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My talk at the 2018 Ontario Oral Health Alliance Forum, Queen's Park. The audio isn't perfect, but not bad for a cell phone (laugh). The bottom line - nobody should be forced to live with dental pain for years without treatment.

I spoke with the Toronto Star's Social Justice Reporter Laurie Monsebraaten at that event, as well as before the gathering.

Three party representatives spoke at the gathering, and it was my observation that while they are all saying the "right" things, that they care, that reform is needed, only the NDP actually has a solid plan to do anything at this point. Tell your candidates we have been talking, and studying, and learning about this for years. We need ACTION. I know a lot of other people in the same boat I was in, with broken teeth and broken spirits. Nobody in a country worth the names "humane" and "developed", never mind "wealthy" should be forced to choose between dental care and eating ... or doing without both.

When I get some time I want to do a more detailed tutorial, but this will give you the basic idea.


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