- AcmeJoy brand new masturbation cup CLIMBER with lifelike inner liner.
- The visual window lets you watch every suction and piston movement.
- Multiple combinations of 10-frequency vibration and 5-pattern suction.
- One-click-pause and long-press-boost functions can deliver more intense orgasms.
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If you get this dark brown dildo, then you get a boyfriend with a different skin tone, it's always good to try something new. At 8.7’’ long and 1.5’’ thick, there's absolutely no need to worry that this big guy won't be able to satisfy you. All you need is some lube, the thick shaft will fill you up, the raised veins increase stimulation during your every movement. Surprisingly, it has 3 functions: telescoping, rotating, and vibrating, which is impossible for many other dildos. With 3 speeds and 9 frequencies, it will churn in your sweet hole, constantly rubbing, ramming, and stimulating every inch of your inner walls when it's powered on. It is an overwhelming pleasure, Isn't it more appealing than a real cock? When it's inside you, you can change the speed and frequency without bothering to interrupt the pleasure and pull it out, and the remote control that comes with it makes your play even simpler. The suction cup base allows you to attach the toy to a smooth surface for hands-free fun and to explore different postures. So you can make better use of it than just holding it.
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