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Now for an "easy listening" track from Nintendo's Metroid Prime as found on the Nintendo Gamecube.

A track from the arcade exclusive title Maximum Tune 5 (known in Japan as Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5) entitled Fascination. High energy beats for a high energy racing game.

This is a rare, nearly lost, song that was created as a part of the soundtrack to the Atari Jaguar CD title Battlemorph. I found this on an old hard drive; I could not locate it online. It was not included in the game itself, but it was created by the same composer as the other tracks used in the game.
Battlemorph itself is an excellent sequel to the pack-in game that came with the Jaguar called Cybermorph. That game was Atari's "answer" to Nintendo's Starfox, providing for an off-rails action shooting & exploration experience. BattleMorph improved on every aspect found in Cybermorph, offering focused missions instead of non-stop collect-a-thons, improved graphics and a stellar soundtrack.

There was no lack of platforming games on the NES, so Low G Man did what any respectable game could do to try and stand out - be a little weird. This one had odd weapons and the ability for big jumps.

The two title themes from the chess-like strategy games Archon, by Freefall Software. These were also published by Electronic Arts in the USA, way before they were the behemoth and loathed publisher that they are today. Since the themes are so brief, I decided to combine them into one.

While the PC-Engine/Turbografx-CD was not a huge success in the United States, it was home to many great games, especially for shoot 'em ups (shmups). One of the most notable titles was Gate of Thunder, which was accompanied by an electronic hard rock soundtrack. Here's the theme from stage 2, Asteroid.

While the Amiga would fail to obtain the same level of success as the Commodore 64, it still was home to many great games. Uridium 2 was the 16-bit sequel to the scrolling shoot 'em up. This particular track has an interesting Depeche Mode vibe to it and plays during the first reactor core battle, hence the name.

The Nintendo 64 wasn't often known for great soundtracks, mainly due to the fact that all of it's competitors were using CD sound and the 64 was limited to cartridge space. But soundtracks like Extreme G would show how the system was fully capable of playing great music. Here's the track from Race 1 on Extreme G.

The "Let Mom Sleep" theme from the funky soundtrack that was an integral part of skating/graffiti-making game Jet Set Radio on the Sega Dreamcast.

Easily one of the most iconic video game themes of not just the 1980s, but of all-time. The theme that plays any time you are outside in Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

One of the most influential video games of the '80s, Xybots is considered by many to be the "grandfather" of first person titles like DOOM and Quake. Here's one of the memorable pieces of music that would play as you explored the robotic labyrinths in this stellar game that was created by Ed Logg.

From back when games were bright and happy instead of dark and brooding, Sega's Wonder Boy series was a seminal platformer available on their 8-bit platforms. Here's the Side-crawler's Dance theme.

To celebrate the arrival of Mega Man 11, let's dive back into gaming history with a theme from Capcom's original NES classic, Mega Man. Here's Bomb Man's theme!

Tempest 2000 was one of the first remakes of a classic title that would set a standard for others to follow. The game was one of the few successes that the Atari Jaguar console would enjoy, in good part due to the stellar soundtrack. While Atari would release a special remix of the soundtrack on CD in the following year, the music from the cart was excellent in it's own right and worth preserving. Constructive Demolition is what plays during yellow levels and is one of my personal favorites among game songs.

The 1st level background music for the platformer title The Addams Family. The game was released on the SNES, Genesis, Game Boy, Commodore Amiga and Atari ST computers in 1992; this soundtrack is from the Amiga version. Given the many platformers that were around at the time, it didn't do much to stand out apart from the license, also being completely overshadowed by the pinball machine in terms of popularity.

Among the first "survival horror" games was Alone In The Dark. The style of gameplay this introduced would be borrowed by more popular titles like Resident Evil, blending static camera angles with 3D objects. The 3D used here was very basic and early, but the game was able to convey quite the creepy atmosphere.

The iconic Vampire Killer theme that gamers hear when they first get into CastleVania on the NES. Happy Halloween!

Before EA was the bane of gamers everywhere, they had humbler beginnings in getting great software off the ground and published. M.U.L.E was one of those games. Often rated the highest out of all titles released for Atari 8-bit computer systems, M.U.L.E. was a strategy game where you and 3 other players attempted to colonize a planet with a "M.U.L.E." as the machine you'd love to hate. Here's the main theme.

Jungle area theme for Namco's fantasy vertical scrolling shoot 'em up, Dragon Spirit. This title was ported to various consoles, but we'll share the original arcade music here.

Back when digging games were all the rage, one of the best of the bunch was Boulder Dash for the Atari 400/800 computers. The game was later ported to a number of other platforms. As you would try and head to the goal, you must avoid the falling rocks as you dig. Here's the Atari version, audio powered by POKEY.

The overworld BGM for the excellent multiplayer Turbographx-16 game, Dungeon Explorer.

The theme that plays whenever you are visiting an inn in the excellent 1-5 player adventure/RPG, Dungeon Explorer. Released in 1989 for the Turbographx-16 (also known as the PC-Engine)

In the year 3037, Ballblazer is the most popular sport in the universe. At least by this game's story. For 1984, Ballblazer was quite an impressive title, providing for first-person, psuedo-3D play for 1-2 players. Lucasfilm's first video game, the title first found life on the Atari 8-bit line of computers (400/800XL/XEGS), and quickly found it's way to other platforms. The Atari 7800 version used a Pokey chip to contain the same audio, but thanks to the superior graphics chip, plays the smoothest out of all of the versions. Here's the song that plays if you just let the game sit in demo mode.

Before Command & Conquer, Westwood Studios innovated the RTS scene with Dune II. This game based upon the oddball sci-fi book series Dune introduced the "fog" that had to be uncovered to see the rest of the territory, while you mined resources like spice and defended your base against enemy attackers. Here's the track "Adrenaline Rush," that plays when you go on offense.

Tetris is one of the most popular and successful video games of all time. The Nintendo version released on the NES was among the most successful editions that gamers experienced. Here's the B track from that game.


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A curated collection of video game songs. Platform doesn't matter, but also not seeking to post every single video game song ever created - just ones I like. Covering systems from Coin-op Arcade to popular home consoles (Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Sony) to somewhat more obscure platforms (non-mainstream computers like Amiga/Atari and so on).