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Philippines Government committee votes in favor to launch investigation into over 327,000 unexplained excess deaths between 2021 and 2022.

President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, announces the launch of the EU's central bank digital currency (CBDC)—the digital euro—which will enable unelected technocrats at the ECB to program how, when, where, on what and by whom it can be spent, including the imposition of social credit, carbon allowance and vaccine passport systems.

And despite the lie that "cash is here to stay", you can be absolutely certain that megalomaniacal technocrats such as Lagarde have every intention of gradually phasing out cash altogether, so eventually people will be forced to use CBDCs whether they like it or not.

Justin Trudeau and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen have launched a “digital partnership…. to cooperate on cyber threats…. it will make us more efficient in the fight against crime and terrorism.”

How much of this digital surveillance will be aimed at regular citizens who disagree with the government, rather than at actual terrorists and criminals?

I seem to remember the Freedom Convoy protesters being labelled as terrorists and also having their bank accounts frozen. I have no reason to trust the Trudeau Liberals at this point; therefore, this “digital partnership” may not be as advertised.

In reality, who actually trusts Big Government to use digital surveillance responsibly? Not me.

An overview of Australia's Digital ID System - a secure, voluntary, convenient and inclusive way for Australians to verify their ID to access online services.

Alberta wants to be treated like Quebec who received over $14 Billion in equalization, almost what Alberta paid to Ottawa.
The Court ruled Justin Trudeau and S Guilbeault should stay out of provincial matters.

Former Blackrock portfolio manager, Ed Dowd (@DowdEdward), explains why every last remnant of your freedom depends on widespread rejection of CBDC.

"It is literally a prison planet."

"Once the central bank digital currency is linked to all your credit cards and bank accounts, then social controls can be implemented. If you're a dissenter like me, talking about truth, they shut you down."

Full episode:

The justification used to decimate Gaza, was all a lie and in fact, the IDF of Israel killed their own people.

The WEF's biggest fear is non compliance
Reject digital ID and do not comply or you will lose everything and become a slave.

Free energy of Ancient Civilizations. Just as traces of puddles of MERCURY were found under the pyramids in Egypt, objects using RED MERCURY were found INSIDE the pyramids and the tombs have not lost THEIR functions to this day?

Summary of the 23 days of protest, still ongoing. Evil WEF stretches its clawed hand into Spain. Pedro Sanches another WEF puppet like Macron or Truedau!
Terrible socialist repression. No media talks about it. We express support and respect to Spanish patriots, don't give up!

As soon as tomorrow, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s government will invoke the Sovereignty Act for the first time to declare Liberal Climate Fraud Minister Steven Guilbeault’s electricity regulations unenforceable in Alberta.
Let’s go!!

Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi's emotional address to the AfD faction at the German Parliament receives a rousing standing ovation and thunderous applause (Nov 12, 2023!)


"...The vaccination turned out to be the greatest blessing for the money and world's elites, for the pharmaceutical industry and politics. They could pursue their own interests, under the common slogan "Everything for public health", "everything for the well-being of the general public". To achieve this goal, they created the WHO. This non-democratically elected people, basically a private association that is in the process of gaining power over the healthcare system in the 190 Member States"

"Kevin McKernan (@Kevin_McKernan
) discovered that this crucial step of removal of plasmid DNA had not been carried out conscientiously. Huge amounts of plasmid DNA have been found in packaged form. This ensured their successful delivery to the cells. Kevin's discovery has now been confirmed in several other laboratories, Also in Germany. Large amounts of DNA contamination were found in all 27 batches examined so far. Four weeks ago, the Canadian medical authority even confirmed the discovery of plasmid DNA. However, the authority does not see this as a sufficient reason for to withdraw the approval. By the way, question for the interested public, has the responsible German authority, the Paul Ehrlich Institute of the Federal Ministry of Health carried out reliable scientific measurements? Question, answer, no. Not to this day."

"Who hasn't heard about the mysterious sudden cardiac deaths occurring around the world? They are just the tip of an iceberg. Heart disease caused by vaccinations is on the agenda of young and old alike. Fortunately, to save the honor of German science, well-known pathologists stood up and carried out the world's first research work, who discovered the connection between vaccination and severe organ damage. Professor Arne Burkhardt, who recently tragically died in an accident, and his dear friend Professor Walter Lang, who spoke to you today. Dr. Michael Mörz in Dresden and the world-famous Professor Peter Schiermacher, director of the Institute of Pathology at Heidelberg University. Thanks to their work, it is now scientifically proven. And so it says in this work from Peter Schiermacher's group, Literally, it has been proven beyond a doubt that vaccination can lead to fatal myocarditis."

"Anyone who praises RNA vaccines as safe and effective, Anyone who claims that vaccination rarely causes serious side effects is either incredibly ignorant or infinitely evil. And they ar committing a crime. Just like everyone who actively or passively pursues and supports this vaccination. Because it is now scientifically proven that vaccination can only have negative effects and this to a life-threatening extent."

Israeli Dr. Moshe Harel was convicted of harvesting the organs from Palestinians.
Beneficiaries, mainly Israelis, would pay up to 100,000 euros for the organs to transplant into their bodies.

Justin Trudeau has no less than 6 ethics violations on record. Screen shots here. Vesper also provides screen shots of violations by other prominent Liberal MPs. This is all readily available from public websites.

All of this is from the conflict of Interest Government website. These are all the official statements by the Ethics commissioner, relating to the Liberal Party
You might need to pause and read the statements.

Share this CANADA! These aren't opinions, these are facts!

Tyson has reached an agreement for a two-fold investment with Protix, a leading global insect ingredients company.

Not only that, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico is slaughtering all the regime's sacred cows:
- Discrimination against unvaccinated people
- Ukrainian war
- Censorship

In his speech three days ago, he complained about the narrowing corridor of opinions, which #Gottschalk also indicated yesterday: "Anyone who had a forbidden opinion on vaccinations was defamed as a danger to society."

According to Fico, the media wrote that “the unvaccinated should die miserably like pigs.” "But today, one study after another confirms the scandalous consequences of mass vaccination with untested and experimental vaccinations."

He promises to investigate the mistakes and human rights abuses of the previous administration, which lands him at the WHO. "As Prime Minister, I promise that my SMER party will reject expanded powers for the WHO at the expense of national sovereignty.

He also criticizes the narrative regarding the Ukraine war: "Anyone who advocates that it would be better to negotiate for peace for years instead of letting Slavs kill each other just to weaken Russia is immediately considered a Kremlin agent.

Today it is considered politically incorrect to say what everyone knows: that a large part financial and military aid to Ukraine ends up in corrupt hands." --------------------------
Now you know why the usual suspects were so nervous when Fico became Slovakia's prime minister.

Why are they so nervous that Milei won in Argentina and Wilders won in Holland?

Consider that Fico is left-wing, Wilders is right-wing, and Milei is libertarian.

What unites them is that they endanger the big lies of a global ruling class.

The left-right schema has had its day. Things like the WHO, censorship, CBDCs, warmongering and Assange are much better differentiators.
Things aren't looking good for the WHO either.

There are now four countries that are rejecting the pandemic treaty
-- New Zealand
-- Slovakia
-- Estonia
-- Slovenia
When will other western countries follow suit!!!!

Cultural enricher bursts into Irish post office armed with a knife shouting "Allah Akbar". This happened two weeks ago. Did Irish media report the news? What did PM say?

Still Overseeing The Plantation Of Éire With Undocumented Criminals Even After What Happened To Those Innocent Irish Babies Yesterday.

Shame On Them All!

Rebel News reporter Tamara Ugolini discusses The Canadian Independent's access to information request, which has exposed over 2,100 pages of death reports in Canada following the Covid-19 vaccine. Freedom of information request required to get this information, Canadain government covering up the truth!

Watch the full video here:

Watch this powerful speech in Malaysia's National Mosque (Nov 11th, 2023)

Global Awakening!
Almost 250,000 have died but deaths are denied. In comparison, according to WHO, 37K have died from COVID
Teachers' Association met us, teachers are dying every day - 3 to 4 people dying daily for 3 years It means that five or six thousand teachers have died.

The Ministry of Health that has lied to us many times, let's not forget that the Ministry of Health has lied to us in the case of the COVID-19 Vaccine.

The Ministry of Health said that the vaccine is safe and effective, let's jab, and protect ourselves, and protect everyone around us.

The truth is we hung ourselves and we hung everyone, the Ministry of Health that has deceived 25 million Malaysians who have been injected with vaccines and they know this vaccine is an experimental vaccine and the parliament says this is an experimental vaccine.

I think if you guys knew this vaccine was an experimental vaccine, you guys wouldn't take it but because the government says it is safe and effective.

Almost 25 million Malaysians are sick and almost 250,000 have died but deaths are denied, Dr. Roland said deaths in Malaysia up 28% this is Dr. Roland did his own research because the statistics department did not release this study.

Teachers' Association met us, teachers are dying every day - 3 to 4 people dying daily for 3 years It means that five or six thousand teachers have died.

Nurses' association has now told us that many have died right, they just don't know how many figures but Dr. Noah Azman recently showed a Health Ministry's nurse website many died, young people died, we cannot deny that this is because of the vaccine.

They say it's because of a heart attack, why do they have a heart attack? because of blot clots! his blood clots because our vaccine. We challenged the Ministry of Health, the vaccine used was an mRNA vaccine and this vaccine can kill the children.

The time is now, stand together or fall forever.

The public-funded BBC works for Schwab's WEF (merged with UN 2019)! That explains the coverup, lies and Propaganda. Plus funding from EU, UN, and Bill Gates!


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