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A majestic title screen track for the oddball Nintendo WiiU exclusive game, The Wonderful 101. Kind of surprised this isn't on the Switch yet.

Solar Winds was a space adventure game released for PC-DOS in 1993. Developed by Stone Interactive, published by Epic MegaGames. You play as Jake Stone who stumbles across a mystery that leads to the exploration of outer space beyond the solar system. This is one of the songs that plays the most during your stellar travels.

Rikki & Vikki is a new indie-made puzzle platformer title designed primarily for the Atari 7800 ProSystem game console. A version was also released on Steam. As of the 7800 release in January 2019, it marked the biggest game created for the console in it's history (512KB for the game+256KB for audio). It uses the 320B graphics mode and enjoys large sprites without flicker. An ARM chip is used inside of the cartridge to expand the audio capabilities of the system (something originally intended in the design, but very few release-era games used an expansion chip). This also allows it to feature crystal clear voice samples.1-2 players can enjoy the play, playing at the same time to solve puzzles to grab keys and fight boss battles. Music composed by Rushjet1, find the full album at

With Winter upon us, it's time to Chill with Dr. Mario, song from the NES version.

One of the vocal tracks that was introduced in Bandai Namco's arcade exclusive video game, Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4. This track is also used in the North American release of Maximum Tune 5. Composed by Yuzo Koshiro.

A great track from a great side-scrolling shoot 'em up by Squaresoft (before they were Square Enix) for the original PlayStation.

The best track found on the unofficial Tempest 2000 remake, TxK. The track itself was composed by Junosix, while the game was created by Jeff Minter/Llamasoft.
This track was really the only one to capture the same spirit as the original Tempest 2000 soundtrack, with the right tempo and mixture of electronic beats and soundbytes. Most of the TxK soundtrack unfortunately decided to be melancholy, which is not the right fit for a game focused on action as this.

Clever name for the music that plays when you're inside of a virtual bar in the excellent TRON sequel TRON 2.0. Various elements from this game appeared in TRON Legacy, such as the idea of a bar/nightclub, but it ultimately was considered to be non-canon.

Area 1 theme from the popular Ikari Warriors by SNK.

The title/main theme of the real-time strategy game Star Trek Legacy from 2006. Some Trekkies might argue that this theme is better than certain "canon" themes on the Star Trek spin-off shows :P

An impressive homebrew title for the Atari 8-bit computer line (with 64kb of RAM or higher), Riduclous Reality is an animated sliding puzzle game where you slide rooms around to find keys to open the exit. It is based upon a simpler mobile game called Continuity. RR is a better game however, with improved graphics and smarter puzzles.

Offering the closest thing to a Legend of Zelda game on the 7800, Midnight Mutants was also the very last official title produced for the platform. A bit simpler, but more action-oriented than Zelda, this game pits you against hordes of zombies, putting to good use the sprite pushing capabilities of the system. Unfortunately, Atari did not spring for a Pokey or other sound chip, preferring the cheaper option of the built-in chip, the TIA, which is the same used on the Atari 2600. That said, the results are among the most impressive for this 1977 sound chip design.

For more dark, spooky music on Halloween, here's a track from the darkest in the Metroid Prime series. Dark Torvus Bog invokes the terrors of an infested, almost haunted, swamp.

If you're looking for the perfect creepy track to play for Halloween, then it doesn't really get much spookier than Splatterhouse from Namco. This is from the original arcade version.

One of the most memorable tracks from the Robotron 2084 spiritual sequel, Nex Machina. This song exists in instrumental and vocal versions, this is the former. The game itself was created by Housemarque, with consultant work from Eugene Jarvis (Robotron, Defender, Blaster, NARC, the Cruis'n series, Raw Thrills, many more).

The sounds of the Nex Machina soundtrack feature a number of synth sounds, attempting to match the distinct tones you would find in media from various 1980's entertainment sources (mainly movies). An arcade version of this game was in development by the Eugene Jarvis owned Raw Thrills, but was cancelled after poor testing.

Not many entries in The Legend of Zelda series were considers "terrible," and while I personally found aspects of Zelda II to enjoy, it's not looked at with fondness by many fans. Regardless your feelings on the game, it had some good tunes, here is Palace Theme I

As one of four pack-in CDs with the Atari Jaguar CD peripheral, Blue Lightning was the headliner title intended to show off what the add-on could do. Atari tapped into the talent at Attention To Detail, a UK company that had produced the Cybermorph pack-in game for the console itself and was also developing the sequel, Battlemorph, for the Jaguar CD unit. Blue Lightning was an After Burner clone that first appeared on the Atari Lynx handheld console, but the Jag CD version changed various aspects of that title to the point that it gets "ok" marks, but not stellar ones. That said, it had a rockin' soundtrack to go along with the arcade-style action.

The song that plays during the character selection screen on the popular SoulCalibur II fighting game that appeared on pretty much every gaming platform that was available back in 2002.

Now for an "easy listening" track from Nintendo's Metroid Prime as found on the Nintendo Gamecube.

A track from the arcade exclusive title Maximum Tune 5 (known in Japan as Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5) entitled Fascination. High energy beats for a high energy racing game.

This is a rare, nearly lost, song that was created as a part of the soundtrack to the Atari Jaguar CD title Battlemorph. I found this on an old hard drive; I could not locate it online. It was not included in the game itself, but it was created by the same composer as the other tracks used in the game.
Battlemorph itself is an excellent sequel to the pack-in game that came with the Jaguar called Cybermorph. That game was Atari's "answer" to Nintendo's Starfox, providing for an off-rails action shooting & exploration experience. BattleMorph improved on every aspect found in Cybermorph, offering focused missions instead of non-stop collect-a-thons, improved graphics and a stellar soundtrack.

There was no lack of platforming games on the NES, so Low G Man did what any respectable game could do to try and stand out - be a little weird. This one had odd weapons and the ability for big jumps.

The two title themes from the chess-like strategy games Archon, by Freefall Software. These were also published by Electronic Arts in the USA, way before they were the behemoth and loathed publisher that they are today. Since the themes are so brief, I decided to combine them into one.

While the PC-Engine/Turbografx-CD was not a huge success in the United States, it was home to many great games, especially for shoot 'em ups (shmups). One of the most notable titles was Gate of Thunder, which was accompanied by an electronic hard rock soundtrack. Here's the theme from stage 2, Asteroid.

While the Amiga would fail to obtain the same level of success as the Commodore 64, it still was home to many great games. Uridium 2 was the 16-bit sequel to the scrolling shoot 'em up. This particular track has an interesting Depeche Mode vibe to it and plays during the first reactor core battle, hence the name.


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A curated collection of video game songs. Platform doesn't matter, but also not seeking to post every single video game song ever created - just ones I like. Covering systems from Coin-op Arcade to popular home consoles (Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Sony) to somewhat more obscure platforms (non-mainstream computers like Amiga/Atari and so on).