Solipsism vs. anthropomorphism.

Clocks keep ticking until they don't.

Denial is just a nubian river.

I am so retarded that I don't understand that the thumbnail is making fun of American patriotism. Really. That's believable. It's totally possible to not get it. Really.

Like Sun Tzu said: always follow the advice your mortal enemies give you, and you'll prove to them how moral you are, and you'll make them love you.

Video of Sargon opposing the protection of British children in 2015:

Gary Cohn stole legal documents to prevent the president from doing his job:

"I am committing treason as a spy and saboteur inside the White House":

Call with Der Versucher about the Alt-Hype conservative ideostate:

Walt Bismark:

Only two things are infinite: the quantity of possible numbers and the desire of normies to believe whatever makes them laugh.

Keep to the plan, but trust only in results.

What ever could convince Charlottesville to let this notorious pro-White loudmouth go free when their courts convict people for just being White?

If you want to hear the best version of this song, look up "Saga (singer)" on your favorite search engine.

Aside from the sperginess and incompetence of my opening statements, my only regret from this interview was allowing the premise that the general population knows that communism is Jewish to stand. Talk to any normie over fifty and if they associate communism with Jews at all, it's the old Jew-whine nonsense that Stalin was antisemetic. Jews are all too successful at presenting themselves as the victims even when they are in charge and victimizing others; see: America since 1945.

A fellow traveller criticized my seeming apathy about imperialism in this interview, and in response I wrote the article "The Conquest Question," which is already uploaded here on my Bitchute channel.

Purpandorange's Youtube channel:

This video gets taken down a lot and is generally hard to find. Hopefully it can stay up here. It's good for those who weren't around three years ago to know what Sargon's reaction to the revelations of Rotherham were in the months immediately following their exposure.

They track you like a rapist if you dare to speak
Thousands have been locked up for decades, months, or weeks
Others wind up dropping dead at a convienient time
Advising the state who to target for thoughtcrime

Guess who, another goddamn jew
Crying out in pain as he slashes you
Right, White, don't go and name the kike
An antisemite is someone Jews don't like

When you question what you've been told, the roots run very deep
Why is it the swastika that most disturbs your sleep?
Inventory of your beliefs will show your mind's been jewed
Parasitic invader inside your head, leaving you screwed

Guess who, another fucking Jew
Crying out in pain as he slashes you
Right, White, don't go and name the kike

An antisemite is someone Jews don't like

Philosophers often seem to focus so much on staking out their territory that they spend most of their effort playing sleight-of-word games to hold up their "intellectual cred" instead of focusing on the messier and more mundane truth.

I believe I am different, but surely some will accuse me of the same.

Cest le vie.

A video to a mulatto commenter back in the early days of my investigation into racial questions.

Goddamn, I sound like I'm about to fall asleep. I didn't know I made videos this boring.

My reaction to Osambo's decree allowing women to enlist in combat arms positions.

I was up in the morning cruising youtube blazing, digesting all the latest White news
Yet another 'youth' atrocity, I could only think to thank the jews
There's no fresh salad cause there's coli in the cabbage, thanks to multiracial policy
And the whole White West is in great distress, thanks to lies about equality

The ozone layer needs tax money, say's Al Gore, and we crucify Whites on the word of some whore?
I'm sick of it. I'm sick of you.

They arrested the mayor 'cause murder was the favor he got from his squad of pigs
And some puppet mulatto got the liberals blotto to make sixteen-hundred his digs
They shot George Rockwell dead, probably helped the feds, you know for a century . . .

We've been on the hit list, have you noticed it? I'm sick of it.

I'm sick of you

I'm so sick you.

Bye, bye, bye

A film that makes surprisingly few dishonest casting choices in service of The Narrative.

The day Huffington Post tipped their problem glasses so hard, their yarmulke fell on the ground for all to see.

This video is in part inspired by an old SNL skit where Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor exchange slurs. It may be very telling that shitlibs consider that bit funny without ever taking into account their own unacknowledged gut reaction to the things being said - a gut reaction that undermines the overt premise of the skit a bit, and undermines the contextual premise of the skit 100%.

It's very instructive to note the contrast between the reaction by Kraut's audience to this exchange, and their reaction months later to his attempt to 'POWN the stupid racists.'

It's tempting to think that when these mainstreamers see someone saying something obviously retarded, that they realize his judgment is not to be trusted.

But six or so months before a third of his fans turned on him, ostensibly over such goofs as calling donkeys a subspecies of the domestic horse and thinking that trout get pregnant, not a single one of them had a problem with him logically implying that only Jews existed in Europe in the 1940s.

I was calling out this moron before it was cool.

Too bad about Braving Ruin. Guy does some good work. Hopefully he'll decide to come back.


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