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VALUS is coming! A blockchain-based platform which connects trademarks, retailers and customers. VALUS adds your items to the Ethereum blockchain.
Avalon, it's a platform that allows members to get discounts on goods and services they purchase, as well as the opportunity to earn tokens by participating in promotions, scanning proof of purchases, playing games & utilizing p2p smart contracts.

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Welcome to #Viberate, a #revolutionary, #decentralized #blockchain-based #marketplace for the music industry! Whether you’re a musician, event organizer, venue owner or passionate listener to #music, you are welcome to join their platform. Viberate already has a database of over 120,000 artist profiles across all genres, from the most famous musicians in the world to unknown #artists.

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Crypviser: a disruptive, encrypted all-in-one network for social and business communication based on Blockchain technology.
Have you heard of the Finance CLOUD-API Device? It’s a decentralized cloud-system as a federated mesh a-like network of cloud-boxes, capable to provide multi-wallets and all kinds of financial services under one single place and governed by you, the user.
Preev.Com: the SIMPLE Bitcoin Converter, an excellent tool to keep up with the exciting BTC price. Preev allows you to see the Bitcoin exchange rate. Convert any amount to or from your preferred currency.

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Polybius aspires to build a comprehensive banking solution for all. Digital Pass technology, developed by HashCoins and implemented into the Polybius Bank, will serve as an automation and digitalization ecosystem, allowing not only integration of single companies, but entire industries.
The Chinese blockchain technology leader Wanxiang Group just announced the launch of WanCloud, a new blockchain product, providing an ecosystem for...
CryptoPing is an alternative cryptocurrency intelligence bot. It constantly monitors Altcoin markets, generates trading signals and notifies subscribers in Telegram.
The Bitcoin Price in South Korea surged past 2,000 Dollars this month, lifting Bitcoins global average price to a spectacular record high.

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Polybius: - whitepaper - polybius token Whitepaper - live group in Telegram - a bunch of interesting articles about us


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It’s Voise, a decentralized music platform that aims to monetize independent artists by giving them OneHundred% of the revenue. The music is hosted under a p2p network.
Coinbase added support for Litecoin. Customers can now easily buy, sell, send, and store Litecoin via the Coinbase website or mobile apps.
Are you ready to step into the crypto economy? No problem, Coinality is a free service connecting Employers and Job Seekers with opportunities that pay in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.
Steve Stockman, former member of the United States Congress, is the latest VIP supporter of the Creditbit Project.
And what about the exciting Altcoin Market? Following the recent rise in bitcoin, can we expect the Altcoin Market to become a similar bull market over the course of this year?

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CoolWallet, a slick cold storage device for Bitcoin. It’s a credit-card-sized Hardware wallet with an e-paper display that shows your bitcoin balance and fiat equivalents. All transactions are signed on the card itself: private keys never leave, they are offline and secure.
SatoshiPoint, an operator of Bitcoin ATMs, founded in 2014, is now operating over 40% of the UK Bitcoin ATM market, with locations in London, Manchester & Bristol.
Please. check out the new Password Manager from Trezor, now you can say goodbye to your master password. A simple click on your TREZOR button is a much more secure way to unlock your password manager. Expert-level encryption is in your hands.

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ATTENTION: Biometric ID! Humaniq, 4th generation mobile bank bringing mobile banking to an audience of 2 billion people who currently don’t have access to banking services.  In addition to being a banking service, the app will also act as the infrastructure backbone for 3rd party services to plug into. Humaniq launched their ICO on April 6th. In the first 5 days of Crowdsale, the project raised more than 3 million Dollars and counting. Humaniq’s ICO will continue until April 26th!!!

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Credit 2.0 is rising in its position in the #cryptocurrency space due to its consistent development. #Creditbit, which is finalizing its first round of migration to #Ethereum Token is definitely an #altcoin to look out for. We see an unprecedented interest, taking its price all the way up to 1+USDollar, and a market cap around 12+ million Dollars.

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