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One more track to celebrate 59 years of Sega, it's Treasure's beloved run'n gun title for the Genesis (or Mega Drive for you Europeans), Gunstar Heroes. This track is Last Party on the Moon.

Continuing with Sega's 59th birthday celebration, here's the level 4 track found on the genre defining platformer Shinobi, first released in arcades and later ported to home systems like the Sega Master System.

To celebrate 59 years of Sega gaming goodness (the company founded as "Service Games" in Hawaii and recognizes June 3rd, 1960 as their founding date), let's upload some more Sega game songs, starting with this track from the awesome space fighting game Galaxy Force II.

An excellent track from an excellent arcade port for the underdog of the Sega family, the 32X. This track was not found in the arcade version of the game.

The track from level 5 on the somewhat forgotten Defender 2000 by Jeff Minter and Imagitec. The music was originally intended for the CD format (with the game slated for release on the Jaguar CD attachment), but that changed when Atari decided it would have a better chance as a cartridge. This track is still CD quality, and the cart version gets pretty close. Music by the guys at Imagitec, who also composed the tracks for Tempest 2000.

Keep my fire from the NAOMI (and later Dreamcast & PSX) fighting crossover title Capcom Vs. SNK.

This is the majestic track that plays as you take to the high seas in your trusty dingy in Nintendo's Zelda game focused on island hopping, Wind Waker.

The track Techno Dungeon, from the Metroid-like platforming action game, Turrican. This game was first designed for the Commodore 64 computer and was later ported to a number of game platforms; this track came from the official soundtrack released to disc.

The famous Smooth Criminal track, as rendered by the Sega Genesis for the odd Moonwalker console game.

The music found in the main menu from the highly praised scrolling shoot 'em up on the Commodore 64, Parsec. They sure don'y make mmusic for menus like this any more!

The Front Line track from the Hideo Kojima MSX2 game, Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake

Back with some classic video game musical goodness and Konami's odd, but fantastic shoot 'em up, XEXEX

A majestic title screen track for the oddball Nintendo WiiU exclusive game, The Wonderful 101. Kind of surprised this isn't on the Switch yet.

Solar Winds was a space adventure game released for PC-DOS in 1993. Developed by Stone Interactive, published by Epic MegaGames. You play as Jake Stone who stumbles across a mystery that leads to the exploration of outer space beyond the solar system. This is one of the songs that plays the most during your stellar travels.

Rikki & Vikki is a new indie-made puzzle platformer title designed primarily for the Atari 7800 ProSystem game console. A version was also released on Steam. As of the 7800 release in January 2019, it marked the biggest game created for the console in it's history (512KB for the game+256KB for audio). It uses the 320B graphics mode and enjoys large sprites without flicker. An ARM chip is used inside of the cartridge to expand the audio capabilities of the system (something originally intended in the design, but very few release-era games used an expansion chip). This also allows it to feature crystal clear voice samples.1-2 players can enjoy the play, playing at the same time to solve puzzles to grab keys and fight boss battles. Music composed by Rushjet1, find the full album at

With Winter upon us, it's time to Chill with Dr. Mario, song from the NES version.

One of the vocal tracks that was introduced in Bandai Namco's arcade exclusive video game, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4. This track is also used in the North American release of Maximum Tune 5. Composed by Yuzo Koshiro.

A great track from a great side-scrolling shoot 'em up by Squaresoft (before they were Square Enix) for the original PlayStation.

The best track found on the unofficial Tempest 2000 remake, TxK. The track itself was composed by Junosix, while the game was created by Jeff Minter/Llamasoft.
This track was really the only one to capture the same spirit as the original Tempest 2000 soundtrack, with the right tempo and mixture of electronic beats and soundbytes. Most of the TxK soundtrack unfortunately decided to be melancholy, which is not the right fit for a game focused on action as this.

Clever name for the music that plays when you're inside of a virtual bar in the excellent TRON sequel TRON 2.0. Various elements from this game appeared in TRON Legacy, such as the idea of a bar/nightclub, but it ultimately was considered to be non-canon.

Area 1 theme from the popular Ikari Warriors by SNK.

The title/main theme of the real-time strategy game Star Trek Legacy from 2006. Some Trekkies might argue that this theme is better than certain "canon" themes on the Star Trek spin-off shows :P

An impressive homebrew title for the Atari 8-bit computer line (with 64kb of RAM or higher), Riduclous Reality is an animated sliding puzzle game where you slide rooms around to find keys to open the exit. It is based upon a simpler mobile game called Continuity. RR is a better game however, with improved graphics and smarter puzzles.

Offering the closest thing to a Legend of Zelda game on the 7800, Midnight Mutants was also the very last official title produced for the platform. A bit simpler, but more action-oriented than Zelda, this game pits you against hordes of zombies, putting to good use the sprite pushing capabilities of the system. Unfortunately, Atari did not spring for a Pokey or other sound chip, preferring the cheaper option of the built-in chip, the TIA, which is the same used on the Atari 2600. That said, the results are among the most impressive for this 1977 sound chip design.

For more dark, spooky music on Halloween, here's a track from the darkest in the Metroid Prime series. Dark Torvus Bog invokes the terrors of an infested, almost haunted, swamp.


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