiva" from Submachine 9 OST
12:39 "Neurobazaar" by Zircon
13:23 "Empire (Orchestral)" by Hybrid
14:12 "Ice Pick Mike" by Lalo Schifrin
14:47 "On The Way to San Mateo" by Lalo Schifrin
15:43 "Sea Chase"/"Break My Soul" by Hybrid
16:36 "Be Here Now" by Hybrid
17:11 "A Step Forward Into Terror" from Evangelion OST
17:38 "The First Snowfall" by Lalo Schifrin
18:50 "In Good We Trust" by Hybrid
19:22 "A Bright Day" by Gramatik
20:24 "So Here We Are" by Nightmares On Wax
21:23 "The Real Folk Blues" from Cowboy Bebop OST
(fun fact, I asked TPJ not to include music in his section so I could pick my own music choices)

Anyway, for those of you wondering, there will NOT be a MRvLL Round 4, however this is obviously not the end of my Rosen plotline. In fact I hope to upload stuff more often now that I finally got this big project out of the way. Thanks again (to most of you) for bearing with me over taking such a long time to release this!

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EDIT 9/22/17: HOLY SHIT 20K VIEWS!!! my "flagship" Michael Rosen YTP, a huge project that took me over 6 months. I was actually inspired by my own waifu dakimakura for this masterpiece, and you wouldn't believe how painful it was to render it! Good thing it's been uploaded exactly 4 months before Michael Rosen's birthday...

-Insane sentence-mixing? Check
-Use of the old Rosen sources? Check
-Use of the new Rosen sources? Check
-Realistic animation in smooth 60FPS? Check
-Realistic animation with "Drop Shadow"? Check
-Sentence-mixing in a foreign language? Check

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"Michael tells us a story about this time he found a map, leading him to a dangerous island far, far away...
Part 1 covers the troubles he encountered before he finally got there, as well as the preparations made for his latest adventure involving a strange treasure map..."

My fourth YouTube Poop already... and the longest one to date!
This turned out to be a longer Poop than I thought,
so I decided to make it a three-part story. (It began as a two-part story...)
The adventure will continue soon...

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I didn't really have any reason to do this, although the original was actually my personal favorite of my old Rosen poops, and I needed to get the YTP juices flowing again for a certain collab as I have gotten really out of practice not just on Rosen but on YTP in general. ...Alright, so I did have a reason. But point is this is the last HD remake I'm doing, I'm sure you all don't want me rehashing the same videos over and over.
The original is still up of course, you can watch it here:

Songs are "Down The Line" by Pretty Lights, "I Can See It In Your Face" by Pretty Lights, "Summer's Gone" by Pretty Lights, "Good Evening Mr. Hitchcock" by Gramatik, and "Phantoms Can't Hang" by Deadmau5.

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Here's my first attempt to make a YTP, and what better, overused source to use than good o'l Michael Rosen, I apologize if some of the jokes aren't that original or if it isn't that mindblowing and complex, keep in mind, I'm still a beginner at using Sony Vegas.

Likes, shares, and comments are appreciated :).

Song list:

0:56 / 6:05 Apocalypse - Jesper Kyd (Hitman: Blood Money OST)

1:54 This bit is extracted from one of Hitman: Absolution's many trailers.

2:21 Enclosure - TAPPY (Metal Gear Solid OST)

3:43 Willy Nilly - Vintage Stock Music (Production Music from Ren & Stimpy)

6:36 Granite - Pendulum (In Silico)

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He wanted a Wii... but they wouldn't let him.

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Second Rosen poop here!
I really enjoyed writing and making this one.
Hope you guys enjoy it as well.
"You guys" meaning "the five or six other people who'll see it."

Creator: Aris Boch
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Original description:
Mr. Rosen and Harrybo are given detention by the kindly yet strict Miss Badall, who is fed up with them misbehaving in her lessons ("fapping" to fictitious horses is not acceptable behaviour).

However, they break out of detention and escape. Miss Badall sets Rosenland's security forces on the pair, and chaos ensues. How will they escape, and how will Michael defeat his ruthless new nemesis, the psychotic Marshal Van Cleef? Watch and see...

My Facebook:
Hitler Parody Wiki info on me:

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I figured I should probably upload something instead of just playing Fallout 4 constantly. And working, but mostly playing Fallout 4 constantly. I have two more videos mostly completed, one of which uses Rosen's new videos.

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I think I'm getting the hang of this now...

Michael Rosen's family has mental problems

Song at the end: Meshuggah - Bleed

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230 subs is an enormous number...Thanks you all so much for your support :D ! See you in the next video! :DDD

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"Michael tells us a story about his insane parents
and one of their maniacal deeds involving a cafe in 1972..."

My third YouTube Poop, so sit back and enjoy.
Many hours of work went into this so I hope you all like it!
Was planning a shorter Poop for next time, but it could be even longer than this one... this is my longest poop to date, although my third.. (A viewer who doesn't know the term would be disgusted at that sentence...)

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The thumbnail for this video is FANTASTIC!

Michael shoves a cat into his brother's trousers, smuggles 20,000 pounds of bacon, and burries Harrybo's grandad.

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The midquel to Michael's Incredible Console Heist. It should help you to give an idea on how this series is gonna play out in the future.

Oh yeah, also, this is my entry for the annual Michael Rosen Birthday Collab, this year hosted by Mighteyes. My entry, unfortunately, didn't appear in the collab (I mean, part of it was my fault that I bent the rules a bit).
Anyway, you can view the whole thing here:

UPDATE: Fucking hell, 1,000 views already? And not even after two weeks? This is the fastest that one of my videos have grown since my YTP of Trump's inaugural address!
6/6/17: And now 2K views.

MAIN SOURCE: Michael Rosen's ever expanding collection of poems and stories (Obviously)

OTHER SOURCES (Holy crap this is a lot, even for me):
0:05: Francois Paul Aiche - The Opening (The Fifth Estate Trailer Music)
0:10: Kevin Macleod - Secret of Tiki Island
0:14: GETTIN' STICKY | cs188 Plays: Grapple (2015) (On cs188creations) (Audio Only)
0:36: Five Nights At Freddy's (For the power-down sound effect)
1:11: TelstarLogistics - The Michael Rosen Electrofunk Rap (256pi MIDI Cover)
2:22: The Clash - London's Burning
2:33 + 2:58: Douglas Holmquist - City Night (Does Not Commute OST)
3:15: AshCoolBro - Uptown Puffs
3:38: Tycho - Dive
4:17: Nicholas Hooper - Death of Sirius (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix OST)
4:35: DrHotelMario - The REAL Michael Rosen Rap
5:00: Douglas Holmquist - Suburb (Does Not Commute OST)
5:08: Michael Giacchino - We Can Still Stop Her (Inside Out OST)
6:00: X I X X - Cookie
6:05: who i'm voting for president (On CaseyNeistat)
6:08: The YouTuber Sacrifice (On Pyrocynical)
6:09: [YTP] CALL ME A LESBIAN! (Collab Entry) (On DizzyingKaleidoscope [This Channel])
6:21: MACINTOSH PLUS (Vaporwave song) (But you probably already knew what it is)
6:23: [YTP] Some Furries Explore Several Different Yiffing Methods (On DizzyingKaleidoscope [This Channel])
6:25: Coldplay's Interview With James Corden
6:38: Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend (Sped up)
7:07: Blues Image - Ride Captain Ride (Anchorman OST)
7:39: Zack Hemsey - Mind Heist (Inception Trailer Music)
8:04: SHOKK青 - You reposted in the wrong neighborhood

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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Original content belongs to 'plumface sama'

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So yeah, I'm not dead. I've just been working on finals and this. But mostly finals. But mostly this.
Probably my most vulgar poop so far. Hooray for milestones and such.

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Basically I'll make anything that is popular like Spongebob, King of the Hill, Billy Mays, a teaspoon of Gaston, maybe a dash of Michael Rosen as well as some other random ones like of movies, and just whatever the heck I want, ya know?

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Hey guys and gals. Thank you so much for helping me get this far. I can't believe it's been only four months since I started making Michael Rosen poops.
Next is Michael Plays Katawa Shoujo (and I'll probably upload a video I make for fun before that as I usually do when I get bored of working on a big video and need to let off steam)
The song at the beginning is "Kimi Dake no Tabiji" by Suara. It's the theme of the ps2 game for the Utawarerumono anime.
The other song is "Ordinary Day" by Great Big Sea.

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"A chunk a' poop in the mouth" is probably my favorite thing I've ever sentence spliced.


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