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In the years since I made this video, I have come to understand the evidence for why "regression only happens once" better. I do now admit there is a compelling argument for this claim, however, I still maintain that it is not sufficiently demonstrated, particularly for the issues this video is concerned with.


Same as it ever was.

They think it's funny.

Liars win.

Until we say otherwise.

Just remember that zero congressmen support your right to have a political opinion.

Donald Trump continues his project of draining all the swamp-drainers.

Get Tulsi Gabbard on the debate stage:

I think I made this in 2014

Ain't shit changed since then, bro.

This is for the oldfags, and for archival purposes.

I made this in 2011. Exactly one lifetime ago.

2013 tune taken from a 1989 tune

Someone didn't like this being posted to Youtube.

Just a question.

I think I wrote this in 2015.

Whatever, brah.

NBC wants to stop POPsquad from stopping child-rape:

When words are silenced, other communication methods become favored.

By other means.

America. Diseased and now deceased.
I'm interested in cremation.

this is part two of two

this is part one of two

We're between the pigs and the jigs, with the noses above, laughing.

Treason to ZOG is loyalty to morality.

It's the same reason blacks vote Democrat.


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