Americans for Intelligence Reform

The National Intelligence Strategy report comes out every four years. This version focuses on political issues and little on real intelligence issues

Clinton's Classified Emails When Is a Crime a Crime

Leader of the Danish Hard LIne party Rasmus Paludan interview with retired CIA officer Brad Johnson. The impact of radical Islam in Europe.

Brad Johnson on BREXIT related events Jan 16 2019, the political behind the scenes factions and their goals.

OAN interview with retired CIA officer, Turkey threatens to invade Kurdish areas of Syria

Brad Johnson American arrested in Russia, 13 Canadians in China

Epoch Times, Declassified. Mattis His Big Mistake. An op-ed written by Brad Johnson of Americans for Intelligence Reform.

One America News interview with Christopher Hull PhD; declassification of Russian documents

Retired CIA officer gives overview of the terrorist attacks that took place worldwide in December 2018 alone.

OANN Tipping Point interview with Christopher Hull PhD. concerning government funding of The Nation of Islam.

How Khashoggi is Being Used by Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey. This op-ed video has been viewed by President Trump

Insights into what is really happening in the postponed trail of General Flynn during the sentencing phase.

Interview with retired CIA operations officer Brad Johnson; Update on the arrest of high level Huawei executive in Canada

Retired CIA operations officer interview on President Trump's decision to pull out of Syria and Secretary Mattis' decision to resign.

Observations on the arrest of high level Chinese business woman/official from Huawei tech company in Canada by retired CIA officer Brad Johnson

Retired CIA officer Brad Johnson Dec 7, comments and observations regarding the murder of Muslim Brotherhood member Khashoggi murdered in Saudi Consulate in Turkey

Retired CIA officer provides additional information and insights on the current confrontation between Ukraine and Russia

Former CIA officer Brad Johnson discusses migrant caravan heading to U S border in a One America News Network interview

Glazov Gang interview former FBI agent and retired CIA officer on the terror threat post Mid Term elections

Epoch Times news piece based on op-ed by retired CIA Brad Johnson concerning migrant Caravan Its Purpose in Warfare Against the U S. Honduras Caravan 2018

A perspective of the US midterm elections for non US citizens.

Brad Johnson on Jeff Sessions resignation and the never ending Russia probe

Brad Johnson on the mail bombs to leftists

Brad Johnson update on the murder inside the Saudi consulate in Turkey and the column of migrants from Central America

Presentation at Trump Hotel for Sovereign Nations by Chris Hull PhD. Who is breaking Europe.


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