Americans for Intelligence Reform

Former White House NSC officer Rich Higgins on threats from terrorism working with fake media, Muslim Brotherhood and others

Let's Talk With Rich Higgins Part 1. A 2016 interview which correctly predicts the issues with terrorism we have had over the intervening period.

Let's Talk With Rich Higgins Part 2. the 2nd part of the interview from 2016 which lays out the course of terrorism.

Barry Webb on Polytheism, 15 August 2019

All Eyes On Turkey As A Powerful Threat And Enemy Of the United States With Ex NSA Spy Barry Webb

Barry Webb, weekly Arabic news update August 14, 2019

New Docs Show Nellie Ohr Passed Info To Bruce, Who Passed It To FBI/DOJ

Canadian liberal dirty politics

Retired NSA Agent Barry Webb Threats Against America And The War on Terror Continues

Latest on Epstein death

Barry Webb on recent terrorist attacks and Muslim Brotherhood

Favoritism under Islam by Barry Webb, author, senior fellow at AIR and retired NSA Arabist

Swedish girl kicked off bus for showing too much skin

Swedish girl kicked off bus for showing too much skin, part II

Italian politics

Political discussions with Merkle

Democrats discussing border issues

Brad Johnson, Americans for Intelligence reform, Reforming the 17 agencies that form the Intelligence community and long term strategic threats to US national security

Qatar and the New York Times reporting, revealing analysis by Barry Webb, author, senior fellow at AIR and retired NSA Arabist.

Senior Fellow at AIR author and retired NSA Arabist Barry Webb Slavery in Islam part II

Hamas leader defects and reveals the deep corruption. This is a very interesting interview and worth seeing,

Iranian resistance to regime

Life as a North Korean Elite Former Ambassador Thae Yong ho China Uncensored. A nice dose of North Korean ground truth.

All Spygate roads lead to Brennan

Stephen Coughlin and Richard Higgins Trapped in the Scheme of Fires in the Long March


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