This is the detailed investigation of a former School Safety Director, Wolfgang Halbig. His ongoing investigation has brought him to this point in time with zero answer to a very real issue regarding the incident at Sandy hook. All of the inconsistencies and backwards efforts made by those who participated that day at Sandy Hook are detailed here by Wolfgang. Consider this testimony, the testimony of an expert in his field who has noticed severe issues with the story surrounding Sandy Hook.


A video that seems to have been scrubbed from youtube that still holds some great information regarding the situation that unfolded at Sandy Hook.

The SH manipulation is exposed in this video with evidence of a child that supposedly died at Sandy Hook school in Newtown, CT. Picture and forensic evidence provided by Wolfgang Halbig shows the lie in action. Along with other information that shows that Wolfgang Halbig was threatened by some choice people associated with the coverup surrounding the SH lie.


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