NBC wants to stop POPsquad from stopping child-rape:

NBC wants to stop POPsquad from stopping child-rape:

When words are silenced, other communication methods become favored.

By other means.

America. Diseased and now deceased.
I'm interested in cremation.

this is part two of two

this is part one of two

We're between the pigs and the jigs, with the noses above, laughing.

Treason to ZOG is loyalty to morality.

It's the same reason blacks vote Democrat.

The goal is separate from the personalities.

Cops will die to defend Mike Isaacson

optimism is pussy faggotry

Swearing is positively correlated with honesty

The New York Times gives us a post-October surprise present.
There are only two days to spread this cartoon.



Solipsism vs. anthropomorphism.

Clocks keep ticking until they don't.

Denial is just a nubian river.

I am so retarded that I don't understand that the thumbnail is making fun of American patriotism. Really. That's believable. It's totally possible to not get it. Really.

Like Sun Tzu said: always follow the advice your mortal enemies give you, and you'll prove to them how moral you are, and you'll make them love you.

Video of Sargon opposing the protection of British children in 2015:

Gary Cohn stole legal documents to prevent the president from doing his job:

"I am committing treason as a spy and saboteur inside the White House":


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