What do you do when your government and regulators collude with market riggers to "Control The System?!" get your stand alone assets OUT OF THEIR SYSTEM!!

I sat down with Clif High to discuss the current situation that humanity finds itself in and where it will lead us in the future. HANG ON TIGHT!


The world is getting very strange. The Presidents speech last night was fully symbolic of the V for Vendetta movie ON PURPOSE! Was he made to do it or did he do it on purpose.
No way his people could be that dumb...THIS WAS ALL STAGED!!

The Deep State Pedo controllers don't know what's about the hit them...the Democratic Mafia is about to be unleashed on their own!! A Far Left Democrat is crazier that a Rabid Honey Badger in Heat! Look out Biden Family...HERE COMES THE LEFTIST ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!

Biden will take guns away from law abiding USA citizens but will gladly give weapons of mass destruction to Saudi Arabia for oil to help the election! Something's gonna break hard in the USA!

The gold/silver market rigging mechanism has been in full control of the markets for over 50 years! Now even the INSIDERS are coming clean!!

Got another Youtube strike! The criminal that run Youtube must be getting worried that their says are numbered!! Here's the one that did it!


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