Blackbeard Mirage

Blackbeard Mirage

Manas, the Wilderness, the Fool, the Wanderer, travelling West, Tree of Life, Genesis, esoteric history of Man, East, Malkuth, Adam/Eve, Male,Female, Microcosmos, Universe, opportunity, preparation, Masonic system, melanin, Spirit, guidance, 9th house, glowing, 10

Amaru Meru, Original Egypt, Eagle Land, Incas, Children of the Sun, deluge, Genesis, Man, American Mounds, Aztecs, United States Corporation, Mexico, Giver of Light, Father of Light, Tennessee, Georgia clay, Old World, ego during Atlantis, predynastic, academia

subtle energies, Original American esoteric, Malkuth lessons, Saturnian teachings, accountability, victim mentality, Qabalah, Generational Pyramid Building, Aquarius, Uranus, wilderness roaming, herd mentality, Individual Alchemy, I, Me, ego, personality

70s, heroin, Vietnam War, welfare, Democratic Party, slavery, black churches, pimp culture, crack cocaine, noble women, upright men, KKK liberal slave drivers, corporate inclusion, Civil Rights Era, grandmothers, 80s, 90s, 2000s, generational curses, Baby Boomers

melanin, dark matter, Mercury, kunalini sexual force, Auset, witch doctors, serpent cults, Charmers, Eve, serpents in the Garden, Egyptian mythos, summer solstice, retrograde powers, subconscious work, inner evaluations, solar energy, lunar energy, Heru, cosmic consciousness, celestial influences, Moorish science

Tonight's classic takes a look into the 90s classic ''Family Matters'' and the archetypal introverted black female.....

human development, psychological training, emotional endurance, spiritual awakening, 3rd Eye, sixth chakra, heavenly thinking, physiological discipline, sexual graduation, Tree of Life, leadership, seership, Apocalyptic Alchemy, 12 zodiacal powers of God, solar attributes, neophyte initiation, psychic trances, mediation, filtering thoughts, Spiritual Kingdom, Serpentine Fire, Heru, Yeshua, Holy, 44

Real Friday the 13th facts for the Brothaz...know the role of the woman you're dealing with.

Leviathan, Abyss, waters of Akasha, melanin, Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil, polarity, etheric substances, state of Man's consciousness, Godhead, Malkuth, Yesod, Netzach, Hod, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Earth, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, Astral Plane, mental matter, divine attributes, Kingdom of Heaven, ego consciousness, spiritual consciousness, good luck, eternal life, etheric vibrations

states of Being, brain consciousness, Heaven consciousness, Hell consciousness, Yeshua & Lazarus, Christ, astral plane, psychological alchemy, occult sciences, esoteric math, Most High's Mysteries, life, death, Da'ath, Eternal Man, Son/Sun of God, buried alive, hypnotic sleep, ancient initiations, Immortality, Americans, 13

Khepera-Cancer, Moon, solar energy, illumination, Heru perception, 44, pentagram, 5, Man, God-Spirit Incarnated, emotional sorcery, Christ prophecy, Ancient Ancestors, immortality, animating source, deception by ego, clothes, personalities, Most High Kether, 7-11

Tonight's classic is dedicated to the heart chakras of Men. Be careful of where you choose to ''pay attention''. It could turn you into stone.....

JJASON season of the soul consciousness, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Da'ath Energy Vortex, 666, silence, death, knowledge, Mother, Camp Crystal Lake, summer solstice, becoming god, Christ Energy, M, 13, Lunar-Solar Cycle, Ausar/Osiris, Saturn, missing Fathers, Christ Heat, Khepera, winged beetle, Cancer, waters of the Mother Bina Elohim, winter solar Heru

Vikings, maritime law, blackmail extortion, Mafia families, Southern Europe, Phoenician-Egyptian connection, Pillars of Heracles, Celts, Druids, Marines, American Empire, paying it forward, Generational Pyramid Builders, codes, Moorish Holy Roman Empire, Snakes of Ireland, Mississippian Mound Builders, Benjamin Banneker, Washington DC, Masonic Astrology, United States inception, July 4

Commandments, Sirius Rising, Kheper, Egyptian Science, Aboriginal Americans, Moors, Moslems, Jews, Mafia, Phoenicians, Jerusalem, Indians, lack of nationality, naked & ashamed, Old World, pre-colonialism, scarab beetle, Cancer Season, identity, 777

Indians, Moors, Jews, Jerusalem, Spanish invasion, Moorish Holy Roman Empire, Judah, Moslems, Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Southern Europa, Islam, Georgia, America, Roman armies, Jewish priests, Zohar mystery teachings, Crypto Jews, Catholic Church, Knights Templars, Saracens, Inquisition, Atlantean Empire, Temple of Solomon, Children of Solomon, knighthood, Mound Builders, 37

manifestation, Torah, objectives, Aboriginal sciences, Adam/Eve, Ausar/Auset, Moshe, Tree of Life, Tree of Knowing, Judaic mysteries, feminine principle, Mary the Manifest, Old Testament, fiery serpents, waters of Genesis, sperm, House of God, Malkuth

manifestation, Torah, objectives, Aboriginal sciences, Adam/Eve, Ausar/Auset, Moshe, Tree of Life, Tree of Knowing, Judaic mysteries, feminine principle, Mary the Manifest, Old Testament, fiery serpents, waters of Genesis, sperm, House of God, Malkuth

Aquarian Christ Energy, Christ Mind, epigenetics, ancestral alchemy, Divine Intent, Mother/Father, Son, Daughter, Malkuth-Earth, Kether-Ein Sof, consuming flesh, drinking blood, black Boule church services, Talmudic Babylonian dark priests, struggles, pale Jesus narrative, Mary the Watcher, genetics, Genesis, Torah, Man

nobleman, Empress, Emperor, royal court, royal elites, kings, kingdoms, Empires, ruling families, long term planning, wealth mentality, value, respect, codes, Aboriginal Americans, parental guidance, high self-esteem, confidence, winning, loyalty, commitment, spiritual playbook, Adam/Eve, keys to success, 777

Check out a quick lesson in the Mirage Universe....69

Sorry for the cutoff!! Part two!

Babylonian State of Being, Old Americans, Covenant, pale Jesus, foreign cultural appropriation, Samuel, Old Testament, dark Pharisee Preachers of Rome, captivity, Negus, real niggaz, sovereign of the lands, Aboriginal Origins, Most High Collective, Babylonian-Zionist banksters, Talmudic spells of confusion, ancestral commandments, snitches during the Inquisitions, Hebrews from across the Atlantic, Saul the Ego, carnal desires

Salute to all the parents of the Mirage Universe. The Cosmic Christ must develop within the physical Being, no different than an embryo. Therefore, parental protection is essential for the growth and maturation of Christ. Value your seeds, even if you sit in the nosebleeds.....

Autochthon Masons, Indigenous Government, Old Jeru$alem, New Jeru$alem, Aboriginal Initiations of the East Coast, Philadelphia, Moslems, Israelites, Jedi bloodlines, Mirage Skywalker the Copper Colored One, House of Abraham, step pyramids, Atlantis the Mother/Father, International Empire, Moorish Southern/Central Europa, Gnostic Aboriginal Christians, Old Egypt


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