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While the Atari Jaguar has always received a lot of flak for a variety of reasons, the platform featured many games with excellent soundtracks. Iron Soldier 2 was made to be a "killer app" for the platform's CD add-on, but it came a couple of years too late to save the platform. That said, it was one of the best games to grace the system, improving upon the original Iron Soldier in every aspect, including the soundtrack which benefited from RedBook audio and the CD format. The name of this track was given by myself, as it had no name, but is the track that plays during your first night mission (level 5).

Time for something a bit more hardcore - along the lines of Death Metal - from the hardcore indie action game Soldat that was released in 2002.

After the kerfuffle over TxK got sorted out between Jeff Minter and Atari SA, Mr. Minter created the official Tempest 4000 game, the 4th title in the series of the abstract tube shooter that originally landed in arcades back in 1981 (and created by Dave Theurer). Jeff Minter has credit on developing Tempest 2000 (Atari Jaguar, 1994), Tempest 3000 (NUON, 2000) and this game, as well as the bizarre spin-off Space Giraffe for the Xbox 360. While TxK's soundtrack was kind of weak in comparison to the fantastic Tempest 2000 & 3000 games, T4K made up for it with songs like this one, which fit the needed tempo and mood of this intense game.

Tempest 2000 track (Mind's Eye):

Lemmings was a big hit for PC gaming back in 1991, thus spawning an expansion pack that would also be sold as a standalone sequel. Here's a track from that expansion, that features a nice bassy beat from the Atari ST version.

Since Star Wars is all teh hype for the moment, here's some Star Wars music from a good game in the saga, based on a great movie from the saga that modern filmmakers fail at emulating all too often.

Excite truck was among the first games to land on the Nintendo Wii, and while it wasn't about motorcycles, it maintained a great arcade spirit that was fun to play and replay. While the game was one of the few Wii titles that allowed the user to play their own music via the SD card, it still had it's own rocking sound track; here's the track that played on the title screen.

To celebrate my first video that has surpassed 1,000 views on Bitchute, here's another track from the excellent shoot 'em up, Dragon Spirit, released in 1987 by Namco. AS A BONUS this track includes the original arcade and the NES version of the same track (just because). Now go, and rescue the princess!

One of the great tracks from a great game, the King of Fighters '98 that was released for the Neo Geo MVS and AES systems. KOF'98 is often considered among the best of the KOF series.

Atari ST version track from the celebrated RPG, Ultima V. The Ultima series has been massively influential on RPG gaming, coming up with many early ideas that have since become expected and commonplace. Ultima V was also released on PC-DOS, Commodore Amiga, Commodore 64 and the Apple II

One of the many songs packed into one of the best video games of the decade, this plays while you're riding a horse at night in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Composers: Manaka Kataoka; Yasuaki Iwata; Hajime Wakai

A track from one of the most beloved video games of the 90's, and one of the most revered of the CastleVania series.

If you need something fairly creepy and ambient for Halloween, then Fatal Frame IV has the goods. Here is the track for Battle E, which works well for a looped song for any haunted house needs.

Just in time for Halloween, a creepy track from SNK's arcade exclusive release, Beast Busters: Second Nightmare. This particular track was not used in the game.

To celebrate the release of the in-depth behind-the-scenes book, NBA Jam, here is a song from the arcade version of the game that plays during the first quarter. Composed by Jon Hey, using Midways limited sound hardware. [Same used on Mortal Kombat; Sound CPU : M6809 @ 2 MHz
Sound chip : YM2151 @ 3.57958 MHz, OKI 6295 @ 8 KHz, DAC]

While arcades are noisy environments, they can still instill a sense of shock, horror or fear when done right. That's what Sega aimed to do when they released Alien Syndrome in '87, and per the reviews of the time, that's exactly what it managed to do.

Influenced by the likes of Alien and Xenophobe, Project Firestart is one of the first survival horror games, made years before that genre was defined as such. Only released on the Commodore 64, it follows a cliched theme for today's world, but at the time it was forward-thinking. Still an unsettling game, perfect for Halloween.

It's October, so that means more spooky music. This one is from Metroid II on the Game Boy, a perfect audio experience that was crafted in a way that really evoked fear in the player. This is a combination of two tracks, one that plays right before you reach the Queen Metroid, then the battle itself. It's better in the game, since it's been building up to that point, and there are sound effects that are missing here, but all-in-all, Metroid 2 was a master course in game design.

The Sega 32X didn't have a terribly long career, but it did manage to receive some exclusives, including this mech action game that was made to push the limits of the hardware with texture mapped polygons. Here are TWO tracks from the game, instead of the single that I often do.

National Battle track from the arcade exclusive Mario Kart, Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. This was the 3rd arcade exclusive release of the popular racing game, and makes use of online features for VS. battles in Japan. The online features were deactivated for US machines in Dec. 2016.

Now for something else different - music from a real pinball machine! Pinball machines often use the same kind of sound chips that arcade or home consoles would use, and the music would be made in similar ways.
Here's a track that was a part of Fish Tales, a popular game based off of the theme of fisherman telling tall tales of their catches at sea.

Here's another track that's a little bit different from the norm, a remix track instead of the original game music. This was remixed from Ecco The Dolphin that originally launched on the Sega Genesis in 1992, remixed by DJ Alaria.

It's time for another Bitchute & Bits'N Synths EXCLUSIVE! Thanks to DJ Alaria for providing this almost lost to time track of some music he composed for a never finished video game by the name of Biostar. The game was being put together in Game Maker, but didn't make it very far before the programmer left. Still, a couple of music tracks came into existence for it, this being one of them. This would have been played during the first boss battle.

It's time for a Bitchute & Bits'N Synths EXCLUSIVE! Thanks to DJ Alaria for providing this almost lost to time track of some music he composed for a never finished video game by the name of Biostar. The game was being put together in Game Maker, but didn't make it very far before the programmer left. Still, a couple of music tracks came into existence for it, this being one of them.

The Hangar track from the PC-DOS shoot 'em up game Raptor - Call of the Shadows. For me personally, it was one of the first VGA games I had the pleasure of playing, enjoying all of those 256 colors :P

The first boss track found on the RPG adventure game Neutopia for the PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16.


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A curated collection of video game songs. Platform doesn't matter, but also not seeking to post every single video game song ever created - just ones I like. Covering systems from Coin-op Arcade to popular home consoles (Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Sony) to somewhat more obscure platforms (non-mainstream computers like Amiga/Atari and so on).