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スタイリッシュに飛びましたっ☆ちぃたん☆ですっ☆ - Directed by Hideo Kojima

You should probably check out Quake Champions. It is a great game and free.

RIP headphone users.

A video I remember seeing once was like this. Couldn't find it.

Public Service Announcement 01

RIP headphone users.

Smile, Sweet, Sister, Sadistic, Surprise, and SPITFIRE!


David Hogg can't get his story straight. But there is no way he is lying, right?

Chiitan's Famous Balancing Act バランスボールで毎日鍛えてますっ☆ ちぃたん☆ですっ☆

GOOD GOD DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU'VE JUST DONE? 倒れない棒にもうっ☆夢中ですっ☆ ちぃたん☆ですっ☆

I was asked to buy stilts. 竹馬を買ってもらいましたっ☆ ちぃたん☆ですっ☆

"The Dark Souls of JRPGs - 7/10 - not diverse enough" - Polygon

Florida shooting interview from closet 5 hours before the event occurred.

Buying a new phone so I'm dumping my cancer.

Buying a new phone so I'm dumping my cancer.

Noone better have done this already.

No No No No No

The gang eats horse poop following the Super Bowl LII victory. Go Eagles!

Fuck it, mask off.

Manly Line Infantry vs Pussy Lobster Rifleweenies. The fun round after a failed event, with special bonus clip at the end. The 45th letting the sun shine on their tender white underbellies.

Sorry for how boomingly loud my voice was. Shadowplay didn't split out my voice track so I couldn't normalize. This will be addressed in the next event recording.


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