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A nice little electronic track from The Flintstones video game for the SNES. While the game itself wasn't anything worth writing home about, the soundtrack certainly was, so I may upload more songs from this one.

Having started out on the Atari ST, then moved to the SNES, then eventually the Atari Jaguar and Sony PlayStation, Rayman is a cute platformer game that eventually became an evergreen franchise for Ubisoft. For a time, it was supposed to be an exclusive on the Jaguar, but due to poor system sales, the team eventually expanded that to the PSX and Saturn. The Jaguar version was released on a cartridge, so the music is a little different here from the CD versions.

Happy Space Invaders Day! June 16th, 1978 was when Taito would release the ground breaking video game Space Invaders to arcades, making today Space Invaders Day. As the original game didn't have any music, this Space Invaders entry will have to do for today. **Tried to upload this on the 16th, but got stuck in processing hell**

Happy Space Invaders Day! June 16th, 1978 was when Taito would release the ground breaking video game Space Invaders to arcades, making today Space Invaders Day. As the original game didn't have any music, this Space Invaders entry will have to do for today. **I tried to upload this on the 16th, but it sat in processing, so trying again**

Happy birthday Sega! Sega turns 60 on June 3rd, 2020, and this great track from OutRun 2 seems to be a fitting way to celebrate a company which has had an enormous influence on gaming, culture and arcades.

On June 3rd, 2020, Sega celebrates 60 years in business, from the humble vending operator known as "Service Games" to the icon they are today. Seems fitting to share a song from one of their most iconic games over those years, Daytona USA. Happy birthday Sega!

1990 was quite a time to own an NES, as developers were really pulling out all the stops to take advantage of the hardware, also having learned it's quirks. Journey To Silius started off as a Terminator game, but once Sunsoft lost the license, they reworked the game into their own thing to come up with this difficult, but unique game. Features an excellent soundtrack, as you can hear. This game is currently available on the NES Collection of Nintendo's Online Service for the Nintendo Switch.

With May 22nd being the day we celebrate Pac-Man, it's fitting to upload a song as we mark the 40th anniversary of the iconic game character. He was, in essence, the first real mascot to video games and arcades. Pac-Mania isn't the most liked sequel in the franchise, although it had something that the original Pac-Man didn't have - a full-blown synth soundtrack. Enjoy.

Atari Games handled manufacturing and distribution for the title in the United States, as Midway had lost the Pac-Man license by this time.

Starting out as an interesting visual novel adventure/STG hybrid game on the PC-88, eventually this made it's way to the X68000, where most of the visual novel elements were removed, and the focus placed more on the shoot 'em up action. This also included a sweet soundtrack, as many shmups do.

The Atari Jaguar CD didn't have a lot of games made for it, as the console it was made for was pretty much DOA the moment that the Saturn and PSX were available. That said, it still got a few games and one of those was something that originally had started off as a remake of BattleZone, but it morphed into it's own thing. You drive a futuristic hovercraft, blowing up enemies and installations. The game was released on cartridge first; the CD version not only had better music, but also enhanced graphics that included animated textures, dynamic light sources and MIP mapping. The game itself was kinda meh though

A mecha suit sidescrolling battle game that started off on the Genesis/Mega-Drive, the series came to the Saturn with the benefits that hardware had to offer. The original was remade for the PC/PS4 in recent times.

Catchy tune for the Amiga shoot 'em up Blastar, designed by Core Design, before they would create games like Tomb Raider

Two distinct themes for the 80's arcade beat 'em up, Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja. Both are American patriotic tunes, the Japan version being a remix/variation of the "Star Spangled Banner," while the US version was a variation of "Hail To The Chief." In both versions of the game, you set out to rescue President Ronald Reagan from a band of evil ninjas.

It's time for another Metroid track, and another more relaxing track from the first-person shooter take on the franchise, Metroid Prime.

Here's hoping that Metroid Prime 4 will be along in 2020...

Another relaxing soundtrack from one of the most famous games ever made, Minecraft.

Theme song to the unique 3rd person action/puzzle game Electrocop, one of the launch titles for the Atari Lynx color handheld system. This was one game that really showed the power of the Lynx by pushing scaling effects to the max, creating an almost raycasted appearance.

The level music that plays during the arcade port of Rampage on the Sega Master System. This is the FM version.

Did you know that there was a sequel to Blaster Master on the NES for the Sega Genesis? While it kept several aspects of the original, it also changed some things, so it wasn't the best known, or reviewed title in the series. It still had catchy tunes!

Considered by fans and reviewers alike as the best racing game for the Atari Lynx handheld, Checkered Flag was Atari's answer to games like Pole Position and Virtua Racer. On the Lynx, it was a 2D game that made excellent use of the platforms capabilities, while the version on the Jaguar fell far below expectations as it tried to take Virtua Racer head-on and failed miserably. Don't let that dissuade you from the Lynx version though, which could link up to six units for a multiplayer race.

Perhaps one of the most valued games for the oft-maligned Atari Jaguar platform, BattleSphere was a space combat/dogfighting game created by a small team that pushed the limits of the hardware despite having little to no support from Atari themselves. The game essentially serves as a reboot to Star Raiders (the game mode "Alone Against The Empires" plays much like SR), but greatly expands on the concept, allowing the user to play as a number of alien races, each with a few player selectable ships with different stats. Users could link up to 16 Jaguars together and play with two players per console (pilot and gunner) for up to 32 players. This game was only released on cartridge.

This song is for the Sebab race, a female-only race that is a different word spelled backwards...

Back when CD-ROM drives were finally becoming a standard for PCs, we got a bunch of Full Motion Video (FMV) games. Myst was the first one that really caused the medium to gain attention on PCs, but some better efforts came along, such as Return To Zork, a graphical adventure that was a sequel to the popular text adventure games of the 80's. With a bit of quirky humor and head scratching puzzles, this game also had one of the first orchestral soundtracks for a game (not *the* first, just among them).

To celebrate the anniversary of Nintendo's Starfox,here's one of the first tracks players would hear in playing this 3D rail shooter.

Groovy techno track from the very rare (for the physical copy) abandonware game Outer Ridge for MS-DOS. Was kind of a first-person Asteroids.

One of the main tracks that plays during World Tour Racing, a Formula One style racing game that was almost not released for the Atari Jaguar CD, published by Telegames when that company issued several titles for the failed platform.

Best known for being the last "Regular" pinball machine from powerhouse Bally, this Old West themed game is a lot of fun with some great mechanics and designs, including a variety of gunfights as you track down bad guys for bounty. The life of this one was cut short as Bally attempted to innovate pinball with their Pinball 2000 series, before cutting that short to instead chase the easy riches of the gambling world.


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A curated collection of video game songs. Platform doesn't matter, but also not seeking to post every single video game song ever created - just ones I like. Covering systems from Coin-op Arcade to popular home consoles (Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Sony) to somewhat more obscure platforms (non-mainstream computers like Amiga/Atari and so on).