Roberto Flotte aka aNakay or Pitaya Queen brings his group of LGBT "asylum seekers" all the way to the US border as they chant for the dissolution of the United States as a sovereign nation.

Ea. Id'd. Most no ID. Lied about age.

A Mexican reporter went inside a caravan camp in Mexico City and talked to the people there. These are some of the excerpts the MSM would have edited out.

LGBT caravan leader don't want others to give unscripted answers

Illegal alien threatens with violent stampede as he waits for more of his comrades to arrive to Tijuana.

Drug rehab center in Tijuana accuses caravan leader Roberto Nakay Flotte aka "Pitaya Queen" of pretending to be an impoverished migrant but who in reality is a coyote who engages in human trafficking and teenage sexual exploitation.


Roberto Nakay Flotte aka "Pitaya Queen" is not a "poor impoverished broke hungry refugee 1k miles away" from Honduras, he only wants you to believe he is. He and his partner Cesar Mejia are accused of being coyotes who work in human trafficking and prostitution.

Leader of an LGBT caravan group Cesar Mejia insults President Donald Trump saying he is forced to let him into the country by law. According to reports this man is linked with sexual exploitation in Mexico City and has, along with his partner Roberto Nakay Flotte aka "Pitaya Queen" has recently been accused of teenage prostitution and human trafficking.

This is where his group arrived at, a set of 2 villas so luxurious locals call it "the Castle":


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