Black Crimes Matter

Black Crimes Matter

A gun-toting thief stalked a Harlem man before choking him into unconsciousness and robbing him, according to startling video released by police.

The 23-year-old man is seen in the lobby of his building on West 147th Street and Amsterdam Avenue about 10 p.m. Friday when the stranger begins stalking him as they ascend the stairs.

The assailant was described as a dark-skinned male with a beard, mustache, black sunglasses and a black backpack.

He was last seen wearing a white shirt with the words “R.I.P. Youth” on its front and a graphic of a tombstone with an upside-down house on its back, along with gray sweatpants and black sneakers.

As the victim stops in front of his apartment door and searches his backpack, the stranger continues up the stairs to the next floor — where he reaches into his knapsack and pulls out a dark gun, the video shows.

The crook then returns and approaches the man from behind. He places the victim in a chokehold, causing him to fall limp moments later.

As the resident lies unconscious at the top of the stairwell, the brute grabs his phone and reaches into the victim’s pants pockets for his belongings, the video shows.

The thief fled the building with the victim’s cellphone, backpack and wallet containing $1,000 in cash, police said.

The victim was treated at the scene for bruising to his neck.

His sister Gladys San Martin told The Post on Monday that he is doing “OK.”

“He’s just banged up and he’s a little nervous,” she said of her brother, a painting contractor, before hanging up.

This channel is dedicated to showing the true nature of blacks. They are biological weapons meant to destroy western civilization.

There is nothing wrong with being racist - it is completely natural. Once white people understand this, minorities will lose all of their influence over us.

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The Sudanese-born immigrant accused of bringing terror to Westminster was being investigated over 'irregularities' in his British citizenship application before the attack and told his local mosque he was heading to London to renew his passport, MailOnline can reveal today.

Salih Khater, 29, was also thrown off his university accountancy course in May after failing his first year and lost his father and brother in the months before he used his Ford Fiesta to plough into crowds during yesterday's rush hour.

MailOnline understands that Khater had recently been told by the Home Office he was being probed over possible irregularities in his successful application to become a British citizen.

There could be a number of reasons for this apparent dispute, one could be that immigration officials may have discovered discrepancies in his original application to live in the UK such as his age or documents provided as evidence.

Today the Birmingham Central Mosque said Khater had worshipped there regularly but was not radicalised and had said he was off to London to renew his British passport.

Khater grew up in the rural town of Wad Madani, around 150 miles south-east of Khartoum, Sudan, where his mother and father farmed millet, and came to the UK around five years ago, possibly as an asylum seeker.

He settled in Birmingham where he was described as a quiet loner who loved Celine Dion, smoking shisha and whiling away time at an internet cafe below his old flat in the Sparkhill area of Birmingham.

Until May he was studying accountancy at Coventry University but had his place 'terminated' after failing the first year, while friends said his poor English meant he couldn't complete a pharmacy course 12 months earlier.

Police are today searching his tenth floor council flat just ten minutes from the former home of Khalid Masood, whose murderous rampage 17 months ago appears to have inspired Khater's own carborne attack yesterday. Searches of his old flat and a Nottingham house linked to his car have been completed.

Yesterday Khater spent six hours stalking the streets of London before hurtling into 15 cyclists and driving at police officers manning a Westminster security barrier during the morning rush hour.

He drove 115 miles to London late on Monday night and toured the Tottenham Court Road area between 1.25am and 5.55am before heading to Westminster and Whitehall at 6am and circled until he struck at just after 7.30am yesterday.

Armed police dragged him from the smoking wreckage of his car and arrested him on suspicion of terror offences. Detectives today also arrested him on suspicion of attempted murder.

He is refusing to co-operate but MailOnline can reveal Khater moved to Britain around five years ago and enjoys listening to Rihanna, Celine Dion and Eminem as well as watching Premier League games and football in his native Sudan.

Khater studied electrical engineering at the Sudan University of Science and Technology and grew up in the rural town of Wad Madani, around 150 miles south-east of Khartoum, where his mother and father farmed millet.

He moved to Britain without his family around five years ago and soon gained British citizenship but recently his father and brother died within months of each other.

One friend said he understood his relatives died in Sudan in a car crash and he was 'devastated by his sudden loss.'

One man, who lived near him at the Brinklow tower block told MailOnline: 'He was a Muslim and would go to the mosque but I never once heard him say anything about hating the west.

'He was just a normal guy and we would sit and have a laugh and a drink. In all the time I have known him he never seemed angry or upset about what was going on.'

Khater has so far refused to cooperate with counter terror police.

Another friend said Khater had seemed unhappy in recent weeks.

'He was always on his mobile phone and would use the charger in the shop al the time. He was never off the phone and for the last couple of months he was unhappy. I do not know what was affecting him, but he was not himself.'

A spokesman for the Home Office refused to comment.

A Charleston courtroom was the setting for a bizarre scene when two lesbian lovers collapsed, wailed uncontrollably and hyper-ventilated after hearing they would serve life for killing a three-year-old girl.

Erica Mae Butts and Shanita Latrice Cunningham had to be picked off the floor by court officials and held in chairs as they were wheeled out of the room.

The mother of Butts was physically thrown out by three staff members after shouting loudly at her daughter to, 'Get up!' then screaming, 'I can't leave my baby like this, my baby is out!'

As sobs echo from the gallery, a clerk can be heard to ask, 'Do we have any EMTs in the building?' while others try to get a panting Butts to slow down her breathing.

Butts and Cunningham, both 25 from Summerville, South Carolina, were told on Friday they will spend the rest of their lives in prison for beating Serenity Richardson to death in 2009 while the toddler was in their care.

Serenity was visiting Butts, her godmother and her mother's best friend, and Cunningham, who was Butts's lover, for two weeks at their home in Summerville, South Carolina when the abuse took place.

'It is nearly impossible for words to accurately describe what these women did to that poor little girl,' said Elizabeth Gordon, assistant managing solicitor for Charleston County.

'They beat her repeatedly both with a belt and with plastic coat hangers. You can see the outlines of the strikes on this child's body. There is not one area of this child's body that was unharmed except for the soles of her feet.'

Butts admitted to Summerville police on Thursday that she whipped Serenity with a belt for urinating on the floor.

Serenity's mother, Ieshia Richardson, a childhood friend of Butts, lives in Detroit.

'The explanation they gave (for the beatings) was that Serenity had a potty accident,' Ms Gordon said. 'Their explanation is "we didn't know what we did would kill her."

'They knew what they did was wrong.'

By the time paramedics reached Serenity, she was already dead and had been placed on ice and exposed to bleach in desperate attempts to revive her.

Circuit Court Judge Deadra Richardson said nothing had ever affected her as strongly as the photos of the little girl's battered body.

In August, Butts entered an Alford plea, meaning she maintains her innocence but acknowledges that taking her case to trial would likely result in a conviction. Cunningham pleaded guilty.

Butts had been in the hospital with Ieshia when she gave birth to Serenity, her only child. She had been the only person Butts confided in after she was raped at age 15.

'I was responsible for some things, but I would never kill her,' Butts said, according to the Post and Courier. Then, practically screaming through her sobs, she turned to Ieshia and said, 'I will always love you no matter what. I just want to tell you I'm so, so sorry.'

During the hearing, Cunningham's attorney said her client was less culpable than Butts in little girl's death.

Butts' attorney instead portrayed Cunningham as the 'controlling and aggressive' partner in an abusive relationship, while describing Butts as a 'meek' woman, the Post and Courier reported.

Sentencing the killers, Judge Richardson said: 'To ignore what must have been excruciating sounds that came from that child is more than disconcerting to this court.

'As such, the court finds it appropriate that each be sentenced to the state department of corrections for a period of life.'

Her words sparked the outpouring of emotion.

There is true evil in this world. A group that makes up less than 1% of the world population controls virtually everything. They are nepotistic parasites with no morals that have risen to power through through extremely nefarious means. They are more exposed now than they have ever been and there are brave people working to enlighten the masses.

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The goyim are waking up.

An animal rescue group is calling for an investigation after a pit bull who was adopted two weeks ago died from what animal advocates believe was physical and sexual abuse after being found injured in South Los Angeles on Monday.

The 5-year-old dog, Cargo, was dumped in front of a house on the 200 block of West 85th Street in the Florence neighborhood, according to Dianty Marquez of Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation, an Anaheim Hills-based animal nonprofit associated with police in the great L.A. area.

A resident who wished to remain anonymous said neighbors reported seeing two African-American men who “dropped it off there and just left.” The woman said she couldn’t get ahold of any city or county animal control officials to respond, so she reached out to Ghetto Rescue.

Video Marquez took when she arrived at the scene shows the pooch was clearly suffering. “Can you feel this?” Marquez is heard asking as she pets her.

“Head down, she had a rope tied to her neck and she wasn’t going anywhere,” Marquez told KTLA.

Marquez was able to get Cargo into her car and rushed her to emergency veterinary care.

“That’s when we got word that there had been some trauma in her vaginal area,” Marquez said, “and they made her as comfy as they could.”

But by Tuesday morning, the pit bull had taken a turn for the worse. “She passed because she had some type of blunt force trauma and it caused her aorta to rupture,” Marquez said.

“We come across a lot of different abuse cases and it’s definitely one of those I’m not going to forget,” Marquez said. “It’s going to stick with me.”

In a Facebook post about the ordeal, the rescue said Cargo hadn’t suffered any scraped or abrasions, and “other than her vagina trauma nothing was obviously wrong.”

“The only thing we can be thankful for is she did not die on the sidewalk alone,” the post states.

The dog was microchipped, and Ghetto Rescue took that information and began investigating.

The organization learned she was adopted from Orange County Animal Care on July 23 during a free adoption event after being in the shelter for three months. But the phone number and address given at the time of adoption apparently were not current.

O.C. Animal Care released the following statement in response to the abuse claims:

“OC Animal Care staff is aware of a situation with a dog, ‘Valerie,’ recently adopted from our shelter. Our staff and volunteers are deeply saddened to learn of her passing and the alleged circumstances involving her death. Valerie was with us for three months and was loved by many.

Although this incident occurred outside of our jurisdiction and we are not the investigating agency, we are working with the local authorities in Los Angeles regarding this case. OC Animal Care is providing them all the information we have about Valerie and will continue to assist in their ongoing investigation.

The OC Animal Care shelter does not discriminate against those wishing to adopt unless they are suspected of or have been convicted of animal offenses. We utilize information about investigations from our own animal control as well as other law enforcement agencies to make this determination. We take the safety of all animals in our care seriously and, as a result of the circumstances surrounding Valerie’s death, the individual who adopted Valerie is now ineligible for future adoptions at our shelter.”

Animal advocates say the case is an example of the dangers of giving dogs and cats away. Because animal shelters in Southern California are usually operating at or near capacity, they often offer low-cost or free adoptions to get the animals into homes.

A California police chief is reeling after his son was accused in a violent attack on a 71-year-old Sikh man.

The victim was taking a leisurely stroll in his California neighborhood when he was confronted by two young men and attacked. He tried to walk away, but the teens cut him off and knocked him to the ground, according to the Manteca Police Department. His turban, a symbol of his faith, flew off.

As the victim tried to get up, he was kicked repeatedly, police said. One of the attackers spit on him.

One of the suspected assailants has been identified as 18-year-old Tyrone McAllister, the son of the police chief in Union City, California.

The chief, Darryl McAllister, released a statement on Facebook sharing his horror over the attack.

“Words can barely describe how embarrassed, dejected, and hurt my wife, daughters, and I feel right now. My stomach has been churning from the moment I learned this news. My family is shaken to the core," he said.

The chief added that he and his wife helped police track down his son and the other teen allegedly involved in the attack after he recognized Tyrone on surveillance footage of the incident.

The victim, Sahib Singh, does not speak English, but his daughter told Inside Edition her father can't stop weeping.

"It’s disgusting, it's disgusting,” she said.

Tyrone has been arrested on charges of attempted robbery, elder abuse and assault with a deadly weapon, according to Manteca police. He has not yet entered a plea. A 16-year-old boy was arrested on the same charges as well. He also has not yet entered a plea.

This channel is dedicated to showing the true nature of blacks. They are biological weapons meant to destroy western civilization.

There is nothing wrong with being racist - it is completely natural. Once white people understand this, minorities will lose all of their influence over us.

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I created the "Dindu Nuffins" YouTube channel. I only posted "Dindu 5: Hyperactive Dindu" on Bitchute because I couldn't post it on YouTube due to copyright violations.

This is the shocking moment nail salon workers brawled with customers - hitting them with broomsticks, fists and dustpans - after one of them refused to pay for a ‘f***** up’ eyebrow job, witnesses said.

Footage captures the workers as they crowd around a customer and smack her with a broom handle at New Red Apple Nails on Norstrand Avenue in East Flatbush, Brooklyn.

They then turn to another shopper who is helping her granddaughter escape the clutches of the staff members and start beating her in the back.

‘That’s my grandmother, stop,’ the granddaughter yells - and the onslaught begins to calm down as the woman shouts: ‘Call the cops!’

The video was posted on Facebook by another buyer who was inside the shop during the mayhem.

‘So I’m at the nail salon and they f***** up a lady eyebrow and she refused to pay then a fight broke out,’ wrote Mercy Maduka.

‘Hitting them like animals,’ she said, referring to the patrons.

Police attended the scene and arrested a salon worker along with one of the customers on Friday night - however it remains unclear as to which one.

Huiyue Zheng, 32, was charged with assault and weapon possession. She was later released following a hearing in Brooklyn Criminal Court, police said.

Customer Christina Thomas was arrested on misdemeanor assault and other charges and was also released without bail.

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Two women are accused of robbing a hardware store on the city’s north side and pepper-spraying an employee.

The incident occurred at Sullivan Hardware on Keystone Avenue just after 11 a.m. Friday.

The manager of the store says two women walked out of the store with a bunch of items. When the cashier chased the women, they allegedly pepper-sprayed the employee and took off in their car.

According to a police report, the suspects stole four Yeti coolers.

Montgomery County police say three people pepper sprayed and assaulted two employees during a theft from a Silver Spring wig store Friday evening.

Surveillance video from Esther’s Beauty Salon/Supplies shows a violent encounter just before 7 p.m. inside the store at 9309 Georgia Ave., near the intersection with Seminary Road.

The trio repeatedly kick and punch two store employees—a 74-year-old man and a 59-year-old woman—as they try to flee from the store, surveillance video shows.

The employees had attempted to stop the three from leaving, locking them inside, the video shows.

Ultimately, the three people were able to unlock the door and force their way out. After making it outside, one attempted to get back in to continue the altercation, the video shows.

Police said the trio got away with a single wig.

The employees were taken to a local hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries; the man had a cut to his head, police said.

Shocking footage shows an American tourist being whipped by street traders in Barcelona during a violent brawl.

The man was reportedly set upon by the thugs in the Plaça de Catalunya after he intervened to stop them throwing insults at a woman pushing a pram.

Video filmed by a startled onlooker shows the group of men punching the unnamed victim, who is reportedly aged 45.

One of the attackers, wearing a white t-shirt and light brown shorts, then runs at the tourist and repeatedly whips him with his belt.

He was said to be left with bleeding wounds after the attack and treated in hospital.

The clip ends with the victim running out of shot and horrified passersby rushing to break up the fight.

The woman with the pram had reportedly complained that the street traders had not left her enough space to cross the road.

There have been no arrests. Police are reportedly trying to speak to the American tourist about the attack.

A popular YouTube channel was suspended after the family patriarch posted a video of a 'prank' where he feeds his kids ice-cream laced with laxatives and then records them crying in pain.

Cordero James Brady, 29, runs the YouTube channel CJ SO COOL, which has over 5.6million followers. The channel is monetized- which means he sells his channel to advertisers, with the more people watching the ads, the more money they stand to make.

Last week his channel was suspended over the vicious practical joke that appeared to have made his children physically sick. The 'laxative ice cream' video was permanently removed.

In the vlog, Brady films himself dosing his children's ice cream with Pedia-Lax and then feeding it to them. He then films 90-minutes later, showing his children screaming and crying in pain.

'My stomach hurts,' screams one of his kids. 'Oh my goodness, this boy's stomach is broken!' he jokes.

Then, he films his youngest two- a boy and a girl, in separate bathrooms, as they sit on the toilet crying, trying to close the door on him- as he continues to hold the camera on them.

A Henderson Police Department source told 'There was a case that was investigated in 2016 involving laxatives and this individual. It was a joint investigation with Clark County Child Protective Services. It was submitted to the DAs office and it was recommended as a criminal case.'

It is not yet clear what charges have been made and it appears YouTube only removed the video last week when the site reported on it.

In a call to Clark County Child Protective Services, they said they are unable to comment on any potential investigations.

Dr Kortney Peagram, founder of Bulldog Solution, an anti-child abuse organization, told, the site that originally reported on the laxative video: 'harming your child on purpose with laxatives is child abuse. That's child endangerment.'

She added Brady is 'harming his children and bullying them to pull pranks on each other, it is really disturbing.

'He's modelling inappropriate behavior and encouraging it by laughter … He's teaching his children that it's okay to harm each other for a good laugh.'

Brady's 'pranks' have left his children in tears before.

In what appears to be another since removed video, he lights fireworks in the kids' room as they sleep, and when they start crying- he laughs saying 'it's a prank because they think somebody was shooting!'

In another video, which is still up, that he calls 'The Drowning Baby Prank' he tells his partner Royalty Johnson, 28, their child has drowned.

When she frantically runs out of the house, Brady shouts: 'It's a prank, sucker!'

And, in yet another of the disturbing and upsetting content he posted, he filmed his partner coming out of a haze after just having miscarried.

In another horrifying prank, it is Royalty getting Brady, using their son, who she has pretend to get a pencil stuck in his eye.

By the end of that particular gag, Brady is crying and so is his son- after they both are left terrified.

Once posted their article on the laxatives 'prank,' YouTube released a statement saying 'content that endangers minors is unacceptable to us and we have strict policies prohibiting child endangerment and harmful and dangerous content. We remove content that violates our policies as soon as we're made aware of it.'

A man suspected of using dating apps to lure as many as seven female victims to their death has reportedly confessed to brutally strangling a nurse in New York City.

Danueal Drayton, 27, of New Haven, Connecticut, was arrested in Los Angeles on July 24, for allegedly strangling 29-year-old Samantha Stewart to death at her Queens home on July 17.

Authorities tracked down Drayton in Los Angeles, where they found him in the same residence as a woman who had been tied up and was said to be held against her will, the New York Daily News reported.

On his arrest, law enforcement sources say Drayton not only confessed to murdering Stewart but also boasted about killing six other women. He claims to have killed two in Connecticut, slain women in the Bronx and Suffolk County, as well as another murder in Queens or Nassau County.

'My body did this, not my mind,' Drayton allegedly told police. 'I didn't want to do this. My body made me do this.'

Police are now investigating the claims and NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea is convinced that 'there will be more victims.'

He said that Drayton used dating apps like Tinder to target and stalk his potential victims.

'It is believed by us that this individual uses dating websites to meet women, and then victimizes these women,' Shea told reporters at a news conference last week.

Police say that between 2011 and February 2018, Drayton was arrested five times in his home state of Connecticut - including on a second-degree strangulation charge.

He is currently on probation in that state for second-degree harassment.

He was also arrested on June 30 in Nassau County, New York for allegedly choking his ex-girlfriend during an argument, but was released without bail on July 5.

'It would have been impossible for the judge at that time to foresee the allegations that are presently unfolding,' a spokesperson for the Nassau court told ABC 7.

'This monster gets out and has the nerve to fly to L.A. to commit another crime, to destroy another family,' the victim's father Kenneth Stewart raged.

Drayton was arrested last week after Kenneth found the grisly murder scene when he went to check on his daughter after she missed her night shift.

He found his daughter's body, wrapped in a sheet and in a pool of blood, in the second floor bedroom of her home in the Springfield Gardens neighborhood of Queens.

All her teeth had been knocked out and her tongue was hanging out when she was discovered. The cause of death was trauma to the head and neck, police say.

'I turned her over trying to shake her and say 'Samantha,' Kenneth told ABC 7. 'No response. I realized when I turned her over, she was dead.'

Stewart called his daughter's killer 'a monster' and 'pure evil.'

Police connected Drayton to the slaying via Tinder.

They were also able to connect him to the June 17 rape of a 23-year-old woman in Brooklyn using facial recognition technology. The rape victim says she also met Drayton through Tinder.

Cops tracked Drayton's white Ford to John F. Kennedy International Airport and found the suspect had flown to Los Angeles on a one-way ticket. When he landed, he jumped straight back on Tinder, police say.

He was arrested Tuesday and charged with attempted murder, rape, false imprisonment by violence and sexual penetration by a foreign object.

He has not yet made his first court appearance because he is reportedly refusing to leave his cell.

Drayton is currently being held on $1.25million bail in Los Angeles, and has a NYPD hold as well, according to jail records.

Video of the cruel attack on a cat was widely seen on social media in early July — and now it’s led to an arrest, according to Atlanta police.

The video captured a man from the waist down as he ran up to a small orange cat and kicked the animal as if it were a football. That sent the cat flying into the air and out of the frame, before it comes crashing down onto the pavement, landing on its back. Then the cat clambers back to its feet, video shows.

The footage was first posted on Instagram, where it quickly sparked indignation, police said.

Animal cruelty officers who investigated figured out that the abuse happened on July 1 outside a Chevron gas station in southwest Atlanta.

“It was pretty disturbing to watch,” said Lisa Bender of the Atlanta Police Department, according to WXIA. “And it’s been proven people who are violent toward animals are typically violent toward people.”

After the video went wild on social media, Atlanta authorities shared the footage online as well with an appeal for help to find the culprits — both the man who kicked the cat, and whoever filmed the video. A $2,000 reward was offered for tips that helped lead to an arrest.

And sharing the video paid off: Jamari Davenport, 22, has turned himself in at the Fulton County jail in connection with the incident, Atlanta police announced Wednesday.

Davenport faces a misdemeanor charge of cruelty to animals, police said.

Surveillance footage from the gas station was also shared with the public, and that captured the perpetrator’s face, video shows.

Police said tips from the public were instrumental in the arrest.

The bad news is that authorities haven’t found the cat in the video yet, which means police don’t know how badly the animal was hurt.

A newly-released surveillance video shows a man in a rage jumping on a woman's car and kicking-in her windshield all because she refused his advances twice.

"My friend had gone into the gas station to get something and I was waiting outside, and this man approached me and was asking for my phone number and was calling me all these names," said Bailey Cantrell, who was attacked at a gas station.

When he approached her again just outside Kwik Sak near Centennial Park she told him why.

"After I declined, still a little bit mad, then the second I declined the third time and said ‘I'm gay, I'm just not interested,’ that's when it triggered him and he got very aggressive," Cantrell said.

A security camera captured the moment the man jumped onto Cantrell's car and kicked in her windshield.

She reversed, the man followed, then Cantrell panicked and got out of her car.

"The only thing I was thinking while this was going on is he might have a weapon, he might have a knife, a gun, I don't know. So pretty much just flailing every limb to get out of his grip," she said.

Many have criticized Cantrell for how she reacted despite the fact she couldn't see out of her windshield to drive away.

Cantrell said she simply acted in the moment.

"I only reversed to try to knock him over and make him fall but that didn't work. When I got out, I was getting out to grab my phone and call 911 and also, there was glass in my eye from where all that glass hit us. So that was uncomfortable and I just felt like I needed to get out of the car," she said.

Cantrell is moving out of her apartment which is just minutes from the gas station.

She'll live with her parents where she feels safe.

She hopes somehow her attacker will be held accountable.

"Since he did this and got away with it, he had no repercussions," she said. "He's going to think 'if a girl rejects me, I can do this to her. I didn't get caught last time.' "

Witnesses said the man is new to the Nashville area and stays at the rescue mission.

Cantrell went there with officers to find the man but he wasn't there.

A manhunt is underway in a bizarre murder case out of Rutherford County.

Smyrna Police say a man is dead, for accusing a pet owner of mistreating his puppy.

Officers say they’ve seen people die for some pretty insignificant reasons, but never over the treatment of an animal.

An active search underway in Smyrna for 35-year-old Donavous Jerome Drennon. known on the street as “Slim.”

Drennon is accused of shooting and killing Robert Wilson, after who police say accused Drennon of mistreating his puppy at the Uptown Suites.

“The victim may have thought Drennon may have been harming an animal, he confronted him about that, and Drennon took offense to that, shot him, and as a result that man is dead,” says Sgt. Bobby Gibson, Smyrna Police.

It’s a first for the department, who says this is a lesson to always avoid a fight or conflict, and call them if you have a concern or complaint.

“I understand that seeing an animal harmed can strike emotion in people, but unfortunately, as we have seen here, some people might not receive that well, you do not know the person you know you’re dealing with,” says Sgt. Gibson.

PAWS in Murfreesboro took Drennon's puppy from the crime scene.

Public Relations Director Lindsay Frierson says PAWS fields reports of abuse or neglect weekly, some of the animals up for adoption there get surrendered for that reason.

She says most of the calls are for lack of food, water, medical care or neglect and physical abuse is harder to detect, but there are certain behaviors to look out for.

“Sometimes animals will flinch when you make a move, loud noises sometimes, we have dogs that are weird toward men or women or hats different things like that. Those are usually good signs something may be going on in the home.”

Smyrna Police say the puppy brought in is safe, but it is not up for adoption yet, as the case is still under investigation.

Smyrna Police said the man who allegedly mistreated his dog then shot a man to death is still on the run and believed to be armed and dangerous.

Donavous Jerome Drennon is wanted in the Friday murder of Robert Wilson.

Smyrna Police said Drennon shot Wilson after he "mistreated" his dog at the Uptown Suites along President Plaza. That dog is currently in the care of Rutherford County PAWS in Murfreesboro.

Drennon is also known as "Slim" or "Slimm Body." He's believed to be armed and dangerous.

An armed robber had two pieces of red tape placed over his mouth during his sentencing on Tuesday.

Cleveland man Franklyn Williams, 32, was convicted of three armed robberies during his trial, but clearly still had more to say on the matter as Judge John Russo tried to speak, video from FOX8 shows.

Williams spoke over the judge and his own attorneys despite multiple warnings to be quiet, forcing Judge Russo to order tape be placed over his mouth so the sentencing could proceed.

'Mr Williams, I'm the judge in the matter. Shut your mouth, and I'll tell you when you can talk,' he told the defendant.

'If we have to, I will gag you in one second.'

Moments later, explaining the court stenographer would not be able to keep up if Williams continued to argue over him, Judge Russo ordered his mouth sealed shut.

'I'm going to tape it, and I'll unzip it when I want you to talk,' he said.

Video of the incident shows Williams surrounded by police as one applies a thick piece of red duct tape over his mouth.

When he sees the officers approach, he tries to stand up but is pushed back down into his seat by one officer, who then applies the tape tightly.

Williams had previously been sentenced to 14 years for the crimes after pleading guilty, but won an appeal when a jury found he had been misinformed about his possible early release date.

During his re-trial, the 32-year-old cut his ankle bracelet and disappeared.

On Tuesday, he was eventually sentenced to 24 years jail.

A remorseless killer who was found guilty of the first acid attack death in the UK hurled abuse at the court as he was jailed for manslaughter, today, shouting 'f*** you bro' at the judge.

Xeneral Webster, 19, pleaded guilty to causing the death of Joanne Rand part way through his trial in April at Reading Crown Court.

He admitted killing the dementia nurse by splashing her from head to toe in acid during a fight with another man in Frogmoor, High Wycombe on June 3 last year.

But as the length of his prison term was read out, he shouted at the judge: 'All of you will probably dead by the time I am out of here, f*** you bro'.

Ms Rand was sitting alone on a bench after visiting her daughter's grave.

Webster was arguing with a man nearby when he took a bottle of acid from his bag. It was knocked out of Webster's hand and splashed Ms Rand from head to toe.

The nurse died eleven days later from multiple organ failure after contracting septicaemia due to the burns.

Today, Ms Rand's family faced her killer in court.

Her sisters, Lynn Ryan and Jacqueline Joiner, stood and looked at Webster directly as they told him what he had done to them.

Ms Joiner said: 'Xeneral Webster, you killed Jo, you took her away from us, you did this to our family.'

She added: 'Whatever sentence you get will never be enough to give us justice for the loss of Jo.

'We would hate for this to happen to another family.

'There has to be some deterrent for these evil acid attacks as people not only can be traumatised and disfigured for life, they can also die.

'Do you feel any remorse for what you did? You certainly seem to have no regard for anyone, and need to be held accountable for your actions on June 3, 2017.

'For the safety of everyone and so you don't do this again, we hope you get locked up for a very long time.'

Unable to face the family of his victim, Webster looked away from the sisters as they read their statements to the court.
Speaking after his sentencing, Ms Rand's eighteen-year-old daughter Katie Pitwell said sentencing should be even tougher for anyone who buys acid.

'He knew how much it could hurt someone and yet he used the stronger acid anyway to hurt someone else,' said Miss Pitwell, from High Wycombe.

'He went out with the intention of hurting someone and it's an innocent person that got hurt in this situation.

'People need to know that, if they're carrying that type of stuff, it's going to hurt someone or kill someone.'

She added in court: 'You not only destroyed her life, but all of ours too.'

Webster had armed himself with the corrosive substance which was knocked from his hand by a man who he was in a dispute with over a bicycle.

The court was told that Ms Rand screamed in pain and ran to a nearby branch of KFC to splash water over herself.

Webster was later seen on CCTV riding away from the scene of the attack, carrying a bottle of acid.

This channel is dedicated to showing the true nature of blacks. They are biological weapons meant to destroy western civilization.

There is nothing wrong with being racist - it is completely natural. Once white people understand this, minorities will lose all of their influence over us.

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I created the "Dindu Nuffins" YouTube channel. I only posted "Dindu 5: Hyperactive Dindu" on Bitchute because I couldn't post it on YouTube due to copyright violations.

A man has been accused of starting multiple fires that burned five homes on Friday and prompted thousands of evacuations from an entire Southern California mountain town.

Brandon McGlover was charged with 15 felony counts that carry a potential sentence of life in prison if convicted, according to the Riverside County District Attorney's Office.

McGlover was arrested on Wednesday and accused of starting at least nine fires in the Idyllwild, Anza and Sage areas of southern California, CBS News reported, located about 100 miles east of Los Angeles.

His bail has been set at $1 million. Charges include one count of aggravated arson, five counts of arson of an inhabited structure and nine counts of arson of forest or wildland.

One of the fires erupted Wednesday afternoon and quickly grew to seven-and-a-half square miles, fueled by dry brush and trees in rugged terrain.

It was burning in and around San Bernardino National Forest, prompting officials to order evacuations for Idyllwild and surrounding communities.

An estimated 6,000 people had to evacuate and officials said the blaze threatened another 4,900 structures.

No injuries were reported but dozens of horses and other animals and several hundred people, including children from summer camps, went to shelters.

William Blodgett of Idyllwild said he couldn't get home because of the fire and had to wait along with others at a gas station in nearby Mountain Center — until the fire hopped a highway and began to move in his direction.

'We were all peeling out of there as fast as we could,' he told KNBC-TV. 'It was apocalyptic.'

The fire is one of several across California amid a statewide heat wave. To the north, in the San Francisco Bay Area, at least one home burned in a fast-moving blaze in Clayton, where houses are spread out around windy roads.

Yosemite Valley, the scenic heart of the national park, was closed at noon Wednesday during the height of tourist season as smoke cast a pall on the region from a fire in the Sierra Nevada.

The closure was heartbreaking for travelers, many of whom mapped out their trips months in advance to hike and climb amid the spectacular views of cascading waterfalls and sheer rock faces.

'We had one guest who planned a weeklong trip,' said Tom Lambert, who owns a vacation rental property near Yosemite Valley. 'It was a father-daughter trip, for her high school graduation... Now it's done. It's sad.' Another guest had to delay plans to climb Half Dome.

California Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday issued emergency proclamations in both Riverside County in the south and Shasta County in the north. The declarations authorize the state to rally resources to local government.

The closure has also been a financial blow to Lambert and other businesses that rely on the summer tourist traffic.

Most people left the valley Tuesday, when officials reluctantly announced the closure, park spokesman Scott Gediman said. The remaining campers packed up their gear Wednesday, joining the exodus that has been mostly orderly.

'People have been very understanding,' Gediman said.

Officials emphasized that Yosemite wasn't in imminent danger from the fire. Authorities decided on the shutdown to allow crews to perform protective measures such as burning away brush along roadways without having to deal with traffic in the park that welcomes 4 million visitors annually.

On Wednesday, an extended family from Los Angeles on their annual trip to Yosemite prepared to leave the Upper Pines campground.

'Very disappointed,' Lisa Salgado said. 'We look forward to this all year. This is the trip of our summer.'

The group arrived Monday and had planned to stay through Saturday. Instead, they packed tents and other gear into vehicles, hoping they could find another campground elsewhere.

'So, this is a new memory,' said Miguel Martinez. 'I've never been evacuated before.'

Yosemite Valley will be closed until at least Sunday, along with a winding, mountainous, 20-mile stretch of California's State Route 41 that leads into the area, Gediman said.

At least 1,000 campground and hotel bookings were canceled — to say nothing of the impact on day visitors, park workers and small businesses along the highway, Gediman said.

The last time the 7.5-mile-long (12-kilometer-long) valley was closed because of fire was 1990, he said.

This channel is dedicated to showing the true nature of blacks. They are biological weapons meant to destroy western civilization.

There is nothing wrong with being racist - it is completely natural. Once white people understand this, minorities will lose all of their influence over us.

My original content channel is here:

I created the "Dindu Nuffins" YouTube channel. I only posted "Dindu 5: Hyperactive Dindu" on Bitchute because I couldn't post it on YouTube due to copyright violations.

This channel is dedicated to showing the true nature of blacks. They are biological weapons meant to destroy western civilization.

There is nothing wrong with being racist - it is completely natural. Once white people understand this, minorities will lose all of their influence over us.

My original content channel is here:

I created the "Dindu Nuffins" YouTube channel. I only posted "Dindu 5: Hyperactive Dindu" on Bitchute because I couldn't post it on YouTube due to copyright violations.

Hundreds of migrants armed with sticks and homemade flamethrowers broke through the border fence in Ceuta, according to the Spanish Civil Guard. Over 100 migrants and 15 border agents were injured in the fight.

“Over 700 sub-Saharans” attempted to storm the border fence, the Civil Guard said in a statement, adding that “at least 602” of them managed to cross the barriers. Volunteers and the local branch of the Red Cross said that 132 migrants sustained injuries, while 11 had to be taken to a local hospital.

Some of them were cut with barbed wire while trying to climb the border fence, and others sustained broken bones. The scuffles also led to 15 border agents receiving injuries. Some agents were burnt as the migrants attacked them with homemade flamethrowers while trying to avoid arrest.

Migrants were also reportedly fighting off the border agents with sticks, quicklime and sprays containing fouls odor. The migrants appeared over the fence and "all of a sudden,", some of them were pelting police with "plastic containers full of excrements and quicklime... stones and sticks", the Civil Guard said.

Spanish media cited police who say the recent incident is one of “the most violent and numerous entries” of asylum seekers in recent months.

Ceuta is one of two Spanish territories in North Africa, along with Melilla. The city is a hub for African migrants trying to reach Europe.Over 19,000 people have landed on in Spain in 2018 so far, according to the data from the International Organization for Migration.

Back in June, newly appointed Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska announced his desire to remove the fence. “I’m going to do everything possible to see that these razor wire fences at Ceuta and Melilla are removed,” he said.

Responding to the Thursday incident in Ceuta, the Guardia Civil's AEGC union called upon the Spanish authorities to clarify its “plan B” to maintain security if the wire was removed.

“We're one of the main entry points from the third world into Europe and none of those in charge at the interior ministry have wanted to see or resolve the problems this is causing,” it said.

According to the police union, migrants breaking through the fence “demonstrated that these problems are going to worsen if more Guardia Civil, and anti-riot and protection equipment, fail to arrive when the barbed wire is removed.”

Asylum seekers have repeatedly tried to force their way into the Spanish exclave by storming a wired border fence. The attempted incursions often resulted in injures both among asylum seekers and police officers. In January 2017, crowds of migrants approached the 6-meter-high barbed wire border fence which police called a “well organized and violent” attempt. In February 2017, hundreds successfully crossed into Ceuta, kissing the ground and shouting “Viva Espana!”


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This channel is dedicated to showing the true nature of blacks. They are biological weapons meant to destroy western civilization.

There is nothing wrong with being racist - it is completely natural. Once white people understand this, minorities will lose all of their influence over us.

My original content channel is here:

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I created the "Dindu Nuffins" YouTube channel. I only posted "Dindu 5: Hyperactive Dindu" on Bitchute because I couldn't post it on YouTube due to copyright violations.

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